15 N Wood Ave, Linden
(908) 862-5331

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Emily Romano

The ice cream is good here buttttt if it says that it closes at 9, and i decide to go there for ice cream at 730 i expect it to be open :) just saying. I was so sad i couldnt get any ice cream :’(

Nathalia M

First time I throw out ice cream!Ventilation is not good but I gave it a chance, the place smells musty in there. Which Apparently affects the food taste because the ice cream tasted “funny” and old and.

Tiffany Montes

the girl with blonde hair is always a pleasant visit! services with a smile on her face and helps you as best she can !!! :)

Amy Quinto

I love this place and the owner Wilson is very nice and friendly. The shop is clean and the ice cream is always great! Please stop by and see for yourself!!

Ward Lubeski

Friendly staff. Fresh delicious birthday cake.

Rosalyn James

Under new ownership.. What an improvement! .The store is clean ..The service is superb. . The owner is friendly as well as the staff…Service with a smile .Give it a try, you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

Priscilla F.

Congrats to the new biz owners from Almora! Nelson is so friendly and let's give him super props for finally opening up in Linden! They already know their way around the business, Carvel as a whole and the community! Friendly, personable and it's about damn time this place goes under new management! Welcome to Linden and best wishes!

Felipe Correa

The staff is very friendly. New ownership is awesome and very caring. Great experience

Jamie D.

I went to get ice cream after looking forward to it all day. It was 8:40pm. They closed at 9pm. The door was locked. I asked the guy why they were closed. He told me because he needed to close another store. When I said that's not right since the store is open till 9 he said what do you want? Then said oh but my register is closed. Sorry they're new. I understand having to be in another store, but instead of closing one early maybe one needs to be open a few extra minutes. Disappointed and probably won't go back.

Annie McM

Spacious, clean establishment. Friendly, courteous staff. Lots of delicious options.But, TRULY the very BEST soft serve EVER!!?

Tanaya L.

Horrible customer service. Young Spanish worker never wants to make milkshakes or carvelanche, will make excuses as to why he can't. I go to the one in Union even though it's further.

Nirali Patel

The worst service!! My ice cream melted before it even got to me. Avoid like the plague.

Belinda Caraballo Burgos

I love coming here especially for my family’s Birthday cakes. It is delicious and quick for pickup. I work across the street at Emerest and I must say this is a bonus treat! Thank you Carvel for being the best.

King Cobra

There is a light skin employee who is probably in his early 20s. I asked him since I don’t really know about there Ice Cream and Menu. The employee was just bored and didn’t want to reply, during the time when making my Ice Cream, he just was slow when I asked him about what I should put on he was talking like he wanted to sleep, and didn’t want to reply to me. My thing is this if you work at a job, show your full Potential, not just go to work for the money, don’t be lazy at work, after all that’s what your payed to do. Anybody who is in charge of this place get new employees, and see the Charisma in them.

Daniela Cardenas

Horrible customer service, they just don't care at all!! I like Carvel but this particular location is a big NO!!

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