Dairy Queen (Treat)

247 NJ-23, Sussex
(973) 875-7020

Recent Reviews

John Mckean

National ice cream day and they hang a sign not participating boo hoo

robert pedersen

if you like dairy queen you will be happy to know they are open year

Service: 5

Recommended dishes: Vanilla Soft Serve Dipped in Cotton Candy Shell

Dante Carfizzi

Drive thru is nice

kit kat

I always bring the grandkids.great fast service

Ellen Rome

Over priced but easy for a quick snack

Mike White

Most dishonest place to deal with. Employees are incompetent with an attitude! Blizzards are intentionally under filled. Terrible place to deal with, get ripped off every time.

Marge Macchiarelli

Delicious and great service as usual. It was raining out but didn't stop my smile.

Sarah Layla

On several occasions I have witnessed the owner belittling the teen girls behind the counter. Incredibly disgusting and will not be returning .

Robert Jacobson

Oreo milk shake makes me happy.

Shane Nauss

The young ladies operating this DQ today were wonderful. This has always been a nicely run establishment- even when the line of cars stretches around the store and into the road. They are always kind, patient, and exemplify what it means to provide a good service. Today, I just felt they needed the recognition that I feel is deserved.

William L

I mean it’s DQ, it’s pretty hard to mess up. Staff are friendly and work as fast as possible

Heather Best

Just REALLY wanted a Butterfinger Blizzard but got a huge cup of vanilla ice cream instead. Thinking this was a one time occurrence, I decided to try again and went back a few weeks later but alas this was not a fluke. I ordered the same Butterfinger Blizzard plus asked for extra Butterfinger and I received another huge cup of vanilla ice cream. Meaning you couldn't even tell there were toppings in the cup. No sense in complaining because there is another DQ on Rt 94 and they understand the concept of a blizzard.

Atmosphere: 4

Food: 1

Service: 5


You would think a Dairy Queen location would accept their $.85 cent blizzard special. Walked into this location tried to order 85 cent blizzard and worker said we don't do that. I asked why? Aren't you a Dairy Queen. She said it's up to owner and they said we don't do that. That's some straight up bulls""t!! They should be stripped of their franchise and penalized. I've been going to Dairy Queen's for a long time and this just scarred my attitude towards Dairy Queen. Just another money hungry no good business owner. Avoid this place just out of respect for the general public looking to redeem a corporate coupon you'd think should be good at any Dairy Queen except this dirt bag location.

Christine A.

We never got our food. When the dasher arrived at the restaurant, the store said they never got our order and refused to make it when the dasher showed them the order on their phone. It's completely ridiculous and not right. It's not the dasher fault at all she tried everything to get us our food, but the manager refused and was very rude. If you door dash here, you just might not get your food, I guess.

DeeKota Eby

Bad customer service. Cashier wasnt very friendly

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