1992 Route 9 &, W Farms Rd, Howell
(732) 462-4907

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Rabid Beagle

My wife and I were a little hungry this last Saturday and stopped here for a quick bite. Ugh! What a disaster.We just wanted a quick burger, fries, and a shake. Nothing fancy. Nothing crazy. It was absolutely disgusting. The burger was ok. The fries were literally dripping with grease. They were awful. Even my dog wouldn't eat them.  The milkshake was ok. I'm not sure what made my wife and I sick but the rest of our Saturday and a good part of our Sunday was spent in the bathroom. And it was expensive too.I'd go into the Home Depot and gnaw on a 2x4 before eating this garbage ever again. Consider yourself warned.

Ernest Martin Ageitos Cid

This place is my to go fast food place. Burgers are always super juicy and don't get me started on their fries. Heck, I don't ever have photos to share because I devour my food before remembering to take a pic. One of these days I'll remember.


The burgers are real good but the mango drink tasted funny like a mango urinal puck.

Rosmond P.

This is a great location it is well kept the parking lot is easy To fine and there is plenty of parking as well. I had no issues whatsoever. Once I got in the drive-through I took a look at the menu and knew exactly what I want. I have not eaten here before in about eight years it was delicious.

Nicholas G.

I have drive past this place many times and never tried it. Not sure what to think or what to compare it to. It looks like a Johnny Rockets and the food tastes pretty standard. The checkerburger is a solid fast food burger that I had no real complaints about. The big buford with chili cheese fries was also my jam. These burgers will fill you and add extra time on the treadmill. I found the chilli to be salty but fries were good. 3 stars is a fair score. Not dying to go back but if I did I wouldnt be upset. I prefer Mcdonalds though.

Penny Harkowsky

The bald man at the window always has issues and is super rude. Everytime I go through to checkers he is so rude and disrespectful and talks to me like I’m stupid. I really think someone should do something about him, because almost every time I go there he makes me feel uncomfortable and weird, plus I heard other customers talk bad about him. His name is Paul, for anyone wondering. The first time, I asked for cheese fries, but to make sure there was no meat on them because I’ve ordered them in the past and they come loaded. He responded with “well… they’re called CHEESE fries. They usually come with cheese.” And then proceeded to mess them up. And this time, another car had just rolled through the drive thru so I followed, thinking they were open. I go to the speaker and Paul is yelling at me from the window. I pull up and ask very nicely “oh are you guys closed?” And he says “Did you not see all the lights shut off?” really disrespectfully. I said “well another car just went through…” and he goes “uhhh. No.” And closed the window. Very bad and disrespectful customer service. Please do something about him.

Kpop Honey

Delicious as always! So glad I found one that was open! I dont mind driving an hour to get food here. Employees were very nice ?

Joseph Sullivan

The food is great. Nothing on the menu is bad. They make great shakes as well.

Maureen Gentile

Stopped in tonight for dinner for 2 grandchildren both ordered chicken tenders and large fries ofer was over 20 dollars. Fries great per usual tenders were terrible dried out fried too much and therefore hard. Not sure if cooked too long or they wrre just from.much earlier in day. Do not order tenders.


Lovely staff with the best fries I've had to date. Food was typical fast food but fries were out of this world.

Brian Buck

Ordered 2 spicy chicken meals, 17 dollars and change. It was basically a mcchicken with hot sauce on it. I couldve gotten exactly what we got for for less than 10 dollars at McDonald's. I was really excited to try it and so was my daughter, we dumped it and went to checkers.

Noella Reagan

The food has gotten greasier and nastier since our last visit. The chicken sandwich was smashed together and drowning in sauce. The lettuce and tomato looked old. The fries were soggy and greasy.

Jennifer Haines

Not bad, decent service. I used to go here almost everyday 5 years ago, and just passed by so naturally had to go.. only problem was I had some fish and funnel cake in my fries?

Joanne Fava

Pathetic place with horrible service the food looked like it was there for days and tasted even worse!!!And Rude let me tell you the guy at the window kept shutting the window on me before I finished speaking and they hit the order wrong and get this there was no one else in line !!’ Horrible horrible horrible…. Go to Wendy’s 1000% better

Meg Lindsay Deuchar

Seriously the best customer service and food!!!

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