1269 B Springfield Ave, New Providence
(908) 665-2066

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Chris Cort

Place is good , but im here on a Sunday at 8 pm , on the door it says it's open till 9pm on Sundays..and it's closed. I'm made this mistake may times with this place . They close earlier then they say on the door or on Google.

Silvia Gusman

The meatball is our favorite sandwich, forever.


meat from a warming station on stale bread with prepackaged vegetables heated in a microwave. Subway: Eat Fresh!


meat from a warming station on stale bread with prepackaged vegetables heated in a microwave. Subway: Eat Fresh!

Steven Ulate

I've gone to this subway three times already and I've only been served once. I don't know what's going on but this subway has an employee or manager that closes the place down at 7 pm according to her today 9/6/2022. I arrived before at 646 and they were closed already with the lady walking out and locking the door. And then today at 710 with her mopping the floor but the door was not locked and who I believe her boyfriend or male friend waiting for her. It says on the hours at the store and on the website 8 pm is the time they closed. If they are closed at 7 pm they should have this posted somewhere. And they should have the door locked with non employed people out of the restaraunt. This is rediculous and unprofessional. I do not recommend anyone go here unless it's the middle of the day and this young lady is not working.

Marci A.

It was a fine place before but the new owners absolutely don't how to run a business! They close whenever they want, don't answer phones, there's always only one person working at a time which makes the service very slow when it's busy time. And the person working there doesn't even try to work faster!This business will go down soon.

Matt Gorman

The subs are actually pretty good but it’s the way the place is ran that is not so good. A few weekends ago I placed an online order to be PICKED UP at noon. I walk in a few mins after noon only to see a line and only two workers up front and one of the workers was in the kitchen doing god knows what for 5 minutes. I tell them I placed an online order and they start making it after the scheduled pickup time. My sandwich was ready and paid for 15 MINS AFTER my original pickup time! Having two and at one point 1 worker up front during lunch time on a Saturday when you have other staff members not there for some reason is not a good decision. Honestly there should always be at least three people out front (one worker for online orders and the other two for in person orders). All in all, I don’t mind their food but whoever manages staffing here should really learn how to schedule people appropriately. I’ll still be back but only on days where I have time to waste.

JV TechReviews

DO NOT GO TO THIS SUBWAY!I ordered on the Subway app for delivery. They confirmed my order and started making the order. I kept on getting reassigned DoorDash drivers. When my DoorDash driver arrived the store the lady closed the store early and now my order keeps getting reassigned to a new dasher even though the store is closed and no one can get my order. I can’t do anything about it because Subway doesn’t have a customer service number and the store is now closed. This Subway is garbage and it is wasting a lot of people’s time. Go to another Subway if you want to actually get your order!


Love the spicy Italian.

Melody Ruiz

You should really have more than one worker making a sandwich during a afternoon lunch rush. It’s ridiculous and unfair that only one person is working. The worker today barely switched his gloves between sandwiches because he was trying to rush. He wasn’t even cutting sandwiches in half and getting certain things wrong. If you don’t have enough workers then the owner needs to step up, does not look good. And this is not the first time something like this has happened.

Katie S.

I highly recommend that you go to another subway besides this one! I ordered online and waited for 45 minutes while they made everyone else's sandwich that just happen to walk in. When the door dash guy walked in, they made his sandwich before mine!!! The crew was rude, and non apologetic. I have tried to contact management, and it is impossible get a hold of them to let them know about the truly poor service I received! DO NOT GO TO THIS SUBWAY!!! Update: went in and explained it to a really nice guy named Xavier. He was really kind and understanding. Apologized for everything, and explained they are having a hard time with staffing currently. I went ahead and ordered again, and he made an excellent sand which. Only go if Xavier is working!!!!

Xavier Marte

Amazing customer service, amazing food. Will definitely be coming back.

Matt Sordill

Employees there are incredibly rude and obnoxious.

David Gonzalez

Clean and sanitary. No complaints. 5...5 dollar...five dollar foot loooooong! Will be back!

Francis Tawa

Super underated. Amazing food, amazing service and a lot of free goods.

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