Knights Express Pizza & Grill

43A Easton Ave, New Brunswick
(732) 640-0101

Recent Reviews

jesze gargot

The pizza was a lil on the heavy side, but was pretty decent.

Ava C.

man, if your a person who judges the food off the images. fucking don't. not only did i find a hair in my food, but eating that alfredo tasted like they took the old guy from the back and shook his head so dandruff powdered the top of the pasta. That shit was so watery I thought I was drinking the pasta ⁉ If I could give this resturant a negative number I so would, yelp, please add that feature. Don't even get me started on these wings, they were so horrific it tasted like I was in world war 2 eating some food I found in the dirt, even if i was in world war 2 and found that disgusting food, I would just starve myself. I hate to be rude and use vulgar language, but please don't order this shit ever.

Andrew P.

I appreciate this business was open late night for a wedding party, but I did not appreciate the driver saying he was waiting in the lobby of the hotel when the dispatcher specifically said they could deliver it to our hotel room. When I caved in and went down to the lobby I actually found him outside the hotel at his car, taking out my pizzas. It's a shame. The pizzas were not worth the wait, they tasted just like the cheap, extra cheesy, sugary tomato paste pizzas I had in elementary school. It was quite nostalgic, but certainly not worth the $50 purchase.

Theresa C.

This was my first time ordering from Knights Express, and the cheesesteak and fried oreos were REALLY good! Didn't like the french fries though... the french fries were over priced, taste dry and didn't taste hot&crispy as I would like.?

Ed Kideys

Great food, quick service, low prices.

Bruce Washington

Great food ? ? find your favorite and go from there and very polite respectful people the place can get a little busy in a local college area but Awesome


The food was AMAZING and the people were super duper nice!

Somaya Tammaa

We get the best Sunday night pizza from Knights Express Pizza, the ingredients are fresh and their specials are good deals. We catered one time from there for my son’s birthday and they did a great job. Best pizza in town ?

Osama Warsi

Ordering from here is an issue and a half. The pizza is salty - we ordered three pizzas, and walking in to pick up your food gets you the dirtiest looks...from the staff..why are you mad that i'm here to give you money?Ugh we couldn't eat one pie. I'm sorry, but i won't be back.

Maitland Muse

Hmmm, not as good as the last time. Ordered a spicy tuna wrap and it basically looked like they just put hot sauce on it and tuna was very bland. Sorry!

Eduardo Sanchez

I have never had such nasty pizza or wings,The pizza was salty, the wings were dry.

Mustafa Diwan

Great Halal fast food

Jon E.

In town pizzeria, opened late and the food is very good

Rishabh K.

Knights Express isn't my first choice on Easton Avenue because there's so many quality restaurants, but they are always open late at night when other places are closed. The place is safe, food is good, and prices are affordable. Go here for pizza or Fat Sandwiches!

Hamid Gul

Nice food place with good big menu

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