Cool Runnin's Caribbean

25 Easton Ave, New Brunswick
(732) 246-2800

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Booker Alderman

I have been going here for years. Food is always exquisite and flavorful. Oxtail always falls off the bone. It's my favorite thing when I go here. Portions are plentiful as well.Food: 5/5


I’ve been here twice didn’t really get what I wanted like jerk chicken/Curry chicken and Mac and cheese but it’s still time to get that stuff. I only brought a couple beef patties and they were good I can tell you that and I will definitely be going back for my food food ?

Darielle Moore

This place is a freaking rip off , I received 3 oxtails and rice/peas for 18$. Please look at your bowls before leaving the store before they rip you off too. Look at the photo attached … does that look like 18$ worth of “oxtails” more like rice and peas platter ! I had to put my food in a big bowl to make sure I wasn’t going crazy .

Chari D.

Recently tried this place. The food was OK. They had run out of one side dish that I'd wanted, which I found strange. When paying for the order, I couldn't figure out what kind of math the lady at the register was using. The more she talked, the more confused I got. Made no sense at all. For this place, it depends on who you are and what you're used to. I grew up on Jamaican food, and this food isn't bad at all. But I'm also used to good service, and this place was a bit disappointing.

key bryant

The curry goat & oxtails are terrible and the rice n peas has a sweet taste to it idk this place use to be good but idk what’s goin on now

Terik Ahmed

Love this little Caribbean shop in the college strip by Rutgers which is riddled with cheap college student aimed food everywhere and that's where this place shines. Delicious Jamaica proud authentic dishes served here and it is delicious!!! I've been coming here for about 6 years and they are what you expect from a Caribbean restaurant. Very friendly staff and I have never had even a mediocre dish. A few competing places nearby but this one is the best in the area. Probably in Middlesex!


I visited this place for the first time in about 2 years. They have definitely fallen off. I ordered a large order of oxtails and was disappointed to find only 4 oxtails in my order. Mind. you, a large order on the menu costs 14 dollars, however, I was charged 24 dollars and told that the menu prices haven't been updated.Being a Brooklyn, NY native, Jamaican cuisine is plentiful but not in New Jersey. No competition leaves us at their mercy. The food was more sweet than anything else. Not a good look.

Brynn R.

I have to be honest and say I avoided trying this place after reading some of the reviews and started going to another Caribbean restaurant in the area which never really excited me too much. So I'm glad I decided to give Cool Runnin's a try one random evening. The food was delicious especially the most coveted oxtails. The j*** chicken has a nice sweet/spicy flavor and is a little saucy not super dry which I actually like. Both the curry goat and chicken have great flavor and were good as well. On my last visit I was bummed when they only had one order of oxtails left and we wanted 3 but I also know that's just the risk you take when going to a Jamaican restaurant later in the evening. Overall this place has great tasting food and I have had nothing but a pleasurable experience in regards to their service. If you want to make sure you get all the food you crave make it a point to go early.

Chie Ra

Even ordering over phone then driving 20min to pick up food I wait usually another 15-20 min. The young lady is pleasant to look at, yet she consistently ignores customers as she chats or check phone. Been there 3 times since January and waiting for food to be cooked is the norm. The food is tasty, yet only extra ordinary... not extraordinary. Sorry.

A. Samuel

I've been going here for years..mostly because they're the only place that sells decent West Indian food in the area. I suspect the business has survived because of a lack of competition. I've never had a bad food experience with them and have no issues with the quality of the food. My chief issue is that they do not offer online ordering. The location is in a very busy part of New Brunswick so parking is always a problem. They went to a cash-only model, which is really antiquated. Thank goodness there's a bank right across the street. A lot of the negative reviews about in-person customer service, parking and wait times can be solved by allowing people to order using Uber Eats, DoorDash, etc.P.S. the spotty availability of plantain for a West Indian eatery is truly shocking.

Jocelyn Gonzalez

chicken patty is gross!staff is rudedon’t know if they coming or goingonly cashhow they’re still in business is beyond me.I should’ve known better; the first time I came was five years ago; I thought I couldn't go wrong with a chicken patty; well, here I am, giving 1 star is too much!

Aderenike Y. Adeyemo

place was so good! tried this for my first time on a friday night. i ordered a small curry goat with rice and peas, plaintain and cabbage. ordered a spicy beef patty as well on the side. they ran out of food but i got the last pattie’s so i was happy ? would definitely recommend. food was still hot and fresh after like 30 mins still!


Meh.. I went to get a beef patty with coco bread. The beef patty was extremely dry and the bread was cold. I don't know if I happen to catch them on a bad day but it wasn't really a good look. I assume the food is probably better and I might give them another shot. A friend recommended this place and I just happened to be in the area that day.

dt mitchell

Great restaurants when it comes to Caribbean cuisine the food is delicious and good you should try them

Kai Mya S.

This food remind me of home! They cooked this food down and delicious and I will be back. Great spot for Rutgers students !!!!

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