Roy's Fish Fry

830 W S Orange Ave, Newark
(973) 399-1266

Recent Reviews

Chyna Badd

Food was fresh and seasoned good for fried. Some places are either not seasoned or too salty. Only thing is they run out of certain things quickly.

Ms Banks

This place is definitely my go-to. I have been a customer for quite some time now and I must say, I love the improvements that I have been made. The food is actually extremely more delicious than before. When actually going to do a pick-up, I really enjoy the customer service with the new staff, I love how the resturant has been revamped and I love how I am always greeted when I enter. The staff really go above and beyond to make sure that my order is complete and they are always willing to offer variety. I have never ordered anything from this place and have been unsatisfied and this is why this place is most definitely my go-to. The entire menu is affordable and worth it. Everything they make is flavorful. I will always order from this resturant.

The Real Michael Milan

I do enjoy your Yams, Mac and Cheese. Fish is pretty good to. I sometimes eat the fish with my grits.

B Blank

Don't waste your time. I stopped by at 8 and they already ran out of fish and your business literally is named fish fry... WTH... Plus the prices are way too high.


The fish sandwich was good but not tasty. Maybe it was an off day. Clean and very pleasant staff. Maybe, I'll try again

Ron Rico

The fish sandwich was good but not tasty. Maybe it was an off day. Clean and very pleasant staff. Maybe, I'll try again

IG 730Gotbars

I love them, the food is beautiful, as well so the customer service. The ladies are amazing, and beautiful to me every time. Always a pleasure, and a pleasant vibe.

Min. Kiesha L Peterson

It's ok. Guess the next time I'll tell them not to fry my fish soo hard. But other then that, it's good.

April Dockery

First time at this location. The service was pleasant and the food was great.

Song Bird Daph

Everything was simply amazing. I ordered the whiting & fries with Mac & Cheese + yams. Omggggg my taste buds was on Fire ?. It was soooooo delicious. I’ll be back next week.

Jewel Crump

Food use to be good I use to always eat here but now they keep selling old food …I’m done

Shadwell Smith

Food is first class. Staff is first class. Best food in Jersey. I would highly recommend them

Bronx Guhrl

Everytime I eat here, I wanna smack my momma. Not only is the food delicious, the meals are packed with care...

S. J.

My parents said they heard the food was good here. I'm a foodie, so I try it and buy for the family. These great reviews must be from the staff or people in the city who only eat Chinese food so, of course the food here is amazing to them. The yams have to have to much cinnamon. Why is there cinnamon in yams anyway? The fish is oily and small AF. If you want delicious fish go to The Stake N Take truck in Bergen St. across from the hospital. The greens are very salty. They have no idea how to make hush puppies. The girl at the cash register with the unhappy disposition said they buy the sweet potato pie. I'm one and DONE. Everyone I know trusts my taste buds. I would NOT recommend this place, if you want really really good food. My parents said, "I wouldn't eat here again." My little sister says, "mediocre at best."

Tyesha Turnage

The cashier was not really nice or happy to be there. The porgy was horrible. The whiting was just ok. The collard greens were good. This was a big disappointment.

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