Takara Asian Bistro

605 Valley Rd, Montclair
(973) 233-1688

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Nat G.

I know you're not supposed to give 5 stars to leave room for better butttt..... all of the food was A-MA-ZING - so it's a 5. I ordered the vegetarian hot and sour soup - amazing. I squeezed some lime into it- amazing. I also ordered the "autumn" special roll- amazing. It had a sweet mango sauce that complimented the spicy tuna inside. I ordered it with crunch on top and spicy mayo on the side. The combination of the sweet and spicy - amazing. I could eat it those 2 everyday.

Tina R.

Food just okay,owner has a terrible attitude, don't order the soft shell crab, you'll get a plate of tasteless veggies and barely any crab , not going back

Diana Lopez

Picked up a couple rolls from here and a spicy Kani salad it was amazing very fresh tasting, large rolls the service was quick and all the food was delicious. The Lunch special was definitely worth it with The Choice of soup, the wanton soup was very good.

Cynthia Verrone

Tastiest sushi in Montclair. Great selection, super fresh sushi, good value, nice ambience. Servers are lovely too. Best sushi we’ve had in Montclair.

Alexander Schulmeister

The fish is fresh, the service is fine, prices are ok. A very solid choice.

Doug Ramsey

Great food, good twist on items. Ait if locals are repeat customers.

Robbie Is Rotten

The food was good but the server gave a bit of an attitude. Also BEWARE they put 20% tip on their check ahead of time so if it is higher than you expected that is why. Pretty rude to give yourself a 20% tip when your service is subpar and if you don’t notice the small tip addition you may end up tipping twice.

Dominique Spagnolo

Consistently great food. We have always ordered online but this time we ate in. The only thing I can say is that the bathrooms were filthy. I hope management sees this because maybe that’s why the place was completely empty in the middle of the day on a Saturday. Hygiene is so important, please clean your bathrooms!!

Tiana B.

food is good but customer service is not. my daughter placed an order for her lunch when i wasn't around and upon delivery was hounded for a tip before even receiving the food in her hand. she did not have a tip to give because not thinking of anything else she had only asked me for enough money to pay for her food. she raved about their sushi, so eager to try it myself i had her call in an order (this was the following day and i knew nothing of this prior experience). after taking our phone number and address the person taking our order says verbatim "you didn't give my driver a tip. you need to do that.". shocked, my daughter explained how she simply didn't have anything to give at the time which she also explained to the delivery person along with an apology. my daughter was then nervous to eat the food out of fear that it would be tampered with. i understand that tipping is respectful and something that should be done but it most definitely is not an obligation. so for not only the driver but also the receptionist to attempt to force the customer to provide this service is highly unprofessional and can make the customer very uncomfortable. it also seems to demonstrate something of a protocol being held at this work place...


The food here is great and the sushi is really fresh. They have amazing lunch specials with lots of options that are very filling. The food always arrives on time and hot. Takara is my go to for Asian!

Jessica Lin

I normally called and ordered for take out without problems. The food has been good and decent!! But recently, there has never been anyone answering the phone. After reading lots of reviews about their service, I hope I am not black listed…

Nakita Blacc

Takara is the best...they have one of my secret pleasures ( salmon skin ) as a salad....omg I love it here. And the dumplings...yes yes yes the best

Thomas Kenny

Decent, not too overpriced asian fusion food. Somewhat surly service, but nice decor.

Olivia Goddard

The guy said there is a $15.00 min . I said “ ok u can charge me the extra 70 cents , i dont mind” and he totallly REJECTED ME and said “ no u have to order more food or we dont delivery. I told him to forget it !!! Wow you rather loose moey over 30 centa. HOW PATHETIC!!! Never ordered here again. Beyond rude!

Michael Austerlitz

This place was awesome. We had a bunch of starters and two main dishes and each one was delicious. From the pork bun to the pad Thai rice, everything was made to perfection. Definitely recommend.

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