KBG Korean BBQ & Grill

6 Easton Ave, New Brunswick
(732) 626-5406

Recent Reviews

Michael Lotito

My server was very nice and earnest and helpful, and the food was great!! Also, the portion size is awesome for the price ??

Ankita Vichare

We ordered take out, Spicy Chicken Bibimbap and Make your own Spicy Pork Bibimbap. Its like Korean take on Chipotle style and I loved it. The Chicken and Pork both were good. The portion was ample. The only thing for one less star is I wish both the chicken and pork were spicy as mentioned or they had some sort of hot sauce.

Jesse Loh

Tried this place because of the good reviews and I'm extremely underwhelmed. This is how my Soondobu soup arrived with the container cracked in. Since there were plastic pieces inside the soup I had to trash it without even eating it. The bowl I ordered also had the wrong rice (ordered Kimchi fried rice but got brown rice). Tried it with the wrong rice and it is extremely watery. The only part of the order that was correct was the fried chicken which did not have much of the garlic soy. It was just a fried drumstick with no sauce. Really disappointed with this order.

Nicole Z.

The plastic was broken on the soup container so I had to trash the whole thing. It is extremely disappointing and hope that someone will reach out soon.

Jesse Kawika

i gotta be honest, I'm a little biased. i worked here back in the day when he had a hard time making payroll. and to go in now and see what it is now is amazing. i hear he has 3 other set ups in other towns and the menu is greatly expenses. but the awesome thing is, the core menu never changed. when you walk up to the bar, it looks exactly the same. he had a vision and he's fulfilling it. oh, and it all tastes good ☺️

I give you compliments

Really good pork bowl was great my sister liked her last meal in jersey before she went home

Tiffany H

This place was mediocre at best. I had high hopes for them given the pretty positive reviews. The customer service was great won't down play the girl who was patient knowledgeable and super helpful with me. But the food... Wasn't on the Same level as her. I got the KBG bowl but added a fried egg, corn and cilantro because eggs make everything better.. Or at least I thought. The beef (which I specifically went there for) was dry and had a rough texture to it almost like eating paper. Most Korean beef that I've had have been soft and tender. After a few bites in I was bored and over the bowl, for the price you pay they definitely are missing something.

chakyra webb

AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! Food is always super fresh and giving with a smile.

Nam J.

Food was disappointment. Wanted to really love it here but taste is bland and with little flavor. I had their soonduboo jigae. This turned me off to venture further into their menu. Good luck.

Atlas Crosby

The food is regularly well prepared and flavorful, cashiers hands over awesome service. I loved how clean it is and vibes. I highly recommend this spot.

Lynn L.

Disappointed with the Chicken wings. We picked Soy Garlic flavor. It tasted so plain. And it doesn't have much soy garlic flavor. If you are looking for very good Korea chicken wings. Go other places. I miss my Boom Boom chicken in Edison!

grace avila

This food is great but the amount of food they serve is so little. I just bought a large bowl and they literally gave me the amount a medium bowl should have. The bowl was half way empty and it was 12 dollars.

Kayla U.

Omg I really like this place, quick service. Love being able to create my own bowl and really like the staff, always welcoming. Also, super good bubble tea.

Ms F.

Galbi was firm and chewy. Not very "tender" like Grubhub users were raving. I couldn't eat even half of the Galbi due to how chewy and firm it was.

Ended up ordering Kimbap elsewhere due to how little I could eat.

Comes with pickled vinegary cucumbers with pickled daikon and kimchi. Not really a bibimbap.

Peter C.

The fried chicken was literally the worst fried chicken of my life, it doesn't deserve to be called "Korean" fried chicken. I was hopeful because of the good reviews, but I was very very disappointed. I hear the restaurant management changed a year ago, so maybe that explains the difference in quality and rating.

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