La Vita Pizzeria

12 High St, Mt Holly
(609) 267-8957

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Erik P

This review is long overdue. I moved here from North Jersey about a year ago and we had some pretty good pizza arguably, long story short LA Vita is hands down one of the best in the area, not just their pizza but food overall is high quality and we have never been disappointed with an order, their ingredients are high quality, I don't know exactly why you can tell but you just can...everything always tastes extremely fresh and every item on the menu has always been consistent with the time before...delicious! they really deserve a good reputation for their food. Top Notch place

Ryan Romanoli

Best pizza in town! The staff is always friendly and the garlic knots are amazing. Highly recommend La Vita’s to anyone!

Sadhu O.

To start off, i really cant complain about the food. I like it and do my best to send people there. Once i like the food and service you will always have my business. My reason for giving them 2 stars was because on December 3rd i stopped by to enjoy 2 lovely slices of chicken broccoli with honey mustard. sometimes i include garlic knots. I politely stated that i will be sitting in to eat like the many customers that were dinning in. The waitress brung me my order in a paperbag stating i can stay and eat if i like.... Rude as ever. So i spoke to the owner who knows me and he also stated that he's sorry but there are no trays. I said ok and started eating my food. While sitting and eating my food a guy across from me received hes small portion of food on the tray. Not everything is black and white. So I'm guessing that the guy who was given a tray was favored being that he has a jacket with Snap-on tools. The owner loves cars and that's great. I guess i will spend my money elsewhere since i can't be respected.

Heyyo 84

I don’t think I’ve ever had their pizza before, so I can’t really comment on that, but their MILD CHICKEN WINGS, and the tenders with fries, is literally the best chicken I’ve ever had at any pizza spot (and I’m from NY haha). I always come here for the chicken tenders with fries- they’re unlike no other.(Edited)I took away two stars, as online- it says the close at 10:30, but apparently now they close at 9:45? I wish the hours were updated. Most pizza places don’t close so early on a Saturday. At least not in NY.

Antoine M Crawley

Unfortunately I had to put a one just to make a review but you defiantly don’t deserve that a paying customer is a paying customer NOT to mention a EVERYDAY !!!!!!! Paying customer refusing to sell a 2 lt. is a understatement in this review….. let’s mention first of allWHO do you think you are raising your voice at my child that gives you business every day of the week???? Secondly if you treated every customer as you did today to my daughter you be out of business, better yet I wish you spoke to me that way !!! I refuse to let my child ever give you one penny of her hard earned money and be treated like she was today. And further more my family orders from you religiously every Friday night that will end as well. I never in my life heard of a business “Food chain”to ever do what you guys did today it’s quite sad. Next time you feel the need to scream at a buying customer hopefully you see $$$$$ going in the trash just as your business will !!!

Susan Vera

Always had the best buffalo chicken pizza, when we came in for slices they were loaded and could barely pick them up. We ordered a whole one two weeks ago, still good but not as full.Got one last night and wow, white doughy undercooked crust and toppings stopped a good two inches from the edge. We called to just to let them know thinking they might have a new cook. I tried to explain that it was not the same as usual and all I heard on the line was yelling back and forth, I kept asking if they were still there and no response. $23 pizza and rude on the phone, we have been coming here for years but that was our last time...sorry.

April Tinsley

I hate to cook and La Vita's is my go to! I'm literally there every week. The staff and food are great, and the prices are reasonable. Everyone is very friendly. From when you first call or walk in, right down to the delivery drivers. A side bonus... They play the same radio station I have on in the car. I always forget and always smile when I walk in and it's picked up right where I'm at, still humming the song in my head from the car. Lol! Definitely go to La Vita's. It's a great little pizzeria.

Jess S.

Best pizza in Mt. Holly! Always accommodating and they make all sorts of pizza. Highly recommend!

Bill M.

Not a fan. I love plain cheese pizza and unfortunately this isn't very good. There are places close by that are way better. Sorry La Vita you need to have a crisp crust and a sauce that makes you stand out.

Xavier Bancroft

The food was very enjoyable for a very affordable price and the customer service was very satisfactory. Highly recommend.

jenjen f.

I order from la vita every week. Cannot go wrong. Pizzas and hot chicken sandwiches and fries and wraps are all terrific!

Xavier B.

The food was very enjoyable for a very affordable price and the customer service was more than satisfactory. Highly recommend.

Joseph Lajkowicz

10-1-22 5:30 PM ordered sausage supreme pizza, thin and extra chrispy. When I got home, pizza was WHITE crust thick and not cooked properly. Would not order from this place again the order was not be prepared as asked. It seemed like orders had to go out the door, regardless where they were prepared properly.

Naw D.

Their food is really good. There isn't anything they do that isn't tasty. However, I have been going to la vita's for things from pizza to cheesesteaks. If it isn't pizza, they most likely get the order wrong.The food that you do get though, is delicious.

Pete Paige

For my first time eating here...the food was pretty good. The manager and staff were very polite. My order was incorrect and there were no issues with them correcting it. They fixed everything fast too. I would definitely recommend trying.

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