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321 NJ-15, Wharton

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Gwen L.

My assumption when I ordered a salad and a water in a drive thru fast food place was I would get both items presumably edible. Not the case waited 22 minutes and was told I didn't charge you for the water so you'll have to go back in line. Which i decided wasn't worth it then when I got back to work late, waterless I didn't have a fork to eat with either. Needlessly to say I gave up threw the salad away and won't be back.

Mary Ryan

Besides the menu being a truly full menu, the people who work this entire restaurant are top notch. One can feel their ernest enthusiasm whether in house or at the window.

Jeffc6903 .

Went there yesterday and the food was great! Also the staff there were really friendly.

Heather Mclaughlin

Friendly staff but I just waited 35 min in the drive thru and i was late to returning back to work. When i arrived, i only had 6 cars ahead of me.

Michael M.

AVOID, AVOID, AVOID! 33 minute wait for the drive thru!! They just opened up recently, and clearly haven't fully trained staff and worked out the kinks. It's totally unacceptable. Go to Parsippany or Ledgewood in the meantime. Trust me.

Michelle Z.

Very disappointed in this store. The line for the drive-they was long which is expected no matter what TB I go to, but the inside service was no better. We ordered our food and had to wait nearly a half-hour. During this time, one man cancelled his order and two different tables walked up because they got the wrong order. The utensils area was empty and the soda bar was a mess!!! The only reason why they got two stars is because our order was actually correct. It may be a long time before I even consider going back.

Croc C.

Horrible service and they just opened, can not get any worse. Pulled in ordered 4 simple chicken crunchy taco supremes, one car in front of us and a 25min wait? In the drive thru? On a Saturday afternoon? Finally received order and surprise surprise, 4 beef taco supremes? Wtf sorry Taco Bell maybe pay your employees more to actually comprehend the word chicken. We will never be coming back. Thanks for a terrible experience.

john perez

Nice friendly staff how ever the wait at the actual window both times I went was over 15 mins for my food. On top of that they messed up my order BOTH times. Rather take the drive to Roxbury taco bell.

J Cas

My new favorite place. Have only good reviews here. Friendly nice workers good food not a long wait, (but this place does have alot of customers coming in and out) . Happy I dont have to drive to Roxbury no more. Ha

PaGaNi S.

I order 3 steak chalupas supreme and I didnt know that it comes with hair too... hmmm

Brenda D

Worst experience ever tried to place my order for a combo that was listed on the menu. I was told they don't make them anymore tried to order another item I was told once again they don't make those anymore. Not sure exactly what they even make it this place and how you can open a business with a menu items only to say you don't make those. The items I tried to order were what ask TacoBells have on the menus. I will never go back to this location again Better off driving the extra 5 minutes to the Ledgewood location.

Nehali S.

Ok, I've already been here 4 times since the grand opening. Taco Bell is seriously my life, so when I found out it was coming to Wharton, I literally jumped for joy! They have always gotten my order correct, and the employees here are super kind and accommodating (not your typical fast food workers that get super annoyed fast). The inside is obviously super clean since it just opened. I also love that they have a drive thru when my butt is too lazy to go inside. Fun fact: they are bring nacho fries back in a few weeks. Thank god!!

Nehali Shah

Just got out of Taco Bell Wharton Drive Thru. Wait was pretty long for it being midnight, but it was totally worth it!!!! Guy was super nice and completed our order correctly! So thankful that this place is 0.2 miles away!! I love TACO BELL 🔔!!!

Ethan Reiss

I am so very happy that taco bell is available to use locally here!!! The service was a bit slow but very sweet when speaking to the lady at the window! I am rating this 4 stars since my order was mixed up not that big of a deal since everything is so yummy!!

James O'Brien

Excellent among Taco Bells. Nice furniture, friendly staff, and everything else you'd expect from a Taco Bell. There's a drive thru, order kiosk, and you can order via the app too.

Kelly M.

So I LOVE myself some TB! I was so excited when I saw it being built! Finally a fast food place in Wharton, about time! And if course it is favorite fast food chain. Now onto the review.. Staff: super nice, patient Environment: clean for now Food: yummy! And came out quick! We ordered lots of items and each one was good, my favorite is the crunchy gordita taco! The bomb! Parking is fine for now but it will be a nightmare eventually as this place picks up. So run for the border and get yourself some TB!

Bradley R.

I went to the New Taco Bell in Wharton before work. Don't go here if u are in a rush, or have to go to work. There is definitely a lot of congestion due to its location. They need to work on getting cars through the drive thru quicker . I guess it's a work in progress since they just opened though.

Bill M.

Hey there's a brand New Taco Bell in Wharton now. So I went over there to check it out and I totally liked what I saw so far. Had them prepare me up some Crunchy Beef Taco Supremes and they were outstanding so I figured I'd order a few more for the road, you know strickly for research purposes. These Reviews don't write themselves ya know. Sometimes I bet you wished they did though, but where's all the fun in that? Huh? Anyhow, obviously it's just freshly opened so it's clean as can be inside and the training staff seemed to do a Stellar job as the Service here is nice and friendly. I'll be working quality control and doing what I gotta do, let's hope they continue to do their part. So Good Luck to the New Taco Bell. Come and Get Your Munch On!!

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