Empanada or Nada

454 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
(862) 283-3993

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MariaBlue 19

Empanadas seemed to be baked and not fried so it’s definitely healthier, but this makes it a little dry and it’s also flaky. The inside is not as moist either if that matters to you. They were tasty though. You should definitely get the spicy mayo with it, as it helps with the dryness.

Angelica Tucker

The empanadas were ok.. not worth $4.26 for 1 besides that my 10 year old niece had to use the bathroom and they would not let her, so she had to pack her empanadas and run up street to use the bathroom. I was so upset for her because she was excited to go there only to have to leave because they would not allow a 10 year old to use the restroom!! I will never go back there again. Disappointed to say the least!!

caballito 280

worst empanadas ever!! the place was empty!...no wonder!!! I should know better!! the service was so mean and cold! they don't even say hi..!!! never again....if you are in the mood of empanadas, please look online, there are great places with great people, but this one is terrible!

Alan W Woodward

Really good food and friendly service … recommend for sure

Abe H

Good empanadas, but not outstanding. Ample menu choices. Friendly staff with fast service.Good grab and go take out place.Has a sit down area but small. Not good for large parties.Good for kids.A bit on the pricey side.

Nicholas Carrino

Very good food. I went basic and got the cheese empanada with the spicy Mayo and it was great. Definitely going to come back in the future.?????

Me'Cal Hashim Shabazz

Oh my goodness, I was married to a Latina a long time, and abuelita and her mom could make some homemade empanadas in that fryer to die for. I have to say these empanadas are tremendously good; the flaky crust and the variety of different fillings accent each other to perfection. Please try a 6-pack or 12-pack. Take my word you will be back for more if you try less.

Seba Corsair

No accommodating friendliness from the owner. Every single time there I get a condescending mean spirited attitude. I stand there in awkward silence from the audacity of this person. I am driving all the way to Havana restaurant by the parkway for my empanadas to avoid this ugly attitude from this lady.

michel lob

I love the empanadas here, however every time i come in this place it never fails the girls that are in the front are super rude. They talk to people like you are a little kid with all this rules and regulations just to get something to eat.


Bad customer service. My wife placed an order for 9 empanadas. When she got the 2 bags she asked if they were all there. They responded “yes”. We drove home to Nutley and sat together to eat our empanadas and when we unpacked, there were only 8 of them. I called the store to let them know, their answer was “there is no way for us to verify” and that “we should have verified the bags before leaving the store”. Note that I never made a request for a refund, or asked for anything in return. I called because I was upset. The lady had a nasty attitude, a customer is always wrong attitude. All I can say is verify all the empanadas are in your bag before leaving the store, they will not take ANY responsibility for their mistakes. Really bad attitude as well. The empanadas were good but this nasty attitude really makes these empanadas not taste the same!

Aidan Murphy

Tasty empanadas with vegan options

Nikolai Bohorquez

Excellent food at a good price. Friendly staff

Alberto Williams

This place serves up a great variety of very well made and tasting empanadas.

Nicole Rodríguez

Their cheese empanadas are really cream cheese puffs. Their beef empanadas sometimes taste different than the previous time. The Cuban empanadas sometimes have pickles, and sometimes they don't. They never have mustard, as I was told they would. It they were a bit more consistent and provided more variety, this would be a fantastic empanada place. But I do appreciate the service and how much care they put into packaging to-go orders.

Alexis Cruz

Terrible!!!!!! The meat had no seasoning the chicken wasn’t even good cheese smelted old the only good one was Buffalo other then that the rest was disgusting I ordeo 4 of the this was on 9/29/2020

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