Big Blue's Italian Style Sub

15 N Wood Ave, Linden
(908) 862-2021

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Michael Gerbery

Been coming here FOREVER! Always delish.

Cece Resto

Ordered a regular big blue for lunch, and ordered so fast I forgot to add a customization. I called within about 5 minutes after realizing to try and add it to my sandwich, but one of the workers let me know it had already been made. He told me he could add it to the side and that was absolutely no problem! When I received my order, I noticed it wasn’t in the bag, but did a little further investigation and saw that they had actually fixed it for me. It’s been a very emotional day, and you don’t know how happy you made me that I didn’t have to go through the tiniest inconvenience when it arrived. Thank you for going the extra mile when you said it had been packed, I really appreciate it and will always come back to big blues. Nobody makes it like y’all :)

Alisa W.

I can't believe this sandwich .. just horrible .. I would not even serve this to my pet ... ridiculous and you guys should be ashamed as a business to let food go out to the Uber driver like this! You have just lost another customer!

kelly lozano

found this through google and hands down one of the best sandwich places. the price is a bit high but its worth it when you see the sandwich. for starters try the big blue

Henry Hess

Had a really great sub, but just realized one odd thing on the menu why do all of the "italian" named subs ( roma naples etcc.. ) come with russian dressing?? lol good laugh GReat SUB

Cherry F.

When in Jersey you eat like you from Jersey and not a tourist. Better yet, you don't ask for a sub and settle for less. I love the location ( good & easy parking). I'm greeted by the smell of pastrami and grilled onions. I tried a small loaded steak & cheese. I watched the man add the lettuce, tomato, grilled onions, and toasted the bread... I'm like ok you have the right ingredients but what about the taste. As I took my first bite, a smile of contentment crossed my face! Yea buddy, you know what you doing! I know I asked fir a small but my stomach said half is all you need to be full and I listened. No need to over indulge when I can enjoy part 2 later on. I have bookmarked this sub shop for my next visit. There are more eye catching subs waiting to be conquered!!


Blue's has been around a long time and has always been a great spot for a good sandwich. The potato fries are hard to find anywhere else and are 1 of my favorites from here.

Jessica Walker

Don't live in the area, was in Linden for work.Found this place doing a quick searchThis place is clean and the menu has all the great sandwiches everyone looks for plus a specialty menu with their own creationsAnd homemade hot soup.The guys who work there were friendly and worked fast.We ordered the soup, which was chicken noodle. It was packed with chicken, veg and noodles and full of flavor.We split the "Rome" sandwich which was on the SPECIALTY listThis sandwich was terrific full of freshly sliced meats and cheeses, topped with crisp shredded lettuce,tomato and onion.All was served quickly and tasted deliciousIt's not It's hard to see why they were so busy at 11 o'clock on a Saturday

tynkk barbie

I ordered an Italian cheese steak, pastrami w/cheese, and a turkey w/cheese. All sandwiches were made to perfection. Fresh bread well seasoned and cooked perfect. They also have great customer service. The prices are reasonable especially for how good the sandwiches are. I definitely recommend!!


Fantastic little place. The Sub shop smells delicious the moment you walk in, it’s a small and clean establishment. Their selection of subs/sandwiches are one of the best I’ve seen around the area.

Day Walker

My go to spot for a DELICIOUS sub!

Edward Karst

Remember this place 23 years ago and there sandwiches and food is still the best as always great lunch had the double Italian fantastic

Michael Diaz

Best subs around. Nicely priced

Jersey Soprano

This place is excellent!


Great service and awesome tasting food whether it is breakfast lunch or dinner

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Big Blue's Italian Style Sub

15 N Wood Ave, Linden, NJ 07036
(908) 862-2021