Mamoun's Falafel - New Brunswick, NJ

58 Easton Ave, New Brunswick
(732) 640-0794

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Sienna Huricanes

Many locals recommend this place so I might have had too much expectations eating here for the first time.Pros:- Good service- Clean Restaurant- Outdoor and Indoor eating space available- Quick service when it's not busy- Has a rewards system that can be used for free sides for people who come here often- Reasonable pricing for the quality of foodThis might be just me, so don't take this too personally. It might also be just the falafel that I had that day (Manhattan), but it was very salty. There seems to be a type of yogurt/white cream used that is slightly salty. There is a special type of spread used on a top layer that is also slightly salty. The green pickles are salty, and the pink pickled radishes(?) are salty too. The olives are very salty - the saltiest of them all and so is this part of the review (maybe). On the good side, if you are lacking water, the saltiness will force you to chug down a lot of water which they also provide for free upon asking. After eating the falafel, my appetite was completely killed and had no desire to eat anything for about 5 hours. Taste-wise, had it been salt-balanced, I would say it tastes okay. But keep in mind I do prefer meat though so the chicken kebab variation might appeal to some of you. (Manhattan one is vegetarian)Cons:- Quantity of salt used questionable - also makes me lose a good eating experience*Note that tips seem to be 'forced' during checkout because it's all digital so you might be obligated to select a tip amount or else there is no option on the checkout screen that lets you proceed without tipping. And choosing a custom amount over the predefined amount might be a hassle if there are other people waiting in line and for an introvert like me I just feel pressured to select the predefined %15 amount.

shrey shah

The quality is not at par to what it used to be. Have been going to this place since 2011 and have seen the quality going from Great to "Just OK". The one thing that has been consistent is their signature Hot Sauce. Would recommend buying the Hot Sauce (They do offer prepackaged bottles) and use them at any other "Falafel Serving Restaurants" if you are a spicy food lover and would like to continue having the Mamoun's experience!

Jose Jimenez

I was excited to visit this place as I had many great experiences at the Hoboken, NJ location. The food quality in Hoboken is superb and fresh and, unfortunately, I didn’t have the same experience at this New Brunswick location. Very Disappointing!! When I arrived home in PA, I noticed that the pita chips were burnt and went straight to the garbage because it was nasty, the falafel sandwich was rolled and just full of lettuce (no care in prep), the only thing that was halfway decent was the falafel platter. I don’t like rating places low but I can’t give this place a pass because it was a horrible experience for me.

Lauren H

Stopped by for lunch for the first time while touring College Ave. We got the combo platter, the East Village sandwich, mint lemonade, and the iced tea. Also got a mabrumeh pastry for the ride home. It was all delicious and we will definitely be coming back! Loved the hot sauce too!


Such great food and amazing service. I have been coming here more often and the manager is always so nice and helpful to me. I have never been disappointed in the food or environment at this Mamoun’s!

Zin Mot

This is one of the Easton Ave Staples IMO. Have been visiting them once or twice a month since 7 years ago that I moved to New Brunswick. Their lamb shawarma, fries and drinks are all great. All the ingredients seem to be really fresh and tasty. I highly recommend their Macdougal sandwich and mango drink.


Really fresh food even almost at closing time... Never disappoints !! Good service & yumm sandwiches ???

Jiman Lee

We've been ordering here all pandemic long. Reliable taste, friendly staff - thank you!

Eugene Kim

Was good before but value has gone down compared to competition. Quality has depreciated and also cost more. Charging a dollar for lettuce and rice for platter says more than enough. Sad since I used to love their food, but won't be going again since there's better down the street.

Karl S.

Food is just okay. Don't expect the quality from a sit-down middle Eastern restaurant like Sahara. The bread was honestly a bit sad (crumbly and not fresh tasting), baba ghanoush was a little disappointing (too hummusy), the sandwich was what was expected but nothing more (see the picture, it will tell you). But why am I giving 4 stars? Convenience. It's fast, reasonably not unhealthy, and the price is fair (not super cheap either though). If you want middle Eastern without the hassle of going to a great place, this is a viable option.

Nikki R.

love it! great for late night cravings - authentic falafel and hummus. affordable and quick. always flavorful.

Wae Ahmed

There's a black African American girl at the register who is taking the order, she messed up my order and when I went up to here to correct it she insists with me that she was right and I am wrong with a very bad attitude and no professional manners!! I believe that place they should to hire a professional people otherwise they will lose business and this is not the 1st time I have been having issue in this place, but what I know now for sure that I will do business with this people anymore!!

Royce R.

This is my second time visiting. I drove out my way to try them for the second time and was it horrible. The shawarma was try and the rice was cold plus hard. I was not pleased with this visit. I would not recommend this to a person who wants authentic Arabic food.

Saqib Shakil

Nice little clean place in downtown New Brunswick. Hard to find street parking on busier days. We dined in and ordered lamb shawarma (only available in lamb) falafel sandwich, chicken sandwich and chicken platter. Overall food spice level was mild. Taste was ok. I went there based on recommendation from friends however from my dining experiences in CT (Layla’s falafel) and Philly (Saad’s halal) I’d rate this place as reasonable and not a big wow in taste.

Kalpa Thakkar

There is always something missing in the order. I order twice. First time, I didn’t get tahini and hot sauce on sides. Second time, it was hot sauce that was missing in the order.

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Mamoun's Falafel - New Brunswick, NJ

58 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 640-0794