Flying Star Cafe

4026 Rio Grande Blvd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 344-6714

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Alex Williamson

I have been eating at Flying Star since I was a kid. The food, desserts and baked goods are so delicious. The customer service is excellent and they also have wonderful coffee drinks. One of my favorite restaurants in town.Food: 5/5

Janay S

The price for the food is a little a on the higher side. Not that the food is bad, but I couldn't finish my chicken risotto couscous, too many flavors going on. My son was happy with his fish and chips though and the red drink I got was tasty.

Silver S. Parnell

I had a Buddha Bowl and it was a fabulous mélange of beautifully cooked rice topped with chopped chicken pieces that were juicy and tender on the inside and crispy crunchy on the outside, along with gorgeous veg and crispy strips. The sauce was subtle but delicious. The ONLY complaints I have is that they don't take the spines out of the pea pods AND the pieces of veg are way way way too big. I'll ask for a sharp knife the next time, so I can cut those pieces down to bite size. My friend and I brought our dogs and we sat outside under the trees. Even though it was a hot day, the shade provided by trees was plenty to take the temps down quite a bit. I just love this restaurant.

Doug Musso

The food tastes great. I had the Cobb salad and my friend had the turkey sandwich. The peach tea tastes great as well, not too sweet. The staff are friendly and helpful.

Maranda H.

Everyone was happy with their food and it had a fun atmosphere. We didn't bring our dogs this time but really like their petio.

Dario S.

This place is full of friendly employees and tasty creative food. The pastries and food have yet to disappoint and I predict it that I would be back quite regularly if I didn't live in a different state. This is the perfect place for a cozy breakfast or brunch. I highly recommend the Fabulous French Toast. The bread was fresh and soft in the middle with a chewy crust and the brown sugar syrup will make you forget all about maple. Also for the fellow cheese lovers; the grilled mac and cheese sandwich + the chicken tenders + your favorite hot sauce becomes an experience worth trying.


People, including myself, go here because the atmosphere is great and one can sit as long as they like. I find myself going there as a bailout when nothing else works out. The desserts and drinks are very good, although way overpriced. The food is actually generally quite bad, if one moves past a basic burrito or burger. My wife won't eat there, but my daughter likes the breakfast burrito so we went there today. I had the vegan street tacos which were bordering on vile. I think this place has survived due to lack of competition, so they won't need to change at least for now

Briana A.

I'm not one to write bad reviews and I've been coming here for 10+ years and holy smokes the prices have gotten outrageous everything is up $3+! The salad I used to pay $13 is now $17 for some lettuce and chicken. Tonight they informed me that soup is now a seasonal thing it's never been like that I used to get grilled cheese and tomato soup all year long. On top of this all of the portions have shrunk and the quality is going down! I understand the pandemic and current state of the world but man it is so sad for such a long time favorite place become what it has!

D G.

There was a time when FS served scrambled tofu and it was the best ever! They had the best bread for toast too. We like FS but it's never as good as we thought it would be and the price is high for disappointment. Also, there must be a new baker because they had the best apple pie ever. I had it the other day and what happened? I didn't eat even half of it.

Sandra B.

You can never go wrong here. If you want a snack and coffee or tea to study or get work done. Or dinner with family. Or dessert and coffee with friends in the evening. My favs include: queso fries, burger with onion rings, cheesecake, the pies

Robert L

Excellent for breakfast lunch or dinner with indoor or patio dining options. Order at the counter and food delivered to your table.

Wayne terry

When we arrived there was a line waiting to order. You have to seat yourself at the cafe. The seating outside if you want to bring your dog. Our visit started out on a negative note. A woman come to our table who I can only assume is the manager as she did not identify herself. Asked if I was videotaping "her employees". I answered no and then in a even Sterner voice she asked me the same question again, to which I answered no again. Service was horrible! Rather loud inside the restaurant. There was a woman next to us who completely exposed herself I thought she was going to feed her child, but never did and finally put it away. Then the next thing I saw her do was sniff her child's rear end and then put her hand in that area smelled it and then actually stuck her tongue to the fingers she used. Never saw the manager visit her table! Food was good, however I will never go in there again!

Fr D.

Used to be a great place to go, now the prices are so much higher and the food portions and quality have gone down significantly. Last time we ordered breakfast everything came out cold and had to be sent back

Bryan S.

The food is great and I appreciate that they offer vegan options. There is one thing that they need to fix and that is the booths and tables need to cleaned for there customers when was looking for place to sit most the spots were dirty. I will definitely come back because the food and the service is great.

Ronald N.

they charge $18 for the Asian salad and it is nothing but greens it's supposed to have chicken and what was there was one skinny chicken tender for this price I would expect to have at least enough chicken to satisfy an appetite very disappointed in this meal and it was not worth the money spent. Makes me question whether or not I will return to the flying star as their prices are extremely high and their food is getting less and less

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