Hannah & Nate's

6251 Riverside Plaza Ln, Albuquerque
(505) 922-1155

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Daniel C.

First the red chili is super GOOD!!! A great balance on the sour side with the perfect kick! I loved it!!! Staff is super friendly and attentive. Food came out very quick. The atmosphere is nice almost like a courtyard but you're inside. Very quiet a great place to chat it up.

Susan V.

Our favorite local place for breakfast. The shrimp omelet is my favorite. Service is prompt and friendly.

Karley M.

Where the hell is management here?! Letting a person dine in that is obviously homeless and on drugs talking to an imaginary person making gestures to me across the way. Making everyone uncomfortable to where the waitresses don't even want to say anything. He goes in the bathroom forever. Mine you this bathroom smells like cat pee. Had to sit close to it. To where the workers are waiting outside the bathroom. But tell a customer you guys usually just give them some food. Thats fine if you want to give them food. But let them sit inside making paying customers uncomfortable? How is that okay?????

Renee P.

Delicious. Ordered the chips and salsa, chocolate chip cookies, sloppy jose and grilled chicken sandwich.

Michelle C.

I love some of the other restaurants in the plaza Hannah and Nate's is located in, so when they opened, I was chrious to check them out. We walked in to a cute little restaurant with friendly staff who sat us right away. The place is decorated to look like a little french cafe, from the tables with plastic fruit to the painted farmers market and rolling hills. We initially got the breakfast menu, but found out they serve a full menu all day! So we got the lunch menu. I was so excited to see the New Mexico inspired menu. The sandwich menu was my favorite and had a Bosque Grilled Cheese, Rio Grande Turkey, and NM BLT. The list of salads was refreshing as well. I ended up getting the NM BLT with a side of fruit, while my husband got a beef and potato burrito smothered in green chili. The NM BLT was delicious. Basically a BLT, with crisp and flavorful bacon, crisp and sweet lettuce, plump tomato slices, monterey jack cheese, and the familiar nip of spice and tang from the green chile on a multigrain toast. Absolutely masterful! The fruit was perfectly ripe, sliced generously, and a sweet, fresh option to pair with the sandwich. The beef and potato burrito came out absolutely overstuffed, the way a good smothered burrito should be! The beef was spiced beautifully, potatoes cooked to the perfect tenderness. As we left we learned there's a second location, too!! I can't wait to check it out. If you're looking for a tasty lunch that won't break the bank, you'll be pleasantly surprised by Hannah and Nate's.

Therese V

Absolutely incredible food. I got the New Mexican Breakfast Bagel and it was to die for.The best part of the visit was definitely our waitress, Nicole. She was genuinely really lovely. Asked us questions and gave her opinion about what food she thought was good. And she also suggested getting the chili on the side for my boyfriend so he could try multiple different flavors.Overall, really really great experience, and Nicole should get a raise or promotion or something.

Bella S.

My breakfast has no hash brown. The avocado is literally brown. First time here and probably my last.


My husband ordered the mushroom/spinach omelette. He says it was delish. It came with hash browns and fresh fruit garnish, and he says it was the biggest breakfast he's ever had. I ate eggs, bacon, with a side of French toast... very good quality bacon and sausage. Enjoyable meal, always busy there.?

Gage The critic

Cool little spot to get a good meal for lunch good price and comfortable environment

Jessica C.

I had the vegetable burrito with egg whites and it was delicious. It was very large too! Two people with mild appetites could easily split it. Staff was friendly. I'll definitely go back.

Mark Anderson

The food was amazing here , I will definitely be back !!! Very friendly staff!!

Kat Kandel

A bit disappointing. The food was good even though my order was wrong. Oatmeal came with almonds rather than walnuts as requested. I ate it with the almonds, but no milk or brown sugar accompanied the order. I requested them, and they were brought promptly. Iced coffee came as a full-to-the-brim cup of very strong, very hot coffee...and a tall glass (with short spoon) of ice resulting in lukewarm coffee, which I spilled a little as it was very difficult to pour. I requested another cup of ice which was brought promptly. The server had a friendly smile, but I expected this place to show more attention to details.

Glenda Sanchez

Breakfast here is always tasty! They have a breakfast enchiladas plate that is superb! I love the french toast! I got apple juice this time, but they also carry my fave- IBC Root Beer! The servers are attentive and the atmosphere is wonderful and homey. The manager is friendly and always checks on the guests at each table. I love the decor and enjoy the homestyle settings!

M L.

Absolutely satisfying!! I was a bit skeptical from the beginning as the wait was quite long, even though there weren't very many people waiting. Though our party of 7, waited almost thirty minutes to be seated, it was worth the wait. Food was absolutely delicious! The one and only situation we encountered was our waitress forgot to put one of our orders in. Once it was brought to her attention staff did what they could to make things right. They apologized, kindly boxed and comped my meal. An older gentleman, who may have been the owner, was extremely polite and thanked us for dining at the restaurant. He chatted with my folks for awhile while we paid and even made it a point to speak with my seven year old daughter, who also said how polite this gentleman was. Not only will the tasty food bring us back, but the excellent service we received will have us choosing Hannah and Nate's over Wecks (which is practically next door) any day. We have found our new breakfast/brunch spot!!!

Lisa A.

Me and my mom were driving around town and saw this place. So I looked up reviews and decided to try it. I was excited to try it after reading the reviews and seeing the pictures. I ordered enchiladas and my mom got an omelet. I saw the red chilli and it looked so delicious. I was excited to try it. But I took a few bites and noticed it tasted kind of sweet. Than I realized it had tomato sauce in the chilli. I asked my mom to taste it and she agreed it had tomato sauce. I was so disappointed in that chilli. That is not normal New Mexican chilli to add tomato sauce to it. I ate it but was very disappointed in my dish. My mom wasn't to thrilled with her omelet either. She said they put very little ham in it. So sorry to say that we will not be coming back to try it again. Definitely do not recommend the red chilli. I had high hopes for the place. Just keep chilli without tomato sauce please. Not good.

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