Ferry Street Barbecue

89 Ferry St, Newark
(973) 344-7337

Recent Reviews

Allison G.

What can we say, we love local joints. We can't stop coming back here even despite some of the negative reviews. Just as long as you adjust your expectations for the level of service you are going to get you should be fine. Come here for the food and you won't be disappointed. We love the pork spare ribs. Short ribs are good as well. We have been coming here since the summer and will definitely be back!

Kiannah Smiley

Absolutely amazing! The food was TO DIE FOR! I had salmon with fries & salad and it was the best Portuguese bbq I've ever had. All the staff was friendly and courteous and everyone wore their mask; there was hand sanitizer readily available and seating was limited for covid purposes. So if you're looking for good bbq and you're in the ironbound section this is definitely a wonderful place to go and they were inexpensive.

mike willis

One of my favorite places for bbq. great ambiance & decor. service treated us so kindly. the prices are fair for the quality of food.

Roxana Hernandez

The food is delicious. I live almost 30 minutes away, and I don't mind driving just to eat the food from here.

Aldren Campbell

This place I really love the food is very good and they cook it the way you like and the in door dDining and Spirits is out of this world

lisbeth Viteri

I love their food the chicken and ribs everything is delicious. I always go there. I would love if they had some delivery service overall they have good food for reasonable price.

Joseph Parisi

This place sure knows how to satisfy their clients. Constantly with a very friendly approach. The food is reasonably priced, always yummy and neat.

carolorbill pollak

Very good chicken, a bit more salty then some others in Newark. Also, costs a bit more, but the rent is probably higher right on Ferry Street. Great portion sizes and friendly staff that have been there forever.

Amet Z.

Please come and pick up your order of Covid-19! They don't care about how many people they have inside, I noticed 33 people waiting on this line, don't worry about 6" in this restaurant, it's Ok! Also the service is horrible, they treat you like the trash they have all over the kitchen, once they sit you down be ready to wait 25-35 minutes for someone to ask you what you'll like to order and another 20 for your food. FYI, it's going to be salty! Also please stay away from the owner he is nasty! He will schooled you like a 2 year old child just to let you know where's the line for the tables.

This kitchen has been cleaned in years, they have cardboard on the kitchen floors to avoid cleaning, you don't need to look too hard around this restaurant to understand they don't care about the health of their customers, just touch any of the tables ketchup or hot sauce you'll notice they haven't been cleaned.

They don't have any clean areas were they can store the food safety, they just place it inside the ovens to keep it hot, but I wonder when was the last time they cleaned any of their ovens.

This place understands selling food fast but not customer care or service, they all need to take a class of SERVSAFE!!! ASAP!

Justo Herrera

One of the best steak house in New Jersey.

Bryan M.

Racist short white portuguese owner, avoid him.

He will ignore you, kick you out, and bad mouth you.

Luis Vargas

Best place where to find very delicious Portuguese style BBQ!

Kathy Butler

Nice spot for delicious bbq. the service here is friendly. prices are fair. i can see why they have so many reviews.

Annabelle Sawyer

BBQ and the scene at this location is excellent. Had a sister come into town and asked me to take her here again. The place has a great atmosphere. Kinda of like a cafe in Phoenix that I enjoyed.

Brendan Cortez

bbq and the atmosphere here is quality. the staff was very kind and attentive.

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