Jacob's Restaurant

80 Mt Vernon Pl, Newark
(973) 373-2939

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Mz Blkberry 31


Adriana D.

This is the best Haitian food I've ever had in the U.S. I lived in Haiti for a few years, and this food took me back. We got there toward closing time so they had sold out of some other things by the time we got there, but our party ordered some of everything they had: rice and beans, legim (stewed eggplant), griot (fried pork), fried chicken, fried turkey, and fried plantains. Everything was perfect: perfectly seasoned (not too salty, as many Haitian places in the US make it), the meat was perfectly done, the pikliz (spicy coleslaw that accompanied the fried stuff) was just the right amount of spicy. The staff are so friendly and they clearly take great care in serving this food. I will also note that the service was efficient: the food came out within 20-30 minutes (which is also not typical of Haitian places). I would highly recommend this place, and I'd definitely return to Newark just to eat here!

Dedette Foster

They remodeled and it looks nice and clean. Good food at good prices.

Joshua South

This resturant has now become one of great favorites in NJ. For tourists like me, it's located in a part of town that doesn't appear to be the safest i.e. late evening, best to try during daylight hours. The food was well worth the drive! Full of flavor, authentic Haitian food, wonderful desserts with a variety of Haitian homemade drinks to choose from. My son was in love with his dish, he even ate all of his beets. Staff members were friendly-welcoming.

Kiz D.

The food I recently had from this place disgusting and an embarrassment to Haiti. It seems to be under new ownership because the ambiance of the place is different. This place use to have some of the best Haitian food in New Jersey. I don't know what happened. I relocated back to New Jersey and was warned that the food was bad. I should have listened. This food went in the garbage. It was not even good enough for my dig to eat. It tasted old and looked like a science project. Unidentifiable meat, bones, and other things in there. It doesn't deserve not even one star. And for people who don't speak creole beware. I seen i

LadyLover Bluez

Now way in hell I will ever go here again. No customer service skills at all. Dude was in the front sleep. I asked for a menu he looked at me like I had ten heads. They only take cash. Very dirty. We wound up going elsewhere

treasure man

Well now where do I start I've been going to this restaurant since 1999 this is my favorite restaurant. I've taken all my dates, and friends from out of town there for lunch or dinner. The food is incredible, a family owned restaurant that has been in business for years they have a lovely dining area for those that want to eat in. Also a place where you can watch your favorite sports game on TV to all the soccer fans. A wonderful place to grab a home cooked meal.they would even cater a small party in house birthday or maybe wedding reception be sure to inquire about that.the menu has stewed chicken, turkey, fish,goat which is my absolute favorite the best place in town for stewed goat the meal comes with white rice or beans and rice and salad all the food on the menu is good but I always order the same things goat stew with rice a large bean gravy with plantains on the side maybe I shouldn't say this because there won't be any for me when I get there lol. But they do sell out quick so if you can, call ahead and place your order. you don't know how many times I've gone there and they were out of my favorite. a few times I would have to take another choice ,or I'm sure to get there early the next day. They do speak Creole and French. A lot of single men go there for dinner every day, they work and have no one to cook for them. So if you want to try a tastey meal get there fast before they sell out and price range from about 13 to 17$ well worth it the money. The take out is enough to feed about 3 to 4 people, if not you'll have enough left over for the next day.its sooooo.good. only problem is that they don't have delivery. I will get there tomorrow it's across town from my home oh yeah the number 1 ivy hill bus stop right in front of the restaurant so no excuses.enjoy

Frantz Excellent

Not what I expected. Food was fine. It was my mother's 82nd birthday. Could not make it memorable.

Judeline Pierre Louis

Great place to go

Linhelle P. Helvétius Charles

Outstanding service, food and location. The people are supper friendly and the food is very delicious!!!

Ally T.

Not sure if it's better to order toward the end of the night when they almost run out of food or in the beginning of the day when they're just starting to make it and they have you waiting for hours. I placed at call at 11:15 am today (3/10/19) and the person on the receiving end said it would be ready by 1 pm. Here I am around 1:15 pm (2 hours after originally placing the call) and the food isn't prepared yet. Ridiculous. I hope they give a discount or extra food for making us wait this long.

Mara Marie

loooooooovedddd the food!!! just like my grandmother used to make it! super happy!!!

Greg Santos

Food was VERY Delicious!

Clivens Petit

Food is good and they give you a lot for the money.

Tisour Guelce

The have good food to buy

Cindy P.

My favorite Haitian restaurant in Jersey! The owners are very nice and hospitable. The restaurant offers authentic Haitian dishes. Everything I've tried (Turkey, chicken, rice and beans, and black rice) was DELICIOUS..so delicious that I hired Jacob's Restaurant to cater my wedding. :-)

Ally T.

My boyfriend and I always order the griot dinner special which comes with SO many things. Each meal you order, is in it's own bag because it includes separate containers for griot, rice and beans, pikliz, sos, pasta salad, and fried plantains. Their beef pates are THE BEST!

Ednard Salvant

The food here was AMAZING! Came here with my sisters and cousins and we All was enjoying our plate so much! They give you big portions and everyone who works there were also very nice. Great customer service :)

Roselynn Paul

Always great food when I buy food from hear. Have been eating here for at least 18 years and have never been disappointed. They know my family and donated food for a repass when my mother passed away.

Jermaine Strong

The food is great 2 thumbs up for me

Sandra Jay

Great food and nice service! If you want authentic Haitian food with seasoning come to Jacobs

Bunny Simon

The food is good but the place not to clean, I would not sit down and eat there

Mildred PS

The food is amazing and the customer service is great as well.

T P.

This resturant has now become one of great favorites in NJ. For tourists like me, it's located in a part of town that doesn't appear to be the safest i.e. late evening, best to try during daylight hours. The food was well worth the drive! Full of flavor, authentic Haitian food, wonderful desserts with a variety of Haitian homemade drinks to choose from. My son was in love with his dish, he even ate all of his beets. Staff members were friendly-welcoming.

Dians cooks

I've been in NJ for many years now, and i can say I tried many haitian restaurants. Jacob's restaurant is by far the best. The food tastes absolutely delicious, and the portion was huge... OMG!!! The people are also very friendly. I would give it 10 stars if i could. Please give Jacob's restaurant a try, you wont regret it.

Kischa Rousseau

The food outs delicious. And the owners are very friendly

Debbie Balthazar

I love Jacob's restaurant because their food is always top notch in terms of Haitian cuisine and I've always eaten here since I was very young.

Brenda Mitchell

Excellent service.. Great food.. Food in a timely fashion

Josue Falaise

I always eat here when I'm in North Jersey. They give big portions. Always need a doggie bag. It is a great restaurant with the best service and ownership! I recommend it to everyone!

HonestOpinion K.

Food was good. I had the goat & black rice. Came in great portions & had alot of sauce. I wanted to sit down & eat since I was coming from NY but it was hot as balls in there so I took it to go. Will definently be back

Jenal J.

First of all I love the hospitality of the owners. They were willing to explain the dishes and very patient with us. The location of the restaurant is urban but not scary. The prices are great for the amount of food and it is delish!

Florence Hazel Pyatt

I have never ever seen anybody in this place i want to try them because i live so close... But a little leary when i have never seen anybody eating here or even taking out STRANGE

Jia H.

Been attending this restaurant for many years now, the food is great and has that wonderful home-y feeling to it because the food tastes like it was made with love

Allen C.

I use to eat from here a few years ago. Came back when one of my frequent one was closed for the day. The food is still as good as I remember. They have really good goat and the rice is cooked well.

Toccara L.

I'm a little late in writing this but had to make sure I came back and write how great the customer service and food is at Jacob's. My Dad and I came here to get some food and we had to wait a while to order because the people before us had large orders. But when we finally did get to order Jacob was so attentive and friendly. He had us wait in the seating area while our food was being prepared and it's a cute little dining area with a few tables, speakers. and a tv. Jacob's wife brought our order up and she was so lovely. Their service alone secured me coming back before I even tasted the food! This is rare in most Haitian restaurants that I've visited, so this was very appreciated. We ordered the goat and chicken with rice and beans and plantains. 5 stars! Great authentic Haitian food and really good portions. Parking is a challenge but I'd recommend them for sure if you're in the area.

Nadirah P.

I came to this place for the first time today all the way Montclair. The food was amazing, I got the griot and my friend got the chicken. So so much food for a great price. The gravy soup is delicious!! Jacob was extremely friendly and the other people that worked there as well as the local customers that come there often, were very friendly. I definitely would recommend this place!!

Sasha R.

Been a fan of Jacobs restaurant for yearrrrrrsss!! I'm American married into the culture. The food here tastes like you are sitting in your family's kitchen, very authentic! Parking can be touch and go, depending in the time of day. Great portion sizes. Visit and you'll return again!

Sasha G.

Slamming Haitian grub. Not better than my lover's mom and sister but certainly GREAT if you're craving Haitian fare. Fried pork (griot) was tasty and fulfilling as was the rice, beans, and platanos (fried plantains). Everything served with pikliz (spicy, vinegar slaw). I believe they are english friendly so don't think it's necessary to pretend you speak Creole or pull out your google translator. We ate at location as there are chairs and tables for dining in and enjoying your food immediately. We couldn't wait. Excellent authentic food.

San J.

Amazing authentic Haitian food. I felt like I was eating my moms cooling all over against in Haiti. Great service, and the food is always hot and ready to eat. I recommend calling before going to see what's on the menus. Try the rice and beans with the sautéed red snapper or with the fried turkey. Each meal comes with fried plantains and they are made like the Spanish (toostanes) *spelling error sorry* I highly recommend this restaurant! #: (973)-373-2939

Andre N.

Wow I'm the first Review for this place..... Jacob hands down is the best Haitian food i have eaten ...it gives large portions ..its located in little section of Newark's vailsburg section the place's decor isn't that nice but its huge you could bring a group of people here now when i go there on lunch i have the legumes, or the griot fried pork.. or cabrit -fried goat ...all the food you ask for "complete" you get rice and beans...salad, fried plantains and the main course the women in the back always have smiles on their faces only problem is that i always order they the owner he charges a fee to use credit card.. I mean seriously ..i think he should remove that... i come from a haitian background ..and this food here keeps us coming back for more