220 Enterprise Dr, Rockaway
(973) 442-1453

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Amya Gilliam

If I could give it 0 stars I would. Rude workers , very impolite. I purchased something early and I didn’t get a spoon so I came to the subway to get one and the lady charged me 25¢- 25¢ for a plastic spoon. Lady was very rude.

Margot Garcia

Should be ZERO stars! We travel 48 states and visit subway regularly. This was the worst subway experience yet. We arrive at 12 minutes till 9pm, 2nd in line. One girl working. The family in front were having issues. We waited. Second girl finally comes out, only to tell us they're closed! We told her we had been waiting. She just turned off the lights and insisted they're closed. It WASN'T even 9pm yet. It was 6 minutes till. Top it off, family in front of us left their order. Will never return here.

sally zidan

Worst Subway I have been in, The Spanish guy working there standing there doing nothing and when I asked him the food is for here l, can I please have trays he said we do not have trays we gonna close soon, they had an hour to close. They defiantly lack customer service. The food also was not fresh. So disappointing.

Adrienne Barr

It's Subway - they always taste the same and charge more than they should for what amounts to a loaf of bread with two pieces of ham stuck in the middle. This location will not allow you to use your rewards program on sandwich purchases. I was told I could only use rewards towards cookies, drinks and chips.

Jan Baird

Expensive and the food is not good. The cold cuts are presliced and sit in a case all day and they get dried out and hard after sitting all day.

Beast Mode

New to the area and always shopping at Walmart , decide to get a subway and man it was served cold very cold. Second time around as well they don’t toast or make the subs warm or hot even after they put it in oven.

Stacy Bailey

Not clear location i side a walmart

rich vassallo

Could not understand a word they were saying. Cheap on the cold cuts

Sang Kim

Worst subway I've been in ever. (I love the franchise itself, so this is solely on this store) Very impolite, never change their expired menu, totally lack of customer service mind. Locals in America usually give good ratings, or even overrated, but even they gave this rating and I know why for sure. Can't believe they're still on business. Subway should take authority to use their franchise from these horrible people.

perseid2070 .

Good & fast

Jenn's Kraft Room

Employees are super rude and its almost as if they are annoyed to take care of you.

Eve H

Always get tuna never fails to satisfy. Clean place, friendly clerks

arshad zaheer

I will not go there the employe is so 😡😡😡

Richard Belling

Customer service is terrible, you will literally stand at the counter in front of them and they will WAIT to take your order until they are done talking or using they’re cell phones. 100% not okay. Go to jersey mikes subs down the road WAY better food WAY better service

Morgan Ray

Rude workers and one speaks no English so the one has to constantly stop to translate for the other and it takes so long to do anything . She had to show her how to ring up every purchase and she could understand anything. The two only equaled one person and the one threw the change at the lady in front of us

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