Hidden Grounds Coffee

4C Easton Ave, New Brunswick
(732) 543-1909

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Lauren Wachenfeld

Very friendly staff and a good selection of interesting drinks to choose from, including a rose chai and a creme brulee cold brew. I went with a honey cinnamon latte and it tasted very good.

L T.

I've never been one to write reviews, but after trying this place I felt it was an absolute must! I came here one Sunday morning and was very pleased with the service and food. The atmosphere is very chill and aesthetically pleasing. There was no wait in line, and there are also self serve kiosks. The workers were so pleasant and accommodating! If that wasn't enough, the food was also beyond delicious! I got the bagel with veggie cream cheese and avocado, highly recommended this best of both worlds dish. Overall I was so pleased with my experience and can't wait for this to be my new spot!

Inayah Zaman

They use an automatic espresso machine because they said they couldn't keep up with the demand. The taste showed it. It was not good. The coffee taste burnt and it wasn't very pleasant. They also do not carry soy milk anymore. Their crossing and morning muffin were yummy and the vegetable cream cheese was amazinggg hence why i have it 2 stars. Otherwise, they need to go back to using their original espresso maker it make the better shots of espresso.

Jenn Symon

Yet another coffee place that scolds (burns) the milk before putting it into a latte. Advice: hold the metal tin; not by handle, but around tin to determine by hand if milk gets too hot. Your baristas make beautiful coffee designs and everything is perfect except the burnt milk. A latte should be able to be immediately sipped and not burning hot. This is a problem at many places with many baristas. If this can be fixed I would come in everyday for lattes, w my bf and friends. Only seen few baristas who do it right and do not burn milk. But most sheep won’t even bother to notice it’s not supposed to taste that way and drink it anyway. All love. Good luck!

Esther H.

What a cute little coffee shop! Very easy kiosk to put in your order at the door, you pick, pay and then wait for them to call your name. The food came out relatively quickly, the drinks took a bit longer. Bagel with Avocado and cream cheese was delicious! Just the right amount of salt and flavor, combination of the avocado and cream cheese was different in a good way. The classic Avocado Toast was pretty good as well, although I felt like there was too much sliced avocado for my liking as suppose to mashed up avocado. Felt like the presentation could have been a little better. There was a kick of spice to it but not too spicy. The cappuccino with almond milk and vanilla was a little too overwhelming sweet with the vanilla, but perhaps because I don't like it that sweet. A little disappointed in the wait for the drink, people were standing around waiting for their drinks as well. Perhaps have more help in making the orders so customers won't have to wait that long. Overall the decor and atmosphere was cute, the self kiosk was useful and the rotating menu on the wall was very helpful in glimpsing the items on the menu, food was pretty good and place was pretty clean too.

B T.

Really enjoyed the rose chai here! Can't find anything close to it and was the best thing I have had in a long time. 100% recommend!

Gita Pab

Nice ambience, nice coffee, nice music !

Katherine Push

Love it there. No complains. Chill atmosphere and ambience. Great coffee and tea.

Laura Isherwood

I visited Hidden Grounds on a recent Sunday morning. There was a couple people in front of me at the self-serve ordering screen but I didn't wait longer than a few minutes to place my order. I got a mocha with oat milk and a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese - both were yummy. I'd return if I needed to grab a quick bite.

Yariel Henríquez

Love this place but the manager (Hispanic guy) is so rude compare to other baristas.

Laura I.

I visited Hidden Grounds on a recent Sunday morning. There was a couple people in front of me at the self-serve ordering screen but I didn't wait longer than a few minutes to place my order. I got a mocha with oat milk and a breakfast sandwich with egg and cheese - both were yummy. I'd return if I needed to grab a quick bite.

Sheela S.

I love this place, I really do. Sometimes I will order from here multiple times a week. But I really need to say that these bagels aren't bagels, they're rolls with holes. I know it's a coffee shop and it's like the only food item I order (because everything else about the bagel sandwich is amazing), but as a "bagel snob" I'm really suffering inside. It doesn't matter that these bagels were made in NY state, it's no Ess-a-bagel, no Murray's, no Brooklyn Bagel. It's pretty hard to stamp it as an NY style bagel when it clearly wasn't boiled and baked. There's no crust, no chew, just a slightly denser seeded dinner roll. It isn't even like a Montreal style bagel, and I don't even like those. We have some really good places that make their own bagels in the area, though I don't know if they would sell their product wholesale. It's just so frustrating because these bagel sandwiches would be so much better with an actual bagel! /rant But this is a coffee shop, and they have amazing coffee, amazing ambiance, and great service. I just needed to get that off my chest before I place my order again from DoorDash.

Grand Route zero

I have visited Hidden Ground Coffee shop many times; experiences do vary. That's why one star is missing here. The first order was fantastic; we got two regular sizes of their signature coffee series, very incredible options with varieties. Later, we tried their food as well; bagels are on-point!But after two visits, the taste of the coffee started to change; my girlfriend only sticks to her favorite drink, so she gets the same coffee every time we go. The taste varies by the different barista, and once I got an iced coffee, it turned out to be warm and watery. A very recent visit is today, we got two coffee for the same regular size, but the plastic cups are shrunk in size. I thought it was the standard size the entire time, but I guess not since there is no explanation why the cups now are baby size with no price change.BUT, their coffee is delicious if the taste does not change when the person who is making it changes. Keeping the food taste consistent is essential for a good customer experience at a coffee place.Overall, an excellent place to visit for sure, good vibe and energy.

Jorge Richard Angulo

The coffee is amazing. Bagels and other stuff for breakfast is also very good.

Ari K.

Great little coffee place. Got the iced honey bee latte and a iced latte. Coffee taste is delicious. definitely recommend

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