Cha's Seafood

359 Pennington Ave, Trenton
(609) 218-6532

Recent Reviews

Ja Ro

Absolute deal! Fish lunch (with drink!) which was cheaper than a burger from any of the fast-food restaurants and twice as good. Go

Kellie Wilson

I gave it 2 stars only because the workers are very pleasant, but as for the food, I WOULD GIVE IT 0 STARS IF THERE WAS AN OPTION.And I will not buy from them again. They sell DEAD crabs. You want to know why the crabs are mushy when you're eating them, BECAUSE THEY WERE DEAD WHEN THEY COOKED THEM?It's so sad when a business compromises a customer's health for a dollar.NEVER GOING BACK THERE!

زين ابن زينب جيْغر

The service is great and they are so nice and welcoming! The crab is the best in the area! We’ve spent a lot of money here and we look forward to spending a lot more here in the years to come!

lydell rollins

One of the best places ever. Great food, service so friendly. Owners are the best. Great place.

Gary “smittygman” smith

Fresh delicious seafood very pleasant

Chris Morgan

Crabs were mushy and the fried fish was

Equalla Graves

I got 10 bodies and 8 out of the 10 where mushie

Carolyn Bellamy

Love this store, they make some good broccoli and fish, all the food is delicious, especially the steamed veggies

Lorraine B.

Very great seafood just a little high in prices need to go down a bit. Nice workers and

Thomas Marshall

Was just ok. I wasn't really happy with the prices of some of the food.

Th3M3ch Ap3

Good food but also in the mid range for prices so expect to spend some cash.



Sheila Conner

We went there for fried chicken gizzards and my son got steam crabs the gizzards were delicious I don't know how the crabs were but it wasn't bad I don't know what the price was cuz he paid for everything

jacqueline Worley

I bought fish, it was the worst ?, not fresh made me so sick. Never ever will I go there again.

Arlene A.

Have never been disappointed going here the prices are expensive but the size of their seafood is worth it. Their butter garlic butter sauce is so delicious, oh my goodness you be licking every finger. Seafood lovers this is the place.

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