Pete's Pizza & Italian Grill

604 W Kings Hwy, Mt Ephraim
(856) 931-3030

Recent Reviews

Danielle Mama Bearz

My dad used to bring my youngest son here for their Original Panzerotti. I have good memories of before he passed and growing up surrounding Panzerotti in general but their Panzerotti is definitely good. Last time I visited here I had their salad on a mother/son lunch date and that was also good.Food: 5/5

Matt R.

They seem to be a fair and honest business with good food

Jean S.

This place is great! All sandwiches cheesesteaks, chicken cutlet hoagies are delicious, friendly service. Pizza is great! They also sell Tarantino's panzarottis ! Plus they deliver!!

Russell Colaneri

Everything I’ve ever got from Pete’s has been really good! But can I jus say… the mozzarella sticks are AMAZING! Also friendly and quick service. Definitely deserves 5 stars ⭐️

George Tattersley

Excellent pizza & great chef salad. My only problem is that they only give one container of dressing for the salad.

Lauren L.

We love this place!! Shout out to the girls at the front for always being so pleasant. We ordered food for NYE and everything was great as usual, decided to also try the fried ravioli, and so glad we did, delicious!!! You gotta give them a try. Some of our favorites are the pizza, cheese steaks, fries, fried raviolis, tuna hoagies and panzorotti!

Tmart Knows

Ordered four cheesesteaks and fries and let me tell you something this place is DELICIOUS! The Cheesesteak’s the bread is fresh and the steak has just the right amount of cheese. The fries are nice and crispy and you want to keep eating more and more. Highly recommend.

Browneyed Babygurl

Worst customer service everI hope who claimed to be the manager was not the manager last night when I had my issue with the wrong food delivered.First of all when I called to kindly let the lady know at petes my turkey and Mayo I ordered was delivered with onions and everything on it. She refused to re deliver because I did not tip. Well excuse me for being tight on my budget and not having much money. I didn’t know you are required to tip to get good service.Second of all the delivery was 2 blocks literally 2 blocks. I paid my delivery charge like everyone else.So she refused to replace the hoagie because I said turkey and Mayo when I ordered it.( note not everyone is from New Jersey and a expert on ordering hoagies)to me saying turkey and Mayo ment that’s all I wanted on there.. but to Pete’s it means you want everything on it.I have lived in nj for 6 months. I have ordered that sandwich from 8 different places and never did I get the wrong sandwich.In conclusion the lady who claimed to be a manger at Pete’s was extremely rude. Said there going to loose a delivery because I didn’t tip ( for a 2 block order) and a sandwich.Well excuse me for wanting the right order. The o my reason why she replaced it is because I begged . I work in managementI have years of training and that is horrible customer service.I WILL NEVER ORDER FROM PETES EVER AGAINIf your not a expert on ordering hoagies in jersey I would not recommend either. LOL DONT FORGET TO TIP so they give you great service

Stephen Law

The food was great I highly recommend trying the Wendy sandwich ?

Len Smashey

There pizza was delicious, the kids love it better than any other pizza places around. The employees are super friendly!! Highly recommend!

Zahra Alexandria

food was BUSSIN!! amazing employees:)

pokeguy dj

You’ve delivered to my house 100 times, but now that I call you instead of my wife you don’t deliver here and hang up on me after stating “we don’t deliver there.” How does that work?

Chloe Grace

Staff is extremely rude. Didn’t bring my delivery and when I called to figure out what went wrong they hung up on me!!

Nicole Lynne

I ordered delivery and they decided to just never come!! No call to let me know they weren’t bringing my food or anything. Don’t take orders if you can’t fulfill them!! Could’ve told me yous were too busy I could’ve ordered something else instead of starving and waiting for nothing for hours

Sandra Bowers

If you order delivery be careful they will never bring it and then try to act like you cancelled it

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