Cielito Lindo Mexican Restaurant

416 San Pedro Dr SE, Albuquerque
(505) 266-1800

Recent Reviews

Olivia Medel

The food was good. Be careful with camarones a la diabla " devil shrimp" it's way to spicy!! The service was okay. I tiped her well anyway.


The best tacos, good size portion, salsa is hot. Friendly service, nice authentic decor, and clean restuarant.

sam trujillo

Good food at a fair price, good size portions, and friendly service. Will definitely be back

Cheyenne Kolody

The food is good with large portions.

Toni Nelson

Nice little place.. Very good food.. Especially the shrimp fajitas... Good waitress... We'd come back when in town

Guillermo Romero

Awsome staff and good food

gustavo hernandez

Food was amazing, authentic Mexican food, friendly and we'll priced. Five Stars 💯🔥💯

Victor Martinez

Water tastes like plastic melted along a sewage system.

Sarahy Rascon

Its good food but it filled me up fast

Mexican English Bullterrier In America

It's ok I guess the building is nice though

Sheila Malmo

Great food! Glutenfree options available

Veronica marquez

Best place to go eat Mexican food

Alice Wakefield

Terrific food and service at a reasonable price

Layla Good

Food was alright,the enchiladas were a little sour and the pina and horchata tasted watery and bad! DO NOT order aguas from there. Other than that,service was okay and the queso fundido was good.

William S.

Was not a great experience - Service was slow - food was average - Mole was a little too sweet for my taste. The Hot sauce was boring. The Pork options were limited. The meal came out cold but I was in a hurry and ate it anyway. It made me sick 4-6 hours later. Not going back. I wish it lived up to half of the reviews I saw.

Angela Durham

Great tacos with sides. Authentic Mexican food.

Buggzy Troy

Delicious food and good service... Love the atmosphere

Debbie W.

After reading the reviews, Considered not trying this spot. So so glad we did!! My sister and I both had the Maripossa (not sure if that's right lol) -- grilled fish topped with shrimp and seafood served with baked potato and mixed steamed veggies along with flour or corn tortilla. WONDERFUL!! We both could only eat about half... and a skinny girl I am not!! The melon water, which they make on site along with pineapple and horchata, was possibly the most delicious thing I've ever tasted!!! Will most definitely bring hubby and my grandson back!!

Margie Castillo

Have eaten there many times. Consistently great!!

Ali Alsup

We get the steak tortas from here and they are so good! Fresh avocado and well seasoned steak with other vegetables served with fries, chips and salsa! It’s a really great deal and it’s delicious!!

Maria E Escamilla

Everything looked so delicious until I taste and the meat in my gorditas was Routan and spoiled I will definitely not going back because I could get sick and I am pregnant this sucks!

suzanne baca

went to the one on central i ordered the chuleta plate it was really good and had quite a bit of meat on it my friends plate cost more and had less food he wasn't satisfied with it i cant remember the name of the plate but i will definitely go back for the chuletas .

Jon Loehr

I had not been to Albuquerque for a few years so I had to stop. Ididnt know this until after I had already sat down, but the original Lindo Mexico that was at this location has moved to a new locations about a mile away. There is a new restaurant at this location with a similar name, but it has different owners. The new restaurant was good, but not as good as the old one. The price was reasonable and the service was fast.

Marina Delgado

We arrived and were seated quickly. Service was ok. The food came out at a reasonable considering they make it at time of order. Definitely more authentic Mexican food than other places we’ve been.

Audrey V.

Food is overcooked and mostly fried and overly priced. Do not eat here. Service is at minimum mediocre. Barely attentive waitress. My drink glass was never refilled during the course of my meal which included horribly overcooked shrimp empanadas

Joe M.

Really good spot for Mexican. The mole is my favorite, but you can't go wrong with anything of the menu, plus you're supporting local!!

Mindy W.

I LOVE this place. It's not pretty, it's not fast, it's not even that friendly, but it's real. It's simple. It's authentic. Their mexican rice is the only rice I'll eat. Their sauces are just right. It's inexpensive, family oriented and just plain good. Plus, they have the best seafood menu anywhere in New Mexico. Don't know how they do it, but they do. Try it, you'll like it.

Leroy L.

Hard to pronounce name but who needs to pronounce the name when the food speaks for itself! Excellent food and good service! Highly recommend oysters prepared.....delicious!!! Atmosphere feels great with a nice wait staff. As you walk in you see Mexican art and antiquities nicely done. Recommended as a nice place for lunch or dinner.

John W.

I think this is the first time I've seen "Tamal" at a restaurant. I've seen plenty of "Tamale" before. Does that make Cailito Lindo more authentic? Maybe, but I'll say the current 3-3.5 star rating is about right. I did get the Tamal dish and was glad I didn't upgrade to the Tamales by taking the option to add another. I'm not glad because the food wasn't any good. The reason is, one was plenty. In addition to the tamal, there were two eggs, beans, cheese, potatoes, and the standard assortment of vegetables. They also brought out chips with red, green, and cheese sauces for dipping. Finally, they brought out four flour tortillas for the two of us. My Tamal dish was $6 so that's a lot of food for the money. Why the 3-3.5 star rating then? It's mostly about flavor and overall quality of the food. Everything was decent but nothing stood out. The tamal was a bit dry inside but the flavor was there and the green chile sauce on top helped. I got the breakfast version of the enchilada player on another visit. It was good with the egg and green chile on top. Added chicken for extra protein. All in all, there are some better food options in the area but I'd go back for some reasonably authentic Mexican cuisine at a decent price.

Carlos O.

Came here mistaking it for the old restaurant that used to be here, Lindo Mexico. Big mistake. I should have been alerted by the fact that I was the only one there for lunch. For starters, chips and salsa they brought out came with '' queso, '' that was obviously canned nacho cheese. Seriously? Second, no carne asada on the menu short of tacos. How can a Mexican restaurant not have a carne asada plate? Lesson learned, will not be back.

Vixx B.

Food was ok. Green bell pepper still had sticker on it after it was cooked. Weird. Owner took it and was like sorry. Spice was off on the food. It was just ok. Not worth eating if you only have time to try one restaurant in the area. I would keep looking. Next time I am in town, I will try something else for sure. I just hope I don't get sick.

Saul R.

One of the best Old Mexican food restaurants in the Burque. Their carne asada is AMAZING, along with many, many other dishes. I could spend hours telling you how about the many excellent meals I ate here and how much I love this place, but just go there and find for yourself. AMAZING food!

Ashlee B.

I love this place! The staff is friendly, and our food was served very fast. The atmosphere is clean, and enjoyable with the fountain in the middle. I ordered the beef tacos, and the meat was not dried out, and the shell was so crunchy and appeared to be freshly made.

Davetta W.

So much right with this place! Food's divine. Service is stellar! Chatting with our server was pleasant addition to the wonderful dining experience. Deshebrada tortas were huge...and divine. The star is the #red sauce served with chips before you even order...they should bottle that and sell it separate...Best red Chile sauce EVAH! I almost forgot the ceviche daughter's first ceviche. It's good, and fresh.

chieko a.

I have been wanting to try this place so I finally went in for a late lunch/early dinner. I love seafood and I knew they had it on their menu. SO I ordered oysters on the half-shell. Yes, you heard it right, 6 medium oysters, RAW, fresh and tasty for $6.95. I ate them them with lemon and their wonderfully picante salsa and a couple of dashes of hot sauce. Delicious with an ice cold cerveza. Next for me was their shrimp ceviche tostada. OMG! Only $5.50! I received a huge mound of marinated chopped shrimp with chopped tomato, jalapeno, cilantro, generous slices of avocado, served on a corn tostada on a bed of lettuce. I squeezed lime juice on all of that, topped it with some of their salsa and was in ceviche heaven! I couldn't eat it all. I had to stop there. End of eating. What a bummer! They do bring you a complimentary basket of chips with salsa when you're first seated. The salsa has a bite and is not for wimps so I did consume a lot of that. Had to ask for more it was so good! I eat extremely hot foods so for a restaurant, I thought this salsa was extremely good. Probably the best I've had in ABQ. It had nice fresh slices of scallions and cilantro, like the sauce was just made right before you got there. If you like your salsa a little more acidic, a few squeezes of lime will take care of that for you. They also have a roasted green chile salsa that you can ask for. If you ask for hot sauce, they bring you three, Tabasco, Tapatio, and Cholula. I forgot to add that the shrimp in the ceviche is actually cooked and I don't mean by the marinade. I'm glad I stopped by. The food was fresh and delicious. The service friendly. The owner talked with me about the business and we shared some ideas. He told me they had a packed Cinco De Mayo with music outside on their patio. I'm sorry I missed that. He hopes to start having music on Sunday afternoons with food and drink specials. That sounds like fun! Their hours now are Sun. thru Thurs. 10am-6pm, Fri.-Sat 10am-8pm. They serve breakfast all day even though the menu says only until 11am so don't be afraid to ask. I can't wait to go back!