Chuck's Cafe

551 Hamilton Ave, Trenton
(609) 392-2022

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The service was super polite and great. However, the wings weren't as good as they usually are, and the fries were not done. I could barely bite through one fry, so they were a complete waste of moneyFood: 3/5

jannell roberts

Best wings in Trenton!!Food: 5/5

Elder McKinney

I dine here because I like their wings I like them dry with the sauce on the side

Drew Mowenn

Born n raised in Trenton. Currently live in Atlanta, n how do I wish this comfort of home down here. I always get my wings on the grill. It's only 4 stars because they need to get with the times and start accepting debit/credit cards. It has been and still is cash only.

Ciales PR

Me and my partner ate from here. We loved it! We ordered a 21 piece of wings, 2 cheesesteak meals (that come fries), a small container of tuna salad, and 2 cans of Pepsi. In total we spent $42 but it was easily enough food for 4 people! Inside the restaurant is very clean, and the employees are friendly and informative.

Cakes Warren

When I am in Trenton I have to stop at Chucks they have the best hot wings in town ‼️I never had and issue, and I love when I make the special by 21 wings for $17.99 and get a small order of 14 wings free you can't go wrong. They still have the small wings and not the big ones I am not a fan of big wings at all, I never really tired anything other then the wings and they are good at what they do ! Thank me later it may not look the best ON THE OUTSIDE but the WINGS ARE AMAZING ‼️

calvin tabb

Highly recomendI absolutely love chucks ask for the wings to be grilled wings they charge a little extra but the will grill the Buffalo wings and they taste great adds unique flavor they also have a homemade blue cheese which is 100 times better than what is normally served with wings i always buy extra to have some in the houseThe cheese steak is also great they put the sliced beef on the grill instead of chopping it up


My wings are always fresh.. hit off the grill with extra sauce. I recommend

Ericka Monk

Worlds greatest wing and the homemade blue cheese is like no other. Tuna salad is a must on every visit.

Danny Mcguiness

Device was very good , the wings were also very good, best to go during wing specials, during the. Week!

Rodney Johnson

Good wings, not so good parking

Johnny Fernandez

Great place to buy a large amount of chicken wings for a party or any occasion. I believe this place sell more stuff like burgers, french fries and others stuff, but I usually go there to buy only wings because the prices are good when you buy a large amount of wings. They have two flavors of wings which are barbecue and spicy. The only two problem. First, this place looks a little bit old. Second, they only accept cash but they have a convenient ATM in case you need it.

Paulina O

very clean, well organized and the service was good

Cashmere Robinson

They need to include sales tax with prices

Naty G

I had their buffalo wings for the first time and it was good. They are small but 14 wings filled me up. The prices are great too. I recommend this spot to satisfy your buffalo wing craving. ? Do ask for extra saucey sauce on the wings tho. ?

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