Dickie Dee's Pizza

380 Bloomfield Ave, Newark
(973) 483-9396

Recent Reviews

Jeff Poltrictzky

The best Italian hot dogs. Never had anything else there so I can’t comment on other things.

joc e. Lyn

Will never come here again. Staff are so rude.

David Cordero

Really nice meatball sandwich and Double Italian Hot Dogs.

Anthony Bingert

Great food! Great prices! You definitely should give it a try.

Roberto Santiago

Very good food very friendly staff I enjoyed it very much

Edwert Duvall

Good food reasonable prices, Italian hot dog is a must.

michael allen

Heard about this place from a co-worker and decided to check it out. I ordered a double dog with everything on it with ketchup. It came with two hot dogs,potatoes and peppers stuffed inside of a piece of Italian bread. It was amazing The inside of the place has an old school Italian pizza place look. It made me remember growing up in New York. If you're in Newark near Bloomfield avenue check it out

Troy Calloway

Food is pretty good minus the cheese steaks maybe get a real philly chef for lessons

Minnie Torres

Grew up going to Dickie Dee,don't live in Newark but once a month take my ride for the most amazing double and potatoes w/ the works these guys amazingly clean and organized ...highly recommend!!

Thomas A.

I've seen families torn asunder over Dickie Dee's vs. Jimmy Buff's when it comes to Italian hot dogs.(Okay, I'm fibbing. Just really wanted to use the word 'asunder' in at least one of my Yelp reviews.) Scrabble 'Bingo word' aside... I think Dee's is the better of the two. (But maybe it's not a fair comparison since I went with their 'combo' with a mix of hot dog and sausage that gave them an unfair advantage?) Proteins - grilled to perfection, packed with a lot of flavor (and the 'double' is no joke)Peppers, onions and potatoes - great abundant ratio, tasted greatPizza bread - why isn't this as ubiquitous as a Kaiser or Italian roll?! It really elevates whatever you stuff inside of it.I'm not really a fan of ketchup and mustard but forgot to mention I didn't want it on my sandwich and you know what? It was great even with them included.(And how can you not love a place with the nerve to offer a 'potato sandwich' - that's so perfect it's kind of ridiculous.)One of my kids got their pizza - and that was no joke and inexpensive.Other kid tried their burger and thought it was fine.

Carlos Cabrera

Brick City landmark...Double dogs killer, Chicken cheese steak is also amazing.

Christopher Martin

great food and fast service

Anthony Corino

One of the best Italian hot dog joints in Jersey. Just perfection.

Frank Gerard Godlewski

Outstanding friendly service! The guys that work there made my day! Dickie Dee’s is truly a part of Newark history

Arren Brown

There pizza has a garlicky taste to it which makes there ratings 5/5 = 100% A+

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