Summit Diner

1 Union Pl, Summit
(908) 277-3256

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Summit Diner was founded in 1929 and is a classic O'Mahony dining-car-style diner. The diner remains true to these roots. The neighborly attitude, open grill behind the counter, and affable service all contribute to make this diner so special and a total blast from the past. It's like stepping back into the 1900s. I went with a group of four and service could not have been more attentive or speedy. The coffee was constantly topped off. The diner is cash only, but there is an ATM across the street which is convenient. The food was hardy and delicious. I got the corned beef hash with eggs; the people in my party got a steak sandwich and breakfast platters. Everyone was extremely satisfied with their meals. They were delicious! I would definitely recommend getting something that allows you to sample their breakfast options. The pancakes, hash browns, bacon, and eggs were all very tasty.

Erica Garagiola

I went here this morning with a group of friends and it has such a classic diner feel to it! If you’re a history buff, it was an original O’Mahoney diner car when it first opened. We were seated immediately in one of the booths, which were in a row along the window side of the diner. There was also the option of sitting at the bar on rows of stools and facing the open kitchen area where you could watch the chefs cooking the orders. We scanned a QR code to view the menu, which was simple and to the point (not overwhelmingly many options, but enough to feel content with classic diner food). One thing to be aware of is that the menu didn’t have prices listed on it. Our table started with coffee all around, and then I ordered a breakfast platter, with two pieces of French toast, bacon, scrambled eggs, and home fries (such great value for how much food came with it - literally two platefuls). The home fries were perfectly crispy, and tasted amazing with a little bit of Tabasco. The food came out so fast, the serving sizes were perfect and the food was delicious. Make sure you bring cash if you’re thinking of eating here because it is cash only!

Alexander Thompson

Truly a classic New Jersey diner, still in a metal trailer and serving up delicious food at a great price. I had the Taylor ham egg and cheese and home fries and they were all so delicious and perfectly cooked. Service was fantastic tooFood: 5/5

John S.

Huge portions of great diner food. Classic Diner setting. We had the gyro and the turkey reuben. Comes with fries and soup. Great deal and great service.

Marjorie O.

Cute vintage diner. Food and prices were very good. Had Taylor Ham, Eggs and cheese on their soft rolls. Should have had a side of home fries, they looked delicious on someone else's plate. :)

Lisa Veliz Waweru

The classic diner experience!! The food is somewhat bland, but it's cooked fresh (and not too salty). The staff were great, and super friendly to kiddos.Food: 3/5

Gabe P.

Jersey is the diner capital and Summit Diner is one of the OGs. This place has everything you want in a diner.Their breakfast is probably what you will come here for. Their most popular item is their breakfast sandwiches - the pork roll (Taylor ham) egg and cheese in particular. However their pancakes are tasty and take up the whole plate.And just in regular diner fashion, they have lunch and dinner items and the coffee always flows.The place itself is old school, a very cool reminder of what places used to look like. They have a couple of booths and counter seats. Worth coming here for that alone. Come early though, I've seen it get packed fast.If you only had 1-2 diners to check out in New Jersey, Summit diner makes a strong contention to being on that list.


DELICIOUS food. everything we tried was fresh and flavorful. The crab cakes were amazing. Had we stayed longer we'd have been back to try other items on the menu. If you're in the area stop by and enjoy!

Courtney Cash

Great food and worth it.There pancakes is better than IHOP.Food: 5/5

Kyle Everage

The food at this diner is great. The staff is nice. Problem is two things: 1) It’s small and on some days and times you can barely move in there with all the people. They need a new location. 2) Why this diner has not moved into 2022 I don’t know. It’s cash only which I understand keeps costs low but still. They are not connected with an any app to order food and have it delivered. However, when you call to order food, it’s not uncommon for no one to pick up the phone.

G R.

It might have diner in the name, but this isn't much of a diner by Jersey standards. The menu is limited, but everything the do sell is pretty good. Breakfast is what the do best. The place is tiny so you might have to wait, but you'll enjoy the food. Overall solid.

Bocephus J.

So I'm looking forward to a Taylor Ham Sandwich....the staple for a delicious NJ breakfast. Now here's the deal, I've eaten at this little gem of a diner many times, so you could say I'm more than a first time diner, I mean come on, I even knew they take cash only.I walk in and am greeted by a dark haired guy behind the counter that looked like a bulldog with a mouthful of wasps. About 1/2 as friendly as the meanest sumbitch you ever met. Clearly I am now his primary pain in the ass. He walks over drooling his pent up anger mixed with an abundance of Jersey attitude and takes my order. Guido walks up to the griddle and slaps his meat down....2 minutes later I get two pieces of bread with 3 pieces of griddle warmed ham that was drooling griddle grease on the plate. No cheese, no eggs, definitely not a Taylor Ham Sandwich. The Latino cook (should be the only cook) tries to make it right, but slapping two slices of cold American cheese won't cut the mustard.Here's the deal, if you are gonna run a restaurant in NJ and house it in an iconic structure on the perfect street corner, when you go in to work leave your shitty attitude at your dingy one bedroom apartment that you've been relegated to since your wife dumped your ass for a dude that actually treats her right.


Iconic and classic NJ diner that has fast and yummy food. Bring cash and be prepared to sit at the counter as there only a few booths.Ordered the crab cake eggs benedict and it did not disappoint!There is street parking or parking lots for Downtown Summit a few blocks away.

Alexander B.

The Summit Diner is one of the few remaining original classic Diners serving large portions of very good traditional diner food. Focus is really on breakfast, especially their NJ iconic Taylor ham, egg and cheese on a roll sandwich, all served in the ambiance of an era gone by. While outside dining is available in the warmer months, I recommend sitting at the counter to truly experience the sights, sounds and aromas in what can only be found in a Jersey diner. Note: they only accept cash.

Alex B

Probably the most legendary delicious dinner in the area. The service is fast. The food is OK. But the best price is guaranteed. For such an expensive and uptight place like summit, this diner is a breath of fresh air.

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