Tortas lokas

617 Valley Rd, Montclair
(973) 303-7711

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DjCheco Checo

muy buena atención y muy buen servicio


Delicious food! Great atmosphere, really cool artwork, awesome service!Food: 5/5

Natalie F.

The Carnitas Tacos and jamaica are my go-to order. The carnitas as perfect every time, and the jamaica is perfectly sweet and tart. Their salsa verde is perfect on the tacos.

Francesca D.

Horrible customer service. The food has gone way down hill. Carnitas is full of fat. Delivery takes 2 hours. Nachos were soggy and not as ordered. So sad as they service and food have changed for the worse.

Joseph A.

The food is pretty good. The service was excellent and fast. I've been here a few times and I rather enjoy it. Excellent for when you are driving around trying to figure out what you want and can't make up your mind.

Dory Hack

Just go! Food is delish and fresh, staff is friendly, and the vibe is relaxed. This has become one of our go tos for a weeknight dinner. The food can sometimes be slow to arrive, but honestly it’s worth it. And the portions are huge!

Eneida Nunez

Felt like home, the staff was very kind and the place is very clean, the food was deliciousFood: 5/5

Bill L.

We went in early on a Friday night- at the time, there was only one other table with diners. No one acknowledged us, even after we sat down. There were at least two waitresses, but neither one greeted us. After over 5 minutes, one of the waitresses came over to greet us and take our order. At this point, we hadn't even seen a menu. There were none on our table and none sitting out. We looked at their on-line menu, but it is so disorganized we couldn't figure it out. We got our menus and, after a couple minutes, were able to order. The food came out fairly quickly, but they neglected to bring us any silverware or napkins. The waitresses were walking past us the whole time, but neither of them would stop to ask if we needed anything. It was difficult to get their attention, too. As for the food itself, it's thoroughly mediocre. It's not bad, but it's unremarkable and easily forgettable. It's just a chain restaurant offering food that's slightly fancier than Chipotle, and, IMHO, not as good. I gave it 3 stars for the food, and took one away for the poor service.

John M.

Oh my goodness.. this is the best food I have eaten.. other than my own Super nachos are the best and the el bam bam delicious. I ordered the guacamole and chips but I'm saving those for later . Delivery was flawless. Definitely ordering again or going in person

Brianna W.

Ordered the veggie tacos and pastor quesadilla and both were great! The portions are large and the food was really tasty and fresh. I also got the horchata which was absolutely perfect! I would definitely recommend to anyone in the area. Its definitely different from the other Upper Montclair restaurants so try it out!


Tortas Locas has couple of tables on the sidewalk which are perfect for warm summer nights. Mondays have quesadillas on special and the carnitas is delicious, the el pastor is nicely seasoned. The service was excellent and the prices are very budget friendly. Would absolutely come back again!

Andrea Picon

This review is based on the following food items; birria tacos w/cheese, a chicken burrito, and chilaquiles con carne asada. The food was alright, which is okay so disappointing because I wish I could say it was amazing. I gave it an “alright” because the dishes lacked seasoning, flavor, and flavor. I am a Latinx good lover and I know when my people season their food, this was like light seasoned. The tortillas for the chilaquiles were cold and the sauce was warm. They added American cheese to a Mexican burrito, and I’m not sure how authentic that is, the chicken was bland. The birria tacos were okay, but define your needed more. I don’t think I would go back. Although service was good and the place was clean.

Ann C.

This place is new, we tried their tacos last night and was amazed how good it is. Definitely try the Carnitas tacos are so good, I have to come back next day for lunch!!!

Aidin Ortiz

Very nice place, service was great, the tacos birria are DELICIOUS, and the all meat torta loka was huge and very tasty, natural juices are also very good..I highly recommend, I will definitely be back.

Lenny G.

Wow. These sandwiches are huge. Must try. These are shareable or take half home for later. I really liked the bread they use and the flavor of the sandwiches were great. Friendly staff and great service. I will definitely be back to try other things.

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