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866 NJ-33, Trenton
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We have been using BCS (Best Choice Sushi) for many years. 99% of the time, we order sushi or rolls. The food quality is consistently good, and the freshness never was an issue.Best Choice offers the most budget-friendly pricing. The service is good, and unless you are there on a Friday night, the waiting time (after you place your order) is basically non-existent.There is a small dine-in area, but the majority of customers choose the pick-up option. The restaurant also delivers, by its own drivers or through delivery apps, such as GrubHub.The parking is available in the back. However, be prepared to look for double parking during the peak hours.

Meghan Foley

Always love their food. Red Curry is my favorite. I think the website needs updating, but other than that, they are excellent!

Ibram Hanna

This is the single best place to get food, they are fast and affordable place to eat m, amazing verity and the soups are perfect! I recommend the house special soup it’s a bunch of random stuff in a amazing tasting broth!

Rayna Levine

their sushi roll lunch special is amazing but the mushroom soup leaves a lot to be desired. would be better if it were normal clear soup!

Willie Wetbeard

Sushi is so fresh and clean! Beautifully bento boxed with the sticky rice and yummy teriyaki chicken. We will come again!!

Rich Saracino

Small place with very a varied menu including Sushi and Thai selections. Egg foo young was excellent. Will be back to try some of their other preparations.

Mercedez M

Trash. Falsely advertised.Because they claimed to make Thai food I decided to drive to this place.Got Hot & spicy Thai beef…extra spicy … Lemongrass shrimp, Rainbow Sushi Roll & another sushi roll. $58 down the drain.They served me some beef they fried like sweet & sour chicken style.They fried it, then threw some General toss sauce on it & Thai basil.And it what way does that qualify as Thai food? it was sweet general toss sauce. Not spicy at all. Really?Don’t get me started on the lemon grass shrimp. It was literally sautéed shrimp, mushrooms and vegetables. In a nasty sauce that had no lemongrass whatsoever.Then the sushi rolls were huge. Sushi wasn’t too bad but nobody wants a sushi that’s the size of my fist.Just stick to fried rice & fried chicken with this place. Everything else is bs.I wrote this review because I was really looking forward to Thai food. They didn’t deliver that whatsoever.

Roman Onik

Very small sitting area, but great for takeout. Some of the best Japanese food ever. Will need to remember to come back here again.

D. Whit

They do have dine in but no table service.I felf like I was ordering Sushi from a Bodega in the hood, ordering through some bullet proof like glass. Stick to the take out. Sushi was decent

Mica Maca

Some of their dishes are great....Moo Gai Pan (chicken)Chicken with eggplantThe fried rice is very disappointing, yellow rice with a rare few tid bits of pork, and not worth the cost at all.Lo Mein again, mediocre tasting noodles and few pieces of beef.


We have been coming here for years. Always great food and service. We’ve gotten to know Jackie and Mike. They are always so nice. I wish they would deliver all the way to my house instead of pick up lol!

Angela Murphy

I ordered chicken and brocolli. I've eaten here many times before and the food has always been well prepared and tasty. Today, not so much. The brocolli was not washed well - every bit of brocolli was gritty. The food today was NOT enjoyable. Yuck!

Alexander aguirre

All was good except there is no utensils, couldn't be more disappointed, i ordered soup on top of that, how am I supposed to eat soup?

Keith Nosko

If you want to pay $21 for a steak hibachi dinner that has absolutely no flavor, then this is the place for you. My ideal hibachi dinner is about one pound of lo mein noodles that have no seasoning and may have been cooked a week ago in the microwave, four heaping scoops of "fried" rice that's as white as my cheeks when I was born, about 1/4 oz. of steak that's slow roasted at 7000 degrees for about 4 hours, and an old mans sneeze worth of sauce. So this meal is absolutely perfect for me!

H. T. Scaccetti

Sushi is their forte and it's delicious. Good Chinese menu also with ample portions and very reasonable service and friendly staff.

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