The Salad House of Millburn

343 Millburn Ave, Millburn
(973) 376-4001

Recent Reviews

Frankie Nicola

The customer service and truffle fries are amazing!

None None

Good but I dont like my tuna cut up

Vivian C.

Totally disappointed with the SALAD HOUSE in Millburn! The Salad was grab out from the bags they are delivered from and not washed before being prepare, the chicken was chewy and not fully cooked.. and despite for the amount of salad they serve they are over priced! And to mention I bought 3 salads and paid over $50.00 to get sick from eating it too, all three people that ate the salads got sick!!

Bhupinder Calotia

Rare to find an actual healthy place to eat out nowadays. Everyrhing was fresh, avacadoes weren't ripe yet but it happens. Price: $$$

Michelle H.

I found this place online and it looked pretty good. I ordered the make it yourself salad with chicken. The chicken was not cooked to order and was sitting in a bowl I was already annoyed at that because I prefer freshly made chicken. The service was nice and they gave me extra avocado, when I got home I was annoyed that the chicken was dry and hard. Yuck! I ate it because after 15 dollars, I didn't wanna waste my money. I doubt I'll be back.

Adrienne C.

I should've read yelp! reviews before purchasing a salad at The Salad House. I was starving after a fineness class nearby. It was conveniently located two doors down so I stopped in. I ordered the Greek Salad with salmon for $15. I got excited when the cashier said I had to wait 5-6 mins because they make the salmon to order. I figured they were cookin' something good. I was disappointed when I opened the salad when I returned to my hotel. The salad was lacking freshness. It was also lacking in toppings. The salmon was fishy and lacking in favor. Ugh Parking was convenient. The location was great. Recommend reviewing reviews before you order.

peter liu

Nice salad very clean and good service.

Kelly N.

I ordered an apple Waldy salad and chicken soup and bread. The soup and bread was excellent and that's why the 2 stars. I was really disappointed with the salad. It looked nothing like the picture, with big pieces of chicken. I got chicken flecks and the chicken was hard with an old taste, making the whole salad experience a disaster. I really wish I would've ordered two soups and two orders of bread because didn't finish that salad. And I'm still hungry after spending $30.

Nastassja Ocasio

I want to say we come here several times a month for their salads because we're obsessed. Their food is always fresh, delicious and they have a wide variety that caters to anyone's liking. We particularly like the Buffalo chicken salad, Cobb salad and their fried avocado fritters. No complaints here at all.

Boundless Yoga

Causual space with good, fresh food. A perfect little lite lunch space.

Martine Joseph

It's a little pricey, but they have great and tasty salads

Leanne S.

I stopped here to grab a quick bite before going to the movie theater across the street. The service was super slow and I probably waited about 10 minutes before someone even came over to the register to take my order. It seems like they were really busy with Uber eats or takeout orders. I had a pesto chicken wrap on a spinach wrap and it was basic, nothing to brag about. Would probably come back if I needed something quick but not if I'm looking for a great meal


I love the salads and eat here regularly. Very yummy and creative options. Give it a try. Takeout is easy and really fast.

Karen Rome

One of the best salads I've ever had! 5 stars!

Robin R.

I have to tell you I was not much of a salad Person. I do not cook or do I have time to cook. I must tell you I live in Union Township and I went on the website and someone said that salad house was a great place and the food was good. So trying to live a healthy life I decided to stop by. OMG What a find .And I ordered a make my own salad and the lettuce is fresh all of the toppings are fresh when you walk into the establishment you're greeted with happy beautiful smiling faces. Sidebar I have been eating here every day every since. I wanna try everything there on the menu. But the salads are made perfectly. I will never eat another salad anywhere else. The make your own salad is a little pricey but I don't give a damn because I don't have time to cook. You can eat on that salad all day. Thank you salad house you guys ROCK


I love salad choices and this place offers the best! Fresh ingredients. Plenty of healthy choices allows you to customize your meal for your mood. Casual place. Recommended!

Laura L.

Honestly the worst place to get food from. I spent $40 for a flatbread pizza that looked microwaved and tasted like paper and a salad that had toppings i didn't even ask for and the toppings i did ask for were not even in it. They have the audacity to charge $2.40 for black spotted avocado. The salad was soggy and the pizza was cold. I call to get a refund and the guy who i spoke to AJ was RUDE and sarcastic. This place is a JOKE and a MESS they never gave me my refund either knowing how my food was delivered. I will never eat here again


We've eaten at the restaurant twice, but ordered for delivery many times. Excellent salads, nice and fresh, with ample portions, but the secret is the flatbread pizzas with ranch or blue cheese, and featuring chopped white meat buffalo chicken. Sounds horrible, but they're delicious. I have mine with added-on bacon. Everyone also loves the crispy shrimp rolls. Why more places have not come up with them is beyond me. Worth a visit just to get the crispy shrimp rolls. The Salad House is recommended without reservation.

Luis Sanchez

Can't go wrong ordering from here! I'll usually order online once a week for lunch; delivery is always in a timely manner and food is always great. Just wish the prices would stop increasing, but otherwise a great option for lunch!


This place was so fresh and delicious. Ordered through Grubhub and even though I knew the distant was far, the photos did the actual food justice .well worth it

Matt Romano

I come here all the time. I love their Green giant, friendly staff. Never had a problem with my salad.

Melody D.

This location pales in comparison to Westfield & Somerville.... Which is unfortunate because this location is closest to me. I love that they deliver (& are quick!) but their produce isn't fresh & I feel like they give smaller portions. Picture of my latest to-go order. I was craving strawberries & got the summer salad. So, where ARE the strawberries? And not enough protein either.

Adrienne M.

In a desperate need of quick and healthy food I decided to travel to The Salad House. Ambiance: Cute little spot with indoor and outdoor seating. You can also watch them make your food. Behind the door is wall with a chalk-like written menu and next to the door you'll find a paper menu, build your own salad slip and pencils. Food: I opted for the build your own salad option. You have a base price of $6.50 so keep an eye on the additional add on's that cost money. You can choose up to 2 for the base of your salad so I decided on romaine lettuce and spinach. You get 5 "toss in's" for free which include broccoli, beans, egg whites, mushrooms, etc. Anything after 5 is 0.50 cents. I added black beans, chickpeas and crutons to my salad. You can splurge for an extra $1.50 per topping to add things like avocados, apples, hummus, etc. Adding cheese is is another $1.25 per cheese; I added shaved Parmesan. Adding chicken, falafel, shrimp, etc. is an extra $3.75 - $6.00 per option; I added in shrimp. Lastly, there are tons of dressings to choose from! I ordered Cesar to top it all off. As an extra treat, I ordered a mango smoothie which included bananas, strawberries and mangos ($6.95). What I loved about the salad is that the shrimp is "made to order" so I waited an extra 4 minutes but it was worth it. The shrimp was packed with flavor , just seasoned nicely and there were generous pieces in my salad. I wish they added more chickpeas and black beans to my salad though. I really liked how they chopped up the lettuce and spinach so that was a plus for me. Price: Now, I paid $22 for a salad and a smoothie. I don't think I paid that much for a salad and a smoothie in my life. I did have to remind myself that everything was made to order and fresh. The fact that the food was delicious was a plus too but yes, you're going to see things a bit on the pricer side especially when you load up those salads! Parking: There is street parking. I did not see any meters on the street I parked on and I parked right in front. Service: When I walked in I was kinda like uhhh, where do I go? No one greeted me or asked me questions until I walked to the register. I was a bit confused walking in since I did not know where the menu was but after being rung up and the food came out quick, I would say the service was average; not horrible and not the greatest. Would I come back? Yes, but i'll try the other options on the menu since building your own salads can be pricey (depending on what you add).

Oliver Stoller

After living in the area my whole life and coming to the salad house reasonably frequently I can’t quite say I’ve ever been satisfied. For instance last week I was charged for what I ordered but didn’t receive 2 of the ingredients in my salad. Not to mention I had asked for a wrap, yet my dinner came out in a bowl. Tonight I came in and was greeted by glares from the staff who were probably horrified that we would come into their place of work at 7:30pm on a rainy night when they could easily be getting off early. Next was one of the employees reaching into the bowl of crunchy croutons with no gloves on which was a lovely sight. Then while I’m ordering my wrap she rang me up and we sat down to wait for food. The same employee who reached into the bowl with a bare hand then had the audacity to come out and inform me that I could’ve just ordered a chicken Cesar wrap and it would’ve been much less expensive. “But for next time” she says. And to top it all off, a man who seems to work here hasn’t stopped cursing once while I wrote this. I’m very disappointed to be frank.

theresa miller

Love this place salads are great fresh & ready when you are...

Ervin Griffin

First time there...excellent experience...server was nice enough to give me a sample of the soups...white bean and kale was excellent. Will be back..

Gina A.

I ordered from door dash and my order was quick 30 min maybe. I ordered the kale bean soup which was good, avacado fritters with the dipping sauce also good but the hummus platter with fresh pita bread was not fresh at all. Unfortunately it was so hard possibly stale I couldn't bit it. That was disappointing:(

Lou C.

First time ordering from this location. Ingredients were fresh and the dressings were very tasty. One issue was the panini that was ordered (and pictured on the menu as a pressed panini) was just a sandwich on a roll. But that being said, it was a good sandwich. Definitely a little pricey, but it's Millburn, so that's to be expected!

David Goss

Service was good and nice selection of salads and ingredients. It's a little cramped inside and only a few outside, so going at a busy time to eat there might be tough. Was a little on the pricey side, expected for Milburn though.

Olivia V.

I was in desperate need of a quick healthy bite and the Playa Bowls place up the street only had sweet food so I decided to give the Salad House a try. It took some time for me to find a salad that I could substitute to fit my vegan needs but eventually I settled on a Greek salad that apparently was a new addition to the menu. I took out the feta and added some falafel. It took the worker a couple of explanations to understand what I wanted but eventually I left with what I wanted. The salad would have been delicious but the "crispy" chickpeas that came with it were so disgusting I had to pick them out one by one. Maybe they were stale? They were very dry and definitely not crispy. No flavor whatsoever it was like chewing on sawdust. Wish I'd asked for the salad without them busy I usually love chickpeas! So sad, it was a great salad otherwise. Update: 7/7/19 The owner reached out to remedy the problem offering his apologies on the ill cooked chickpeas. As he pointed out, and he is right, sometimes there's a bad day or a mistake is made. I can comment on how the chickpeas taste on other days I can only comment on the day I was there.

Dewitt Tripp

Arriving to restaurants before they close is definitely the worst time to arrive! But that's on us. They still w.h.i.p.p.-up our orders rapido! I'd definitely go back, we both would. I switched the grilled tuna for salmon and shrimp salad with a coconut and pineapple smoothie. My head hurts right now so just GO this place was worth the visit.

Med Domingo

Store hours show they are closing at 9 PM everyday except Sundays. Even at Google Maps it shows the same store hours. We went there today at 7:30 PM and they said they are closed at 7PM. Even a father and a daughter went in and said how come your hours show 9PM. And the people inside, those that are working there just seem not to care at all.

Thomas L.

Nice salad place in Millburn, this is same chain as one in Westfield. They have same salads. There are tons of parking lots in Maplewood and parking price are very reasonable. I tried tuna with Mandarin salad, tuna and dressing were nice and I would order it more in future. I recommend this place and we might be going there more often.

Kelly Marie

Quick stop for a healthy bite in downtown Millburn.

vanessa o.

15 minutes for the steak and bleu Steak came out rare and there was no bleu 8 cooks in the kitchen and 3 customers.

Sharbona Ricketts

Food was good but service slow.

Kambiz K.

Please check out my photos to see how Salad House ripped us off. This spread is $400. The caprese salad has 12 slices of tomatoes and mozzarella was $65. We have sandwiches to feed about 5 people. The cookies we got look like they are day old leftovers from shop rite discount store. We ordered drinks but didn't get them. It's oppressively offensive how little we got for the price we paid. We talked to the owner/manager thinking we got the wrong order. He was so arrogant and rude. He said there was no mistake and it is what it is. We had to call an emergency caterer from Cioffis to save the day. What a mess. Avoid this place at all costs.

Neeta R.

My daughter bought a pita-hummus snack yesterday which came with carrots and celery on the side. The carrots were absolutely rotten! Not sure how the server couldn't see it. So many kids go there after school and may be eating trash without realizing. Never going back to this place.

Sofia W.

WORST WORST PLACE!!!!!!!!!!! Arrived with several bites taken out, it also smells like feet. The taste of this garbage load will make you rather want to chomp down on a foot! (Pretty sure I found a pube). Stinks like CHEEEEEEESE! (Bad cheese)

Barbara F.

Delish! The shrimp were big and juicy, great variety and all items fresh n tasty. Best around this area of New Jersey and I will. Go bac.k again! Maybe even today!!