Shake Shack

1 Garden State Plaza Blvd Level 2, Paramus
(201) 576-8096

Recent Reviews

Angelique Daubenspeck

It was good, and the employees were very nice

Kyle Salcedo

Okay food but long service

Daniel L

Great burgers, online ordering is a breeze.

Musa D

Great food and good service.

Christopher Franqui

I had an extraordinary experience in this place. We enjoyed the extraordinary ambience and the meals. The staff were very affable. I am content we ultimately managed to visit this place.

James B.

My daughters graduation from pre-school was today. A celebration was at hand so we decided to go to Shake Shack. She loves the cheese fries and the shakes. I like to grab a burger every now and then. The shake and fries were the usual goodness but something was off with the burger. I couldn't put my finger on it. Garden State location is usually good but since the pandemic I feel the consistency has slide. The Shake truck outside of Stew Leonard's cooked the burgers how they usually tasted.

Tina C.

The quality of the food at GSP Shake Shack is mostly a miss. There's something always wrong, like my burger being too dry or my fries being disgustingly over salted. I'd like to think that it's due to the mall culture of being super busy, but yesterday I ordered take out, and it wasn't so good. I can't blame a crowded atmosphere because there was none! My burger was very dry, and the lettuce and Shack sauce didn't help. The fries seemed to be a smaller portion than what you'd normally get. My cherry blossom lemonade was too bitter for my liking, until I added a few extra teaspoons of sugar. No establishment is perfect, but I'd prefer to get a decent meal at the Rt. 17 Shake Shack over the GSP Shack.

Ryan S.

This is the only place I have ever been that understands how to cook a crinkle cut french fry. I have never had a bad burger or bad experience. Even the togo food has been really good. Staff is always fast and friendly. Simple eats but that's what makes it great.

Shaka T.

One of the better burgers from a fast food joint. French fries are just garbage but a little better with the cheese sauce lol

Hando E.

Maaaannn, I haven't been to Shake Shack in YEARS. Saw a sign that this spot was in the mall and couldn't help myself. This place really hasn't missed a beat since. Staff was nice and the food was HITTIN'!!! The burger was juicy, cooked perfectly, and the lettuce was crisp along with the fries. Gonna have to make this a pit stop more often.

Richard Ewers

I like the fact that they have grass-fed burgers with an option for a gluten-free roll if you want it ..they also have an outstanding top of the line hot dog!

Maria M.

This mall is HUGE! It also had a movie theatre and many restaurants aside from the food court. It has all of my favorite stores including some delicious concession stands like baked by Melissa cupcakes. One of the best things about this mall is they do not charge tax on clothing or shoes. It is very clean and modern. There is parking all around the mall and there are other shopping centers around the mall. The only thing I you need to know is that it is NOT opened on Sundays.

Karl H.

One of my favorite malls. Its absolutely huge. Its clean. The parking garage is the best with the red and green lights down the middle of the rows letting you know if a spot is open. Very high end and fancy.

Calvin S.

+.5 for serviceGasp, it's attached to a mall yet it opens on Sundays!This Shake Shack is located inside Garden State Plaza, which is normally closed on Sundays, but the mall doors are open to allow entrance to Shake Shack and other food stores.It was very quiet at 11am on a Sunday, but eventually more customers arrived after I left. I had the SmokeShack, chick'n bites, and a chocolate shake.I overall liked this one more than Woodbury, partially because of fewer crowds but also I find the quality of food to be better here. The patty was actually juicy and the presentation doesn't look like a slab of rushed product. The chicken bites also tasted better here.Service was excellent, and I'll definitely return for quick grub whenever I travel back down here.

Dave Rotes

This Shal be my last visit at shake shack unfortunately. Starting with the good, the burger was decent and the service was quicker than ever. The moment I ordered it was ready. Now what grinds my gears is the way the pricing was. First off this is America burgers come with fries you don’t charge separately for them unless your gonna give me a mountain. Secondly, why in the world was the price of the fries almost the same as the burger!!?? That’s ridiculous! Five guys will give you a ton of fresh fries but this establishment expects me to pay the same amount for a burger and a side of fries. What’s next are you gonna charge me separately for the bun and cheese? No see this is fast food quality which I’m not complaining about, but if your going to be fast food quality then you need to charge fast food prices. Quick service, but once you do the math it is not worth it.

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