Francesca's Pizza & Pasta

62 McWhorter St, Newark
(973) 344-9233

Recent Reviews

Dat S.

They literally put no sauce on anything. Yea bc everyone wants dry pasta right? Then after the 12th time I've requested extra they ignore it and seem to put even less on purpose bc they're annoyed or something. Ridiculously overpriced. They're ripping ppl off and they know it. It's a sin. 2 friendly staff here that's about it.

Robert Brewer

Had the eggplant parmesan, and it was on the money! And the people were so very nice!!!

John Gorton

I told my friends about this restaurant with my warmest recommendations. I visit this place often. I get very good feedback from my friends. The meals are tasty and the team is efficient and cooperative. Every time we eat in this place we have a pleasing time. highly recommended.

Colleen W.

Pizza is excellent. Best in the area that I've had so far. The chicken Alfredo could've used a bit more Parmesan cheese but that's if I had to find something to complain about. Other than that everything was excellent and I would definitely order again to try some of their other options.

Andrew Murphy

I actually loved their dishes and service, fantastic area right next to my residence. The workers are always very nice. Highly recommended.

Eve N.

The flavor for the mortadella and provolone sandwich I got was amazing. They packed it in with the right about of meat and cheese with oil vinegar mayo and mustard. It does lose one star because I wish the size was bit bigger. The price has gone up but the size for the sandwich remains the same. What gives? The delivery didn't take long either as we ordered a lot of food. The presentation for the sandwich I bought was delicious.

Michael Lee

I’ve been here three times with family and friends. The food is great. The pasta, pizza and garlic bread is awesome. Everyone is very friendly

Gabe C.

Excellent place! The chicken parmigiana with the penne ala vodka plus a side of garlic bread scooping up the creamy vodka sauce was excellent! Plus the salad that's included before the main course, I was stuffed for the rest of the day from this great meal during lunch hour. The coffee after was all I needed. Excellent portions


I Love the Food & Service, Plus the Ambiance is Fantastic! ? ?

Heart Attack O.

i gave them 5stars after eating lunch here one day...the meatball pizza slices were excellent and the staff was friendly and helpful...a great old atyle type newark italian eatery...

Rikesh Patel

Real authentic place. Family ran which is the best. Cool to see them speaking Italian very nice people and service was the best.

Niki H

Ordered a cheese pie. The pizza was dripping grease/oil and there was WAYYYY to much garlic in the flavor of, I'm guessing, the sauce.

Shawn Petersen

Cozy atmosphere and great food

Francesco Bruno

Orrible experience,

Neil M.

In town before catching a flight out. Ordered a pizza for delivery. The pizza was huge and really good. I would order from Francesca's again!

David Guiotto

Food was good . waitress was great .

Michael F.

My co-worker and I stopped in for lunch on a Thursday and it was very quiet. I've worked in Newark for 16 years and this place was on our rotation when it was in it's old location. I hadn't been back since it had moved. The seating for the restaurant is in the back. After you place your order, they place a nice complimentary basket of very tasty garlic bread to enjoy. We began with the fried calamari with a medium spicy marinara. The calamari was very good. It wasn't greasy and the portion was generous. My co-worker had the steak salad and I had the angel hair pasta with meat sauce. I was disappointed with my pasta dish. The portion was very generous but the angel hair was swimming in the sauce. It was like soup. Much to much sauce. Not much meat in the sauce either. The steak salad dish was a winner. The service was good and friendly. The prices were very reasonable. I'll be back again but I won't order a pasta dish. There was ample street parking but pay attention to the restrictions on the signs.

Joshua South

The chicken parm was wonderful spaghetti and meatballs was fine everything was wonderful it was her first time ever eating Italian food. The girls up front very nice kind courteous the waitress was nice beautiful restaurant nice sitting area love the woodwork walking distance from Penn Station. A little bit pricey, but good enough as pizza can be for a take out. It is for sure one of the better pizza around. When the owner on vacation though the pizza place is closed for weeks.

Alfonso Dasilva

Every single thing was loaded with grease

Carmen Barreiros

What a disappointment! Our pizza was overloaded with sauce and the lasagna was a watery mess with barely any meat.

Robert Nenni

We came in as they were closing and they made us a delicious pie and salad.

heart attack on a plate

great food.....loved the meatball and pepperoni pizza

J England

A really good place for pasta, pizza, and a good sandwich in the Ironbound.

Priscila Renzullo

Best food ! Chicken Francesca is the best!

David M. Alvarez

Good food Fast & Friendly service

Jasmin Musić

Just perfection!!! Everything was delicious

Suresh G

Pros:Great food, well maintained, good service, nice sitting place, choice of music. Cons: Parking problems, searched all around for 5 mins and finally got a place which was 5 min walk away, metered parking

Javier v

Amazing food, prices and the service was amazing. A must go back.

Mustafa Gatollari

Not bad! Decent prices, yummy food.

Rich Kyle

Thank you the Yates House for Military Veterans affair. The food was great and the room was cozy. Everyone enjoyed the event.

Greg E.

The worst delivery pizza I've had since I moved here from Philly. Greasy cardboard. The delivery guy was very nice.

Italo Elias Vernizi

Lasagna Homemade is Fantastic!!! Delicious... Amazing place and good prices.

Nell W.

I recently moved to the neighborhood and was looking for pizza! I love pizza! I love meat! I love lots of meat on my pizza! This place definitely delivers. The place looks small from the outside but it's very spacious inside. It wasn't busy but they were getting phone orders while I was there. So I ordered two slices and Buffalo wings. Here are the results: Pepperoni slice: crust not too thick or too thin. Just right. I liked the way the crust tasted. There were a lot of pepperoni slices on the pizza. Cost was $2.75. Cheap (not cheap, fairly priced. Don't want them getting ideas about raising the prices!) Sausage slice: oh yes, this was a winner! Tons of sausage on the slice. I mean tons! Every bite had sausage! This was so good I went back the next day and ordered only sausage slices (don't judge me). Cost of slice: $2.75. Very fairly priced. The buffalo wings were meh. Not crispy. Overly battered. They were kinda like some low budget frozen wings you buy and just pop in the oven. Yuck! These were not fairly priced! Very overpriced. I think it was $10.55 for 9 sad looking and tasting wings. So I will clearly be back for pizza. I do not love pasta so I rarely ever order it. However, if it's anything like the pizza, then you should give it a try. Support local businesses. Update: I was out and about in the neighborhood and decided to bring my friend here before we went out for the night since I really liked the pizza and she loves Italian food. I decided to eat in since I was going out afterwards. The back of the restaurant is beautiful! So we sit down and I notice that everything on the menu costs .75¢ more than when you take out. So my regular slice of sausage pizza is $3.50 instead of $2.75. What,???? Where they do that? For someone to bring my heated slice to the back of their own restaurant? Yeah, we still got pizza but TO GO! That's just ridiculous. Also, Snapple is $2.15. Yeah I'm not feeling these practices!

Harvey Ward

Great food, reasonable prices and personable service

Kizzy Carswell

Excellent!! I Had The Sausage and Broccoli Rabe. I Was Very Pleased

Tony Chino

Great neighborhood Italian restaurants. Been slacking lately. Sandwiches are getting pretty thin. Not made with the personal touch they once where.

Jayson Shawn Paul

The pizza was very mediocre at best. The slice I had was overcooked. And very dry for a pizza. I could have enjoyed a frozen pizza at home more.

Hannah S.

Amazing service and pizza!!! 12-15 minutes from Newark airport! Tucked away, not very busy but is in downtown. The workers are so generous and kind. Service was super quick (10 minutes for a large pizza). Cheap prices too!! ($12 for a large pie). On service and taste, 10/10! Highly recommended.

T B.

The person I dealt with here name is Ruben. I couldn't remember it @ the time of writing my post, but just found a copy of one of the receipts from Francesca's that I wrote his name down on.

Erich EJ

Enjoy things like Chicken Parmigiana Slices of Pizza