Hibachi One

3230 Coors Blvd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 839-0808

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P Shattuck

Delicious food as always, did have to ask for sauces but can't complain about the customer service as it was terrific at the bar. Margaritas need some improvement. They were willing to remake it which was nice. Love the location, easy to find and good parking.

Loreal Ferguson

Good show, very good show! And all the staff there is very polite and nice. The portions are worth the price, and all of the hibachi food is splendid!

killer clown 69 warzone

We have been going there for years and my kids love to watch the guys cook he they call them the cooking ninjas great cuisine good environment and the jokes are always a plus to have to make you feel comfortable and welcome

Victoria Trujillo

We love coming here, especially with our kids. They have so much fun and food is worth the price ! Chefs are very entertaining!

Josh B.

I had the New York roll. Very good. Big chunk of tuna and avocado inside with a smaller sliver of salmon and avocado on top. A lot of sushi places skimp on avocado and add a big piece of cucumber to fill the space but not here. It could've used some type of sauce or spice on top. It was slightly bland. I ordered takeout and drizzled on some spicy/sweet Thai chili sauce from my fridge and it took it to the next level. It was still very good as ordered.

Laura B.

There was a half hour wait on Saturday for Teppan for lunch. We finally got seated. The clear soup with scallions and mushroom slices was good. It was a very small portion of iceberg lettuce with ginger dressing. The steamed rice, and sautéed veggies were good. The filet mignon, for a dinner portion was very small, as well. It was tender and juicy, and I enjoyed the ginger sauce with it. The kids liked their chicken as well, but once again, a really small portion. I guess due to shortages, and inflated food prices, they offset with smaller portions. The place was clean and well maintained. We will be back.

Sara Asadi

We've always had good experience and the food and sushi are very delicious. We've been there few times. They inside environment is also very nice!

Wera Carrillo

excelente atención comida de primera lo recomiendo 1000

Rich E.

Don't let the lack of curb appeal dissuade you from trying Hibachi One. Fresh food cooked at your table with a bit of humor and entertainment thrown in made this an enjoyable lunch. The service was on par with very respectful staff. Overall I enjoyed eating here and recommend them.

Priscilla Gallegos

good food, atmosphere, wait staff, love love love

janet lopez

I wasn't happy with the hostess, my sister went and had reservations for us. Most of our party was there except for 3. She made us wait for all the party which is normally fine, however, when they got there we end up having to wait additional time because she's seated everybody in our place. The only thing giving you a better rating, was the Hibachi cook. He was amazing and super funny

Stephanie Jester

Service is outstanding, the sushi options are great, the taste is very good and the hibachi was also very good not over salty it was just right. Price was also very good..

Dee M.

they forgot about us at the hibachi table. they forgot to cook our food....and we were sitting right there. Not sure why it was assumed that we were just sitting there to stare at the food at the food and not eat it?? we were literally sitting there and the chef truly thought we were just sitting there eating sushi and after I told him we ordered chicken, he said "chicken nuggets?" Why would we order bar food at the hibachi grill?? This entire experience sucked and we honestly waited patiently, not really know how the hibachi experience worked and no one noticed that we had no food, until he was all done.

Linda Zamora

Excellent food and customers service!!!

Alina Preciado

Great experience for my family we had a total of 13 people including kids and they were amazing. Seating took us 10 minutes and the food came fast!! Will come here again

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