Ani Ramen

401 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
(973) 744-3960

Recent Reviews

Ha Nguyen

Taste not bad but it makes our family get some abdominal pain, I think due to the jazz festival makes everything overload. Will not come back later.

Mitul Rana

I've had a lot of ramen from a lot of places and Ani Ramen has one of my favorites, the chef special with some spice is perfect. They are very small so there's always a line so come early or make reservations if you can. It's very good and worth the wait.

susana holguin-veras

Went there for the first time in 2019, but the place was full and they said the wait would be 1+ hours. Asked if I could order takeout, they rudely said no. Decided I wouldn't return.2021 comes around and I'm more mindful of supporting local (NJ) eateries, so I give Ani Ramen another shot. Probably shouldn't have.- You are asked for your phone # at the door and no option to refuse. Why do they need to know my phone number? I've been getting weird text messages since then and now Resy knows I was there. An entire lineup of digital services is now aware that I had lunch at Ani Ramen. What an absurd waste.- Music is too loud. Can't hear each other or the waiter.- Bottled water is $3 each. Poland Spring, which costs $5 for a 24-pack. Make of that what you will.- Their payment system forces a 25% tip, with no other option and no way to leave a cash tip. I thought 15-20% gratuity was customary (and also OPTIONAL). Happy to tip for good service, but not when it's forced upon me by some corporation behind the scenes.Service was good and wait staff was polite, but this doesn't make up for the above nonsense. And how ironic that now they DO offer takeout. Because COVID.

Felisitas Sumargo

Chicken-based ramen, I personally prefer pork-based broth. Solid place to have a bowl of ramen. Service is awesome. Place is clean. Love ❤❤

Chukwuma M.

I love this place when it first opened for couple years. But over time the quality of the ramen has declined. The broth doesn't have his paazzaa like it used too.

Jessica P.

Food has always been amazing and they have done a great job of making to go work for COVID times.

Sabrina S.

First time having ramen and I can't complain!!! I've been dying to try the pork belly bao buns for a while and wow oh wow these were amazing The pork belly was a nice thick cut (didn't skimp on us there like most places) and the spicy miso-mayo was bangin!!! Definitely coming back for these. The crispy miso sake wings were flavorful and had a nice crunch to them and the miso ramen was super yummy. The staff was super friendly, will definitely be coming back!

Hannah C.

It was small and dark inside and a lot people were eating here which is always a good sign. We sat by the bar because seating was a bit crowded so we were a good distance from everyone else SPICY MISO RAMEN- my boyfriend and I both thought it tasted like a kimchi based broth, not complaining. The noodles could have been better but it overall satisfied our craving that day. I suggest paying an extra dollar for the umami ball because the broth was good but needs extra depth in flavor. PANKO SHRIMP BOWL - it was about 5 pieces of small shrimp. Panko crust was great, just wish it came with a bit more shrimp or at least bigger shrimp. The rice had a splash oh a sweet soy sauce on it which was nice and there was a side of refreshing salad with a ginger dressing. They offered us chili oil to top off our dishes, but the chili oil was okay. Overall, i'm not too impressed by the flavor profile of the dishes, but for the price it's okay. It's honestly not authentic japanese food, but i wasn't expecting such. It's a quick bite that's easy to get if you're walking around Montclair. I would still have to try the rest of the menu to really understand what they offer.

Galoni S.

My first time here and I was left with a good impression. First off, Ani Ramen House is on Bloomfield ave in Montclair which is a very bustling and growing area for restaurants. so in times It can be easy to miss but only because it's a little bit smaller compared to the other restaurants on the ave. One of the members of the staff mentioned that they would be moving soon into a bigger and better location and once they do, I feel like this place will continue to compete with the best restaurants in that area. Now, I got the spicy miso ramen which I did like so I have no complaints on that, I'd definitely get it again. I also had the chance to try shrimp tempura donburi and that was also really good. Only thing I would add is more shrimp to match the quantity of the other sides. Other than that i have no complaints & I definitely recommend coming here. (Music is good as well)

Shaniece Degazon

They get very busy on sundays. So come early to get a seat as it is a small place. The food smells good. They need more staff so that the kitchen doesnt get backed when uber eats delieveries come in. Wasted 20 mins waiting for delivery food and there was no place to sit to wait for it.

X Boone (The FiG)

Food Was Amazing, the service was the best; very personable, attentive, and entertaining.

Kaz S

I just stopped by to have some ramen, there was no single customer waiting ahead of us and the restaurant was empty but they demanded my phone number for their mailing list before seating us. I am not comfortable giving my phone number to anybody, so I declined their demand. But they insisted on obtaining my number to serve their food. So I left.I have my phone and giving away my number is solely on my descretion. In other words, it is my choice, period.Suppose, if a customer had no phone, he or she can not be served. This sounds like credit or debit card requirment situation which is illegal.I will not patronize Ani Ramen until they change their policy regarding phone number requirement.So, if you are uncomfortable giving away your phone number, Ani Ramen is not for you.I hope Ani Ramen management reads this review and respond or correct their wrong.

AJM Mion

My wife enjoys their spicy noodle soup. I had the pork buns which were tasty. Didn't order any drinks but they do serve warm water in a bottle. Over all it is a nice place and a enjoyable atmosphere.

Jane S.

I'm so glad I stopped in! The service is so friendly and welcoming and the food is really wonderful. The servers were really engaged. The noodles were perfectly cooked - satisfyingly chewy - while the broth was tasty but not too salty to leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The fried tofu, panko shrimp, and bao (buns) earned rave reviews too. Can't wait to come back!

Susan L.

This place is poppin'. Given it is a Sunday lunch hour, there was continuous take out and walk ins. The lady stated that the turn around time was about 15 mins and asked for my info. After, my friends and I walked around in the heat for a little. When we came back, we waited outside for a little until it was about 15 mins past the time that was told to us. Walking in, we realized that there was no order whatsoever. They were seating people who entered without reservations on the spot... like why would you tell me a turn around time and jot down my info if that was the case?? Once we were seated, we pretty much ordered immediately. The bao buns (we got pork and panko shrimp) were pretty good but I would say it was a lot of sauce. The taste was the sauce pretty much. As far as the ramen, we ordered shoyu ramen and a mazemen. The shoyu ramen was pretty good. It was a clean chicken broth with not as much ingredients as I thought and the portions were just okay. The Mazemen was also just okay, but kinda on the saltier side, especially as you kept eating it. Overall, the food wasn't bad but definitely more of the Americanized version of Japanese ramen in my opinion.

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