49 Claremont Ave, Montclair
(973) 744-4444

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Kyra Mackesy

They were so great! They gave me and the person I was with free cookies because we were talking about how we heard they were good. Great service and great people!

mya morris

Ordered a cold cut combo which says it was supposed to contain 3 types of meat, and I just got balogna. When I called them to ask about it, I was told that they only put balogna in the combo for deliveries. I feel like I wasted my money and that they should have listed that on the site. I'd suggest not getting a cold cut combo through delivery if you order.

The WarriorM

I love Subway, but this location has horrible customer service, old hard bread, and the ice machine is always broken (and no, the fountain drinks are not cold). If I could give 0 stars I would.

Scott Lang

Still waiting for that "follow up".....guess this is indicative of the lack of care that this location has for its customers.Any additional follow up on your note would be greatly appreciated.TERRIBLE experience and food!! To start, I walked in at 7:15 and despite the posted 8:00 closing time was rushed to place my order and was told that I had to pay cash because the register was already closed. I was originally overcharged until I pointed out the price mistake, and was not given a receipt. I ordered 2 footlongs, the bread was burnt on both (did not get it toasted), and when I got home I realized that my Cold Cut Combo only had bologna on it. Lastly, while starting to make my subs the server sneezed three times and I had to ask her to change her!! If I were this locations franchise owner I would be embarrassed!!

Earl Grosser

We only came in to use the bathroom, so per social rules we bought a drink first.We got a Gatorade out of the fridge. It was cold and good.The person working behind the counter was polite and friendly.

Capri Singh

Excellent, jam packed, and full of greatness!

Tim Lible

I placed a very small order at 6:45PM and my girlfriend went in before 7:00PM (closing time) and the guy behind the counter -he looked either Indian or Pakistani- made a point to tell her that closing time is at 7:00PM. Why tell her that if she went in before 7? Was he trying to say that we should have never ordered from your restaurant? Not sure why he would try to tell customers what to do when we did everything (place an order and pick it up) before closing time.You lost 2 loyal customers. Congrats.

Sharon Thurman

I apologize for the long post, but details matter. I had never had a problem in the past; however after today, I won't be returning to this location under any circumstances.I waited my turn as I should (3 customers ahead of me). While the clerk waited on the 3 previous customers, an online order came in. The clerk picks up the online order slip, and returns to complete the order of the second person of the 3 customers ahead of me. Then he completes the order of the third customer ahead of me, as he should. Finally, he gets to me, and I place my order. He begins making my sandwiches (4 of them), a couple comes in and they were waiting their turn. Before completing my order, he asks them if they placed an online order. They say yes, and he turns to me. He tells me that I have to wait because they have been waiting a long time. I respond that they have not waited longer than I have (3 customers ahead of me, and they can't wait for 1 customer ahead of them?). He ignores my comment, and makes their sandwich. They get a drink, and they tell him their order was for 2 sandwiches. He tells them he has to complete my order, they say okay, and he does. I pay for my sandwiches and thank the couple for waiting their turn, and they were very gracious to me.The only difference in the customers is that I and all 3 customers ahead of me are all African American, but the couple is Caucasian. The clerk is either Indian or Pakistani--I don't know which because I did not ask him--it did not matter to me. That said, I won't calmly accept being treated unfairly by anyone. I had a larger order which was in process when they arrived, and I was waiting my turn when their online order came in. They did not wait longer than I had.I will not be returning to this Cleremont Avenue in Montclair, NJ location. I will spend money in a location where I feel appreciated as a customer. I cannot in good conscience, recommend that anyone else go there.

Xxxx Xxxx

PLEASE HAVE ALL STAFF REMOVE BRACELETS BEFORE MAKING ANY SANDWICHES. There are at least two employees here that wear bracelets while making sandwiches, and the bracelet has a tendency to touch the sandwich! The plastic gloves that they wear should cover the entire wrist and they should avoid touching the sandwich with anything other than the plastic gloves.

Jasper Navarro

We love hanging out. Last night we arrived in this delicious place which friends told us about. We had a delightful evening there with superb food and an efficient crew and an impressive cook. We put this place in our list and we shall definitely come back very soon. We warmly recommend.

Shane Walker

Place is clean customer service is exceptional I get a positive energy from the employees and the manager, my sandwiches are made the way I like them I'm usually in and out of there very quickly all in all good customer service good food quick and easy clean what more can you ask for

Sylvia Silas

Great customer service


Subway eat fresh.

Shiek Guevara

Had the pleasure of patronizing this location while handling some business in the areas. Staff was friendly, polite and patient. All your typical Subway fixings. Clean and fresh, even the other customers were happy and smiling. One thing that stood out was there cookie selection. This is the first Subway I've been to and they have over five cookie options. Great experience and please keep up the great work.

Austin Simpson

You know a lot of people bash Subway. It's rather upsetting considering there is more stores than McDonald's. I know that isn't a great bar to set for a health standpoint. However, from a business perspective it's impressive. I can say without a shadow of a doubt that if you're hungry you'll eat it. Stop being so pompous and just get the Chicken Teriyaki sandwich.

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