Surreal Creamery

8 Easton Ave, New Brunswick
(646) 389-8867

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Isarai Hernandez

3.5 stars. The ice cream is super aesthetic which is honestly the reason why most people go in my opinion.The ice cream flavor I got was pretty good to me. I got the taro + matcha swirl! The boba was nicely made too.My boyfriend got the brown sugar one but it was way too sweet. It was almost syrupy! We asked if they could change the sweetness beforehand because we kind of suspected it would be sweet but they told us we couldn't. It looked like they manually added some syrup so I don't see why they couldn't just put less lolLastly I wish they had different sizes because its a lot of ice cream. It's also pretty pricey. It was around 18 bucks for 2 of them.

Michael G Wirth

Whoa Papi, these ice creams are intense. Massive servings AND you can keep the mason jar which they've personalized with little stickers. A great treat on a hot day (just eat it quickly because it gets messy when it starts to melt.)

Becky Clark

4.5 stars. Loved the mason jar sundaes! It is expensive, but tasty. They only offer two sizes which are both pricey. There is a lot of ice cream included and I was not able to finish the jar. I had the monster cookie and chocolate. Both were delicious. Service was good, although a tad slow as only one person was making the sundaes. I wish they had more variety. They only have 6 soft serve flavors, 3 of which are for more adventurous eaters. Another bummer was it’s takeout only. Make sure you grab napkins! It was a great treat, but unsure if I would return due to the prices and lack of variety.

Kenya Ouko

Saw this place on the Gram and thought maybe I should try it. A little pricey when you bring kid's but the Boba Tea is really good! Will be back but only as a treat.

Jaya Rijsinghani

Loved it! so good!! i got the chocolate blackout and it was so delicious. just a bit messy but i love the cute jars it comes in. definitely recommend.

Raina Ni

The first time to try surreal creamery, I have decided to“Make Your Own Flotea.”I got thai milk tea with Vietnamese iced coffee and earl grey swirl ice cream on the top, bottom of strawberry and passion fruit jelly.honestly, it’s taste good.But, you will feel very dirty when you enter the store…the floor is not tiled, and it feels like it hasn’t been mopped for a long time. It’s hard to imagine that this is an ice cream store,the whole store feels more like a warehouse. If you want to try their ice cream for the first time , my suggestion is: go order online, don’t go to the store!

Chinmayi Mungara

Love this place! All the flavors are creative and delicious. Plus with the icecream, it gets better the closer you get to the botton ?I'm yet to try the bubble tea there though

Stacey Stace

Delicious icecream! Bubble tea could be a little sweeter. Overall delicious!

Ankit Desai

Ice cream is pretty good, the toppings make it better. I got less toppings, but definitely get the recommended ones if you're not sure what goes best with the flavor.

Serena C

Overrated - I got the earl tea ice cream and bubble tea. The bubble tea was completely flavorless. The bubbles are not coated with honey so they were bland. The ice cream was good, which is why the review is 2/5 instead of 1/5.The staff were very quick and nice, but I would not come back.

Omair A.Khan

Good place to grab a fancy ice-cream. The only thing unique I would say is the mason jar, overall good ?haven't tried their bubble teas though

Jiman Lee

Hype is real. It's a cute place to date. Get ready to stand in line though and eat the ice-cream out in the heat.

Diana B

I would give it 5 stars but there's no place to eat inside or even on the side walk. By the time you find a table near the train station or a park bench, your stuff is melted.Otherwise, if you need some emotional support comfort dessert, this is your place.I got a flotea and the hubby and his friend got the mason jars. They really do look as beautiful (and taste even better) as the pics on their website.

Mia K.

I love Asian flavored soft serve and am willing to pay for it (matcha Maiko is my fave so far) so when I'm paying $8 for soft serve that melts in 45 seconds and has ZERO flavor, I'm confused. How does this place have 4 stars is BEYOND me. I got mix of Vietnamese coffee and earl gray (indistinguishable colors it's weird but whatever) and my friend got matcha- the flavor is so weak idk how they can call it a flavor. Anyways save your money. The store had a giant fan in it and I told the person helping us it smells like poop.

Marina F.

This place has so many unique sweet treats- you must go to get your sugar fix! I got this amazing dessert in a mason jar I got to keep. I got chocolate ice cream with Cocoa Puffs and Oreos, and one of those chocolate straw cookies. It was phenomenal and huge! Definitely a great sharing size. I think it usually comes with chocolate syrup too, but I got it without. The ice cream was creamy and perfect and the toppings added a great crunch. I definitely have to go back and try something else too! There's just so many options!

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