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Randy Boyd

My family and I have been customers of the Sushi Room before and after the change in ownership finding their sushi superior. Today, I stopped in after an afternoon workout nearby to take an order home. My order: 4 pcs eel sushi, 4 pcs salmon sushi, 2 pcs tuna sushi & 1 spicy tuna hand roll. The front desk person hands me my credit card receipt & it's for $84.00!!! I question it saying that sounds awfully high and not the usual amount I pay as my mind tries to recall. He tells me they just raised prices. I pay after he shows me the screen with the charges & I incredulously go outside to wait in my car for the order to be prepared. I check their online menu and the prices don't mesh with what I was just charged. Online: eel & salmon $4, tuna $3, hand roll $7. When I go in to pick it up, I again question the pricing and again I'm told the prices went up by another person in the front and also the chef. Each piece of sushi is now $7. So my order that should have been $48 with tax was $84 total. I get prices of food for restaurants increasing post Covid but this is PRICE GOUGING !!! And furthermore, if you are going to raise prices more than double for a piece of sushi, at least have the business sense to change it wherever you post your prices online as well as onsite. I am a very fortunate man that I can afford sushi in the first place but I don't know what is more ridiculous, me paying the $84 or their price gouging. The Sushi Room will no longer see us as customers.

Carolina Florez

Seemed a little unorganized,sushi rolls were okay but quality of seafood was good. Nice they had live music .

Pranay Ravipati

Our table was taken care by John, he was really good. He was bringing the food and also bar tending did a good and efficient getting the food.The food taste and quality was extraordinary.Highly Recommend!!

Naveen chinta

Great service! Food is very delicious and quality was good.

Maribeth Engelbrecht

I moved to new Brunswick in 2019 and have been eating here at least once a month ever since. The owners have changed (I think) but the quality of food has stayed unbelievable throughout. My go tos are sunshine roll and Mac and cheese bites - they use Gouda cheese so it's not your ordinary app. The food is SO good every single time. Whenever my friends come to town they say it's their new designated sushi place because it's THAT good. I hope they stay open forever ✨

Rosey B

Great service by young gentleman that was there by himself. Handling phone calls making sure he served us quickly and efficiently. So lucky to have a great employer.

Emine Ismet

My happy place . Fresh food and immaculate dining

Ryan Haimer

Managers and staff contribute to an amazing dining experience. In addition, the sushi was of high quality.

Rayaan S.

Amazing Sushi! The staff were really nice the only issue was the drink sizes were small and the place was a little overpriced. Overall it was some great quality sushi!

Emine Ismet

Literally the best sushi place in Jersey hands down. I’ve been to 2-3 other sushi restaurants one was by the shore and I can honestly say you guys out do them all with freshness and taste ! I’m obsessed especially with the sunshine sushi this restaurant makes, mouth watering every time !

santiago gallo panesso

Really good.... delicious sushi

Latonya M Smith

It’s my recommendation that no one should patronize this establishment. New management is argumentative, rude and very unprofessional. Drinks are watered down and food is disgusting! The previous owners were so much better and knew how to treat customers.

Tonya S.

I am long time customer of the Sushi room and with the new owners it's definitely not what it use to be. Management is the worst and very unprofessional. My friends and I was there on 5/22/21 and the service was horrible! We received wrong food orders as well as cold food and long wait time. Skirt steak looked like a hockey puck and the lobster fried rice which the Sushi room is well known for tasted like burnt fried rice and the lobster was very rubbery. Sangria was not only disgusting it was water down. Management was argumentative and very rude! It's my recommendation if you want great food and service don't patronize the Sushi Room! I never had an experience like this ever and I will never go back to the Sushi Room again. Not only is the staff horrible the food is disgusting as well. The Sushi room needs the previous owners back because the new owners are doing a dis-service to the community

Sam C.

The food was delicious! The service was attentive and friendly and the vibes and ambiance were on point! 10/10 would recommend!!

Halliee L.

The service and food are Horrible! you order your food and it takes 40 plus minutes to come out and then it's Wrong! Management does not know anything about running a restaurant, I don't even want to give them 1 star !

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Sushi Room - Restaurant - Bar - Lounge

12 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ 08901
(732) 640-0407