Bivio Pizza Napoletana

107 Pine St, Montclair
(973) 941-9602

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matt r.

Permanently closed as of yesterday

Byron Herrera

Perhaps the greatest Pizza shop in NJ. The ingredients, customer service, and dishes are of the highest quality.The place is small which is perfect for an intimate dinner (4 to a table max, no exceptions).You will not be disappointed!

Jenna Paquin

Best restaurant around. Always a special night with Tommaso at the helm on the pizzas. Been a favorite of ours since the old location in Little Falls.


Salumi/cheese plate and Arugula salad straight out of Costco. That"s not a bad thing but just saying.Pizza was undercooked, The middle was wet and colllapsed when you picked it up..the description also said garlic and none was detectable. Place living on reputation. Got a better pie at our basic, local pizza place. Do t waste your time.

Nikki Vassallo

Waited two months for my reservation! And it was soooo worth it. Pizzas are small. Small menu. Excellent taste. Cute place. Highly recommend

Michael Bloom

Top notch pizza, brick oven style. Delicious.

Megan Z.

This is one of my favorite pizza places in NJ, possibly in the US. I'll never be able to accurately convey how good it is. I love a fluffy wood-fired pizza that still has good integrity/doesn't get soggy or floppy in the middle and still has the appropriate amount of toppings -- it's not too common and would imagine it's hard to master. Bivio is perfect every. single. time. I waited a long time to try one of their seasonal specials, the lemon soppressata pizza -- I saw it on Instagram years ago, and it's what made me want to come here in the first place -- it was worth the wait. I couldn't have picked a better pizza for my first experience there. Don't get me wrong, every experience since then has been wonderful, but this pizza......stellar. I've never had anything like it before or since. The entire experience is unique and enjoyable. The entire restaurant has about six tables, the pizza oven is right in the dining area so you can see your pizza being assembled and cooked, and the owner is incredibly nice and gives you a personal touch by not only making your meals himself, but stopping by each table to chat, without fail. I love that feeling you get of being old friends with someone you just met. It's an 11/10, just go.

Maria Bizzarro Liloia

Such an amazing experience. Salad, antipasti, pizza, and dessert were pure perfection. Our waiter was professional, friendly, and accommodating. The chef/owner came over several times to be sure all was good and in order. Can't wait to go back.

C C.

So delicious. So delicious. You can see the authentic pizza oven from Naples, the bags of Italian flour and the stack of wood for the oven. It all comes through in that airy but chewy dough. So perfect. Everything is right. The Italian and French music playing in the background. The gracious young server. I feel transported to Naples. I will be back.

Vincent Tarney

the cust is the die for. so glad to have this gem so close to us. Tomasso is a true pizza master

M. Showers

Nice decor. Food and service were good. Nice decor.


Service... excellent. Pizza... superb. Easily accessible. An absolute MUST. You will return doubt.

Jack R.

Best Neapolitan pizza Ive ever had. Tomasso is a pizza genius! I hesitate to write this because his product is so good and I fear bigger crowds!

Jason Feirman

marinara pie

Rushil Desai

Over the past 15 years, of all the pizza places I have been to in NJ and NYC, this is by far the best. This is precision pizza making from every aspect. Not only is the pizza great, but Tomaso (the owner) is so personable and always has a smile on his face. Try to make a reservation 1 week ahead as it is usually booked up. Also it is BYOB!

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