Sussex Meat Packing Inc

205 NJ-23 N, Sussex
(973) 875-5641

Recent Reviews

Kelly R.

We are so lucky to have this place nearby. My family have been patrons of this business for over 20 years. We are grateful for the owners and staff dedication to quality and loyal service to our community.

jacob matowik

Meats great, prices are good. My only issue is I asked for a 3 rib prime rib roast and they cut one of the bones off as a separate steak. I said something to the lady helping me and she just kinda scuffed and asked if theres anything else she could get me. I mentioned something to the girl ringing me out and she didnt care either. This has happened before to me aswell. I'll probably find another place for these kinds of roasts but will definitely go back for sausage ground and steaks.

Candace Connell

I visited SMP yesterday and was wildly impressed! I was greeted by Tom and Joanne. They were knowledgeable, kind and let me know about their specials and freezer packages. I was like a kid in the candy store there! So much selection! Their meat looked nice and fresh and as for pricing- I'm honestly not sure what's high or low but I'll pay for quality, which is what is seems to be. I purchased two porterhouse steaks, two HOMEMADE chicken sausages (they were big) and four chicken thighs. We will be back!

Annette Pace Adamo

Everything I need under one roof. Friendly service!

Anna-Marie Duerr

Purchased the family dinner special for a friend's dinner last night! It was delicious! Plenty for everyone (5). Will be purchasing again for our next dinner.

James Rose

Picked up grass fed beef bones to make bone broth.The butcher came out of the back to give great advice. Local butchers,Grass fed Angus beef.Couldn't be better.

James Bauernfeind

Love this place! They are truly a blessing to the community. We shopthere frequently!

Mark Wallace

Worst Thanksgiving turkey we ever had. Frozen inside for the second year. Old smell this time. Very little meet. Wish i weighed it. We thought it was 25 lb. And fresh and about 100 bucks. Very disappointed!

mark christie

Been going here for over 20 years and I never really liked Hot Dogs. Until I tried theirs now I’m hooked can’t believe I waited this long to try them. Delicious ?

Michael Sanclementi

Fresh meat at a reasonable price. Staff goes above and beyond to make sure that you get what you want. Love this place

MaryJean G.

The meats are always fresh & tasty. A lot to choose from. Butcher is very informative. Sussex meat packing is Very clean. The best meats in the county.

Gordon Merck

Great storeFab lunch meat

Lora Ann N.

I will give Sussex meat packing for stores on their meats however, we got the sauerbraten dinners, which were disappointing a one out of 10. I would probably give them a four. They should've given you a little more of the Spezel and then meet needed to be tender. I had to use a knife for it the red cabbage was not good at all. We couldn't even eat it.

Christine Stockel

Always fresh and great tasting!

Katie Swanson

Great quality food with reasonable prices.

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