Hanam BBQ House

445 Grand Ave, Palisades Park
(201) 482-8066

Recent Reviews

Crystal S.

Tried wagyu for the first time at this spot and it just melts in your mouth!! I typically don't like filet mignon but even the filet was so soft and tender. The quality of the meats here are so good and they taste better since they use wood for bbq.

Kong W.

Service is where this place falls, if you want to be skipped over for the usual customers this is the place to be. Literally sitting in the table and watching as your expensive order of short rib overcook as the service "professionals" walk around talking to their favorites and ignore you. Literally had to ask for tongs to cook myself which is ok if they would just give them to customer from the start. All basic sides and sauces for kbbq needed to be requested while they just take care of their usuals. Complete unfair treatment. Eaters beware.

Brandon C.

Outstanding Korean BBQ!! Meats are cooked over wood charcoal for the extra smoked BBQ flavor. The residual smoke and food odors are whisked away by super efficient moveable exhaust fans situated over the cooking area. The staff is attentive and prepare the meats over the hot BBQ grates effectively. Ordered was the Pork Set Menu for 2, item 1 which has fresh pork belly, pork jowl and pork shoulder. A Seafood Pancake was also ordered. This feed our party of 3 nicely. We were full but not stuffed. With the sides (banchan) that come with the Set Menu, it was a nicely balanced meal of proteins, veggies and carbs. Meats were cooked to perfection with the smokiness that only comes with proper wood charcoal. The pork jowl was snappy with a nice balance of fattiness. The meats are quality! The sides were fresh and nicely seasoned. Hanam BBQ is a must and I will be returning for some more Korean BBQ goodness. Highly recommended.

sue hamilton

As far as Korean bbq goes this place is very good. They offer a variety of cuts of beef and pork and many traditional Korean side dishes.

Sangho K.

We were visiting from Virginia and wanted to grab our first meal in the New Jersey area before driving into NYC. I remember coming to this restaurant few years back so I revisited with my wife. We were seated and noticed that there were some oil dripping from the ceiling and luckily it dropped on the menu and not on our clothes. We were moved to a different seat which didn't have oil dripping but the table was oily and did not look cleaned. The food was decent and the gopchang was below expectations. The portion of the pork belly initially looked small but as you eat with lettuce, it was plenty and filling. The food was not as amazing as I had remembered it. The service was not great either. I don't expect to be visiting this place anytime soon.

Chico Kim

For 2 people we had beef combo B and an order of intestine and a naengmyun. Quality of beef was excellent although portions were not great. Intestine was a bit pricey for amount we got but tasted good. Naengmyun on the other hand, I do not recommend. It wasn't cold and broth didn't have that clean taste I was looking for and was just bland. Also their vacuum for sucking up smoke worked better than other kbbq restaurants. Our clothes did not saturate with cooked meat smell after our visit.Parking: There's parking next to the restaurant bit fills up pretty quickly since it's shared with 2 other businesses.

Marcy Goldberg

The place was phenomenal.It was so clean and modern.Overall I had such a good time here and I highly recommend.The food is amazing.

Eunice K.

Parking is not easy here. Not a lot of spots. Restaurant is spacious but parking sucks Got the pork belly and marinated galbi. Both were good. Love that everything is cooked over the hot charcoal or something like if. Service is good too Barely waited on a Friday night. Ate good food and had good service. The green onion salad was good and the kimchi here is sooo good!

Sylvia S

Another great Korean bbq place in NJ, their meat qualities were super fresh and delicious. We ordered both combo (beef and pork) and beef tartar as appetizer. I took down 1 star because of the service (there were many servers but we still needed to look for them) and parking was horrible.

Helen Z.

I can't believe I'd never been here before! The pork here on the charcoal grill is A+ delicious. We got the beef and pork combo and were definitely wowed by the meat quality, especially the pork. Service was kind of slow, the banchan were not great other than the cucumber in red sauce, and naengmyun was stuck together like rice cake. The soup on the side was also not the best. They also did not serve the beef brisket with the dipping sauce most places have these days. Despite all these criticisms I would probably still come back because the pork jowl and samgyeopsal were just that wonderful. I wasn't even that mad that they didn't cook it with kimchi, which was a sin. Even my boyfriend (who prefers beef) agreed that he'd probably also just order pork next time. It's a must try.

Brad O.

If you're interested in Korean BBQ I would suggest you drop everything and get over to Hanam as soon as possible. Make sure you order the BBQ for four and go with the marinated style. Plus, the spicy bean curd is so good on everything, make sure you try it. The staff is super attentive and will help get your Soju+beer Poktamju on. Google it. It's great.

Kathleen L.

I enjoyed the food at Hanam and will definitely eat here again. We ordered a yukhoe (beef tartar) and it's the best I've had. The texture was excellent and very flavorful. My husband usually can't eat raw food and he downed it. We also ordered a beef tongue and the combo I for 2. The beef tongue was tender and delicious. The various beef in the combo was delicious. The combo came with soup, steamed eggs and corn cheese. We were all very full at the end and everything was delicious (3 adults and 2 kids). I would suggest they expand their menu just a bit. There were not much options if you didn't want beef or pork. I guess that's how true kbbq should work. ;) The charcoal made everything tasted even better. Would definitely come again.

Sofia P.

I love this place because they use charcoal. Beef and pork are equally good but my fav is beef combo. Banchans are not that good tho. Very lack of variety-1 star. However, I still consider this place the best in the area yet ( charcoal 99%). Staffs are nice. Overall satisfied, definitely will return in future.

Agnes Y

REAL BBQ!! The charcoal grilled taste is good. Wagyu beef, prime sirloin, marinated pork ribs, and naengmyeon for dessert. The menu our family ate was very satisfactory, and the quantity and price were reasonable. Free parking is available here??

Scott Kim

Good Korean BBQ place. staff was awesome and so is the food! Top Quality meat

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