Espalhas Brasas BBQ

109 Pacific St, Newark
(973) 732-3070

Recent Reviews

Clarence Lucero

One of my main spots to grab something to eat. great location, neat, and good customer service. I highly recommend them!

Irving Gilstrap

I sent my friends to this place with my warmest recommendations. I go their often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are fantastic and the stuff is welcoming and cooperative. always when we eat in this place we pass a lovely evening. I warmly recommend this restaurant.

F Moreno

I constantly come grabbing some food here. I enjoyed the quick service and well made food. 5 stars.

Salvatore Rice

We met with friends at this restaurant for dinner. we heard about this place from many people. Well, we were not disappointed. The crew were very polite and we felt very good. The meal was yummy. We loved this spot very much and we will definitely return to this restaurant. Keep it up.

Larry Silber

This spot is worth trying. They serve big portions for reasonable rates. Always neat and with excellent character. I highly recommend this place.

Steve Flores

The place serves large dishes and for fair rates. helpful owner. I recommend this place.

Karen Silva

Very delicious food

Robert Hunter

Staff is nice food is great

Joshua South

I was so hesitant to visit here because it had zero reviews. Well I'm sure glad I was feeling lucky yesterday because I struck gold. I was expecting a hole in the wall too but nope! It was a clean and decent size bar/restaurant. Looks like a local joint because everyone seemed to know each other. Well I intend to be a local now too because the value/food here is amazing. For $20 the picanha platter was ginormous. A big serving of rice and beans and delicious French fries. You get 4 pieces of picanha which were very big. Honestly for the value maybe I should rate this a 5. I will be back!!!

Laris Brown

The service was great. And the food was delicious.

Liduvina Rodriguez

There service was great. Once you enter you are welcome and assigned to table. Served with two type of bread basket and garlic green and black olive. I order the combo 1/2 chicken and 1/2 pork rib, rice and fries. The meat was tender and juicy. Rice moist and fries crispy. The people are friendly. My 5 yrs enjoyed and loved his meal there. He's a picker eater but he ate everything.

Ruben Francisco

Not cooking well and bad service

John Msb

Great place with great food.. awesome!

Marcus S.

Came down here seeking portuguese eats and this popped up as a new well rated place but I found it to be kind of average for portuguese. Sure the huge portions you'd expect are present but there wasn't really anything to make it stick out here. For example one portuguese spot I frequented went all out with sauces offered and a decent selection of beverages, non alcoholic unless I missed it. I got the chicken and ribs platter, the chicken was a bit dry and had a lot bone bits with every other bite. Not sure what that was about and when requesting water, out came bottled water already opened and was charged for it. So look out for that. There was a bit of a language barrier which I don't like to make a fuss about but the questions asked were straight forward, which I feel left our waitstaff confused and a little less effective. So I don't know if I just had an "off" visit, Five stars from various people led me in but I didn't get that, though I would't discount another try.

Carol Ziemba Scott

great food great people amazing experience again!

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