Teglia Pizza Bar

438 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair
(973) 317-0909

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Kimberly Giang

I’ve walked by a million times and my husband and I finally decided to grab a slice. Our typical go to is the crispy thin crust new haven style so we were pleasantly surprised at how much we enjoyed it! I particularly loved how crispy the slice was throughout its entirety. We tried the pepperoni, white, and mushroom. They were all flavorful but the mushroom truffle one was my favorite! We will definitely return for more. I also loved how fast and friendly my experience was!

John Lytle

Consistently excellent pizza. It's a different style here, rectangular and baked in a pan, but don't call it Sicilian!

Julia Jones

Teglia has some of the best pizza I have found around Montclair and beyond. A perfect blend of crispy outer but chewy inner crust, these giant pies are a must-try! The pepperoni they use is also excellent quality compared to other pizza places, which makes the taste and texture of their pepperoni pizza even better. I have only ever ordered delivery, so cannot comment on the inside/sit-in of the restaurant.

C Delellis

Our first experience at Teglia was great! The unique pizza crust was delicious and had just the right amount of toppings. It made us reminisce of our italian grandmother's pizza and that's a good thing! Our only regret is that we didn't order more pizzas. We look forward to going back soon.

Victor Jung

The tastiest square pizza in NJ. The margherita is a classic. My favorite for those who like heat is the margherita with Ndjuda and pepperoni. Delivery was quick. The website ordering isn’t as seamless as the big delivery apps, but support local and order directly from Teglia. Can’t wait to try the other items on the menu.

William Edelheit

Just tried Teglia's pizza for the first time!From the first bite I was in Pizza Heaven. My family, who shared the Spinach and Artichoke pie with me, agree. Simply the best pizza we have ever eaten, anytime, anyplace, any price.Bravo Joseph (owner and chef)! There are other wonderful pizza's in Montclair and the neighboring towns, but none that I have tried in the past 35 years are as good. Thank you Joseph.

Raymond M Strack

Delicious pizza! Got some slices and a pie for later. Great crust, nice undercarriage. 8.1

brian gough

My new favorite place for takeout Pizza. I ordered the Classic Jersey with meatball topping and it was so good! Perfect crust, delicious sauce, just the right amount of sauce and cheese. Great addition to the Montclair dining scene.

Lynn Grenough

Teglia was delicious!The onion and mushroom pizza is amazing (it’s super caramelized and flavorful).You get a big square of pizza with thick crust that’s crispy on the bottom yet soft inside. The sauce was just how I prefer - present but not gloopy!The shop itself is tiny - don’t plan on eating inside (there’s a single bench and top that seats just a couple of people).A real local gem!

MissRomie A

OMG, please try the spinach & artichoke pizza if you haven't yet. Best pizza that I have ever had. (I've eaten pizza in NY, CT, NJ, MD, DE, VA, NC, GA, & CA) We just called the restaurant to compliment them as well. I had to show a close up of the ingredients. (See attached photo)

John Geraci

I did not care for the Spinach/Artichoke pizza, which is why I'm giving 3 stars and not 1 because it wasn't my cup of tea. Regular looked good and probably tastes better to me. My issue was the crust. Strange consistency, not a snap crisp, if that makes sense. Firm soft dense is how'd explain it.


Wow! Pizza is amazing. Customer service was above and beyond. My son ordered a Sicilian pie, not realizing it was a true Sicilian pie (anchovies on it). My son picked it up and was confused lol. After the chef explained the difference to him, he gladly made him exactly what he wanted. I’ve been back twice since then and never disappointed. Thank you for always being so kind!

Katrina Colón

Best Sicilian pizza I’ve ever had!! Crispy crust that’s chewy in the middle. The SAUCE is everything!! Can’t recommend highly enough!!

milagros almada

Our first time and I can’t wait to go back!Fresh and delicious pizza! . I heard and read lot of nice comments about this place and we finally came. The owner makes you feel like family.Good luck and Welcome to the neighborhood!Sergio and Millie Almada.

Bridgette O'Malley

I love this pizza. The crust is so amazing. The crust is crisp and the rest of the crust is chewy. Run don’t walk. Or order on line. They deliver. Big plus is they will accommodate 1/2 and 1/2 or other specials requests. Thank you Teglia?

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