Cellar 335

335 Newark Ave, Jersey City
(201) 222-1422

Recent Reviews

Desiree D.

CELLAR 335 is a eye candy to the max - i love the decor and theme in here. I advise, to make reservations when possible or show up in a smaller group. I came on a friday night, and was lucky enough to grab a table for 4. However, the place was pretty packed. The drinks are hit or miss. They all tasted great, but i feel they arent strong at all. However, they taste juicy and are in fun, interesting glasses. The wings are a must get . fairy juicy wings, but the flavor is amazing. i personally tried the korean style wings: maple chipotle. not spicy at all, but amazing flavor. steep price, but worth it. the hand cut fries are a nice side too. i personally loved the sauce on top, i would ask for a side of the sauce alone. it was my "birthday" and they sang happy birthday to me and gave us a nice raspberry mouse dessert cake. the whole table shared it and liked it. it was very decadant. the service was pretty good too! looking to return once covid is over for happy hour!


This is one of my mainstays whenever I’m in the mood for wings! They have a unique spin on all the comfort foods they do and they edamame are to die for! They grill them and drizzle with the most delicious sauce.

M Huffman

Such a cute place! Amazing snacks!

Chantel Figueroa

This place never disappoints. From their fantastic food to amazing cocktails and stellar staff. I always make this my go to place. Even now that I live in NYC, I keep coming back.

Rina J.

I was nervous this place was overhyped just for its expensive drinks that are served in fun cups, but honestly this place did not disappoint. We had made reservations the day before and luckily were able to get a decent hour. Upon arrival we were immediately seated. The waitress immediately took our drink orders! I started with a gin tiki drink, seeing as I am fond of gin and my boyfriend ordered a stronger rum tiki drink. We loved both the drinks! We came during happy hour (6pm on Friday), so we made sure to order another round of drinks before happy hour ended! This place is tapas style, so we ordered a few dishes for the table which included the vegetable bao, korean chicken, brussel sprouts, and shishito peppers. In order of everything I loved, number one would def be the vegetable bao then brussel sprouts and then the shishito peppers. Honestly, I was not expecting much of the food from this place, but I was blown away! Everything was so tasty and delicious. I would def come back to this place! Just be careful of the parking situation. Jersey City is a little tricky when it comes to parking!

Michelle Diaz

This place is a gem!! Food, service and ambiance A++++++++

Beatriz Marrero

Great time with loved ones, food very good and drinks were delicious

Prasad Jape

Place has Hawaiian theme. They welcome you with garlands. Food and drinks are Hawaiian based too. Majority of drinks are rum based. We ordered avacado fried rice and spicy cornbread with three dots & dash and jungle bird. Everything was delicious.

Shavena B.

They're drinks are unique. I can't comment on their food since I never ate here. But I've been here many times with friends to grab drinks.

Priyanka Bongale

This is one cozy bar locate din Jersey City. They have a very nice lit up ambiance with very interesting drinks. The drinks come in distinctive molded glass giving it beautiful look! The food here is also amazing - the cellar fries and korean style chicken wings are extremely delicious, and yes don't forget the avocado fried rice (for the veggie lovers) ! The food does come in small portion but is very delicious!

Jenny P.

After wanting to visit for a couple years now, I was finally able to get to Cellar 335 and it did not disappoint. First, it was Valentine's Day and with no reservation, my friend and I were denied everywhere down Newark Ave, so we decided to walk up and try our luck. The hosts could not be nicer, more accommodating and understanding. After being sat, our server kindly explained the style of the restaurant and gave us some recommendations since it was our first time. By far our favorite was the Korean wings- they were delicious and crispy. It's easy to make a nice shareable meal with the options on the menu. Cant wait to try more food next time. The cocktails were awesome, as well. While I'm sure you could get a classic cocktail, they specialize in tiki style drinks. Looking around the restaurant, there were so many cool cocktails made in unique cups with garnishes. Overall highly recommend anyone come here with friends or for a date night. I only wish the location was down the hill a bit further for easier access.

Trent O.

Probably the best, and closest to an authentic west coast Tiki Bar, in the greater NYC metro down to Philadelphia area. The bartenders (Especially Andrew) know their stuff, and expertly craft exotic cocktails reminiscent of the Don the Beachcomber and Trader Vic's era. We had the whole classic tiki drink gambit - from the Nui Nui, Mai Tai, Jet pilot, Zombie, Three Dots and a Dash and a couple variations. The food is Asian inspired, and though there isn't a Pu Pu platter on the menu - (there are many things that you would find on one) available. The menu isn't expansive, but everything on it is fantastically executed. I asked Andrew for some insight and recommendation on the food after hearing they had just sold out and had to 86 the last order of ribs. Dang... he recommended the edamame. I would have never imagined that would be the suggested dish. We ordered it... and it was the best I never had. Cellar 335 grills/sears the outside and dusts them with sea salt. When you put the pod in your mouth to suck out the seeds, you get this delectable char on the outside. Holy moly - amazing. We had that pork belly bao buns - some assembly required, with all the components served separately on a platter. Even the spicy sauce comes in a cool little squeeze bottle you squirt on yourself. Yes! Wings were scrumptious. We had a noodle dish that was good but not memorable. Overall we had a blast, and wish we lived closer 'cause we'd be here all the time. Highly recommend making a reservation in advance if you want a table as they get booked up. Even more highly recommend planting yourself at the bar to watch the skilled bartenders crafting the libations close up. There's sure to be flames and all other manner of craziness. My only regret, is that I forgot to purchase their house tiki mug as a souvenir!

Liron B.

Hidden Gem in Jersey City. Located down a short flight of steps under White Eagle Hall. Been coming here for years and has always been consistently good. Definitely one of the most uniquely designed restaurants in New Jersey, feels like any of the higher end places in nyc without having to cross the river. Menu is always changing and food meant to be shared, comes out as ready, haven't had a dish I didnt like. Chicken tacos were on special, did those instead of the usual Baos I get. Salad, noodles, steak, as well as cornbread all came out staggered, everything was good and service was perfect. They also have a great selection of teas.

Jesus M.

Such a cute place! Amazing snacks! Must get the Brussels sprouts, the cornbread (maybe at least two), the buffalo style ribs & the peppered beef! Everything was delicious and such a great experience. Plus, the vibe/ ambiance is so nice. Perfect place for a date! Make sure you make a reservation!

Dee s

I had an extraordinary time in this spot. We loved the extraordinary vibes and the food. The staff members are super welcoming. I’m content we eventually decided to visit here.

Mr. A K.

Cellar 335 is amazing! Loved their drinks, super creative and fun but wish they were stronger. The ambience is beautiful here, does not feel like a lower level bar wish some amazing art work and interiors. Really really impressive!! Coming to the food: everything tastes yum! The Brussels sprouts are the best here!! We also enjoyed the cornbread (they tiny though), avocado fried rice, noodles, bao bun, etc. All above average, great taste and solid. However, here are the downsides: Street parking is really tough here, reservations needed during weekends and it gets really loud and also while the food tastes good, its very very small quantity and overpriced. I dont mind paying more for good stuff but not for such small plate size. Do not expect getting drunk or full if you hungry here. This is not the place for it lol

Anuja Puranik

Went yesterday for a date night with my husband. This place is amazing. They have really fancy cocktails, great ambience and lovely shared tapas. Food menu is not that big, so you can expect dudes, edamame, shishito,wings etc. They don't have a different main course menu. Our waitress was really helpful and was very quick in her service. Would definitely recommend this place. Do reservation before you go in.. will save waiting time.

Brady R.

I wish I discovered this place a lot sooner. This has a great theme and ambiance is the best I've experienced in a long time. The theme of this joint is tiki bar drinks with Polynesian tapas. I loved the presentation of the drinks; I ordered a Hurricane and the drink came with a blown out umbrella (see picture). For our tapas we ordered the cornbread, ribs, wings, Bao buns, Brussel Sprouts and the udon noodles...it's safe to say we ordered way too much! Our favorite dish were the wings because they were super crispy. The ribs were a close second for me as they were very succulent. The icing on the cake was that the service was great too. It seemed like we had 5 people helping out for our table which made the experience even that much better.

Mylene T.

Quick tips: Street parking They take reservations Noisy So I expected more from this place to be honest. I saw it on Yelp it had a 4.5 star review and of course as a foodie I expected the food to be delicious. Cellar 335 did not meet my expectations. My 3 stars is because I felt the food was way overpriced and the waitress indicated their a Polynesian restaurant but I didn't feel that in anyway ... the only thing that would make them Polynesian is their drinks in my opinion. So was the food good? Well I'll give it to them for their Pork Belly BAO and lettuce cups. I'm on Keto so I used the lettuce cups. But it was $28! Like really? It was about 8 servings to the order... in my opinion I thought it was a lot of $$$$$. Everything else was salty from the tuna tartare, waygu steak, and Brussels sprouts. I was disappointed with the waygu... for $30+ give it to me juicy and the results were a negative... didn't even come with a side. Would I come back? Nah, there's so many other restaurants to try.

Anna S.

First time at this surprise find. Hidden restaurant located on a crappy block with what looks to be abandoned buildings. After going down the stairs into this basement location is a restaurant/bar with a cool and chilled vibe. The restaurant is loud, so it is hard to have intimate conversations; however, that can be saved for elsewhere after your meal. My friends and I had to go to a quiet cafe after to really catch up. As for food, I liked the tapa selections offered. On the contrary, though it was introduced to us by the wait staff as a Polynesian restaurant, it does not serve authentic Polynesian dishes. Overall, food was good (mainly tapas). I enjoyed the pork belly bao, brussel sprouts and tuna tartare. Did not care for the fries (plate of fried or baked chunks of potato skins). As for drinks, I was recovering from a cold, so didn't order cocktails, but looking around, the various drinks looked enticing. Maybe next time! Lol. Guess I have to come back and try the drinks along with other dishes such as the branzino. If satisfying then maybe I can give it 5 stars. As for parking, street parking is available if you are driving. We were lucky and got parking across the street on a Saturday night. Likely because many patrons that go to the restaurant already live in town and don't drive.

Bridget B.

It's very hard for a restaurant to have incredible dishes, drinks, service, and ambiance, but Cellar 335 makes it easy! My boyfriend and I called for a 6pm reservation and couldn't wait to dine in their holiday decor. The restaurant was decorated with tons of colored Christmas lights, ornaments and more. Our server was extremely helpful and attentive. Ashley guided us through the entire meal and made excellent recommendations. In the month of December, this tiki bar infused their Christmas cheer into several cocktail drinks. My boyfriend and I had the Gingle All the Way and the Christmas in Kingston. Both drinks were delicious and lasted the whole meal because they were decently sized and very strong! For our dinner, since it's tapas style there's something for everyone. My boyfriend and I shared the ribs, maple spiced wings, shrimp and edamame. We don't actually know which dish was our favorite. Each was so flavorful, crispy and came out super hot. To end the incredible meal, our waitress created custom frozen hot chocolate samplers in two shot glasses topped with whipped cream free of charge. I highly recommend this restaurant because of the incredible food and drink and the attentive service. We can't wait to go back!

Starriah M.

The night didn't start off as expected. We made a reservation for 6pm but it took us 30 minutes to find parking in Jersey City and by the time we got there they gave our table away. We had to make a new reservation for 8:00 and since it took us so long to find parking we just waited in the car. Once we got to our table we ordered one of the Christmas cocktails, the Kringle in Kingston which was really strong but good. We also tried the Frozen Hot Chocolate and one of the tiki cocktails, the Smoldering Bastard. All were good, I was definitely feeling it afterwards. The food was good. We ordered the Spicy Cornbread, Shrimp & Garlic, Avocado Fried Rice, Pepper Beef, and Korean Style Wings (Maple Chipotle.) I wish I took pictures of them all but they were bringing them out as they were ready so we were kind of eating each as they arrived. Overall, I enjoyed my experience and I would definitely recommend trying this place.

Michael Quijano

They got a nice Christmas vibe going on right now! Food is also very good. Asian fusion, Hawaii themed bar, basement bar.

Dalia Green

Delicious, unique, beautiful decorations!! Fun time!! Very crowded and busy!! Easily the best food in JC.

Gail Schoenberg

Love this place. Food is excellent and atmosphere is festive. Great staff and hospitality. Drinks are some of the best around the tristate. Xmas time is magical.

Luke Tzeng

This is a neat little place. Staff is friendly. Food is good. Highly recommend.

Nicole S.

Cellar 335 has amazing food! Anything you order is absolutely delicious. The ambiance is also very cozy and welcoming. I would rate them 4.5 only because there mixed drinks are watered down and have ice to the brim. Other than that great place! Would go back any chance I can!

Samantha C.

Should have done this re-write a long time ago. Tiki Bar style drinks, Instagram worthy and consistently executed to perfection every single time (you usually get one or the other). Bartenders here really seem to take pride in their craft. Food is amazing. Dishes seem as if they're meant to be shared, and must try a few. I believe the menu changes seasonally but my favorites...shrimp and garlic (ask for extra toast to soak in the goodness). Ribs are fall of the bone tender and full of flavor. The chicken noodles always pull it all together. They have a Christmas theme bar going on now for the holidays which is a great place to keep warm in the coming months. (Frozen hot chocolate is a MUST) Hospitality is great, ambiance to match for a special date night or just to have a few drinks and bites at the bar. One of my favorites in JC. Lives up to the hype.

Diana B.

Food and drinks were great. A little past the Grove Street row of restaurants but this is definitely a hidden gem. The happy hour was pretty amazing. For 2 ppl, food and drinks were pretty cheap. Only issue was for some reason we kept getting rushed out by our waitress. I wouldn't necessarily have an issue if it were packed, but even for a Friday night there were empty tables but our waitress gave us the bill not bothering to ask if we wanted dessert or more drinks. So besides being irked to be rushed out. I'd recommend. Just not our waitress.

Bill Livermore

Great place great food and the drinks are simply awesome!

Cynthia Ruszczyk

I have been to Cellar335 twice and it's always been a great experience. The food and drinks are outstanding and the bartenders are extremely friendly!

Bill L.

I have just recently been introduced to the world of Tiki. So as a newbie, I am trying to hit every Tiki Bar I can find so This week the wife and friends brought me here for a birthday celebration. In the words of one of our friends "Bill you win the bday celebration award"!! We had a blast!! From the moment we walked in the bartender Buzz was fun and attentive, and then we met the legendary Tiki Pete, trust me- try the Mai Tai here, it is the original Trader Vic recipe. Ok the food, in a word AMAZING!! There were 7 of us so we asked the team to just bring out their favorites- def try this. Each dish was more incredible than the last, but the avocado fried rice and crab drunken noodles were standouts. Finally, if you are a party of 4 or more and want to have some real fun order the Big Kahuna, at $100 it is pricy for 2 or 3, but with the equivalent of over a bottle of rum, it is worth it! Cellar 335 is my new favorite bar/restaurant in NJ. Update- Cellar 335 is a must see for the holidays, they have turned it into "Sleighs and Leis" It is breathtaking!

Sarah R.

Just went here for the first time, I was attracted to the Christmas theme they currently have and found out they have so much more to offer. Every dish we ordered was beyond delicious and the service was amazing. All the staff was happy to help and very nice. They had drinks that were decorated creatively and each one was worth the price. I can't wait to come back

Stefa Starr

Staff was excellent! Food was delicious, and came out quick, servers were on top of keeping our drinks filled and finished plates cleared. Absolutely loved coming here and am looking forward to returning soon!

Es Kay

food was really good and the drinks were really good too, but be warned. they are STRONG. and they warn you too before you order, they're not kidding. the staff was super friendly - shout out to Ashley! the bartender was a real treat too. would come again if i'm in the mood for super duper strong drinking lol

Chandler Zuo

Great atmosphere. The place is hard to reserve. We liked the cocktail with fire in the middle.

Brian M.

I came here to check out this Christmas pop up they were doing and fell in love. They open at 5:00 PM and I've always gotten here at 4:50 PM. The drinks are great and the vibe is even better...which, is a tough thing to do. There are so many cocktails to try, you should just make it your life mission to try them all. All year round this spot is dope, but you definitely must check it out during Christmas.

Canon C.

I went here for the first time for a friend's birthday dinner and had an awesome time. The food was great, we ordered pretty much the entire menu and ate tapas style. I really loved the wings & the delicious cocktail selection. The staff was super accommodating to our party size and the fact that the AC was on and we were chilly- they turned it off at our request. I will be coming back again to try more of the menu :-)

Aziza I.

New chef at Cellar 335!!!! Loved this spot when I went for the first time and then the food and service took a turn and went down... last night we figured to give it another try, sat at the bar, Buzz the bartender took care of us the entire night. Had a great experience! Recommened us to try the Tuna Tartar and Shisito Pepers, both were so flavorful and tasty!!! We ended it with the Veggie Bao Buns and damnnnn they were good!!!!! Will be back again :)

Sasha L.

New chef at Cellar 335!!!! Loved this spot when I went for the first time and then the food and service took a turn and went down... last night we figured to give it another try, sat at the bar, Buzz the bartender took care of us the entire night. Had a great experience! Recommened us to try the Tuna Tartar and Shisito Pepers, both were so flavorful and tasty!!! We ended it with the Veggie Bao Buns and damnnnn they were good!!!!! Will be back again :)