La Luz Coffee

1115 Griegos Rd NW, Albuquerque
(505) 308-5430

Recent Reviews

Tye Dye

Amazing little place ? definitely worth stopping through everyone is so nice

Nalleli Reyes Garcia

Tried them at the balloon fiesta this year. The donuts were great! So perfect! But the coffee tastes burnt and the person serving the coffee has zero concept of what “space for cream” meant. Recommend the donuts but not the coffee.

Amyrenee Lucero

I spotted La Luz after taking a wrong turn near where I live and was so excited to see it. Local coffee having a drive thru is uncommon here. The first time I tried it there was a mishap with the lid not being on my hot latte correctly so it spilt on me and all over my new car but I was able to clean in up and the little taste of coffee that was left in the cup was so good I wanted to give it another shot. (It seems their cups are a little flimsy which is my only complaint) but every other time Ive come my lattes have been delicious and the barista Alanna is especially nice. La Luz is my new go to anytime I’m not feeling the drip coffee I can make at home (which is most days).

kk Dior

I won't be back. Just went though morning rush hour and waiting in line for coffee and donuts for me and my staff. Your credit card machine was down and the manager wouldn't take a check. What a wasted morning and it ruined one of my formerly favorite places. Horrible customer service.

Steven Koppos

Best place to get a cold brew and pink frosted donut this side of town

Chris Hammetter

Great coffee and really great breakfast burritos.

Kro DaJuggalo

Probably the BEST coffee I've ever had, it was cold and I dont normally get it that way but it was just PERFECT!

Nik C

Awesome coffee (vanilla latte) and glazed donut

Jawed A.

Good coffee. Great, freshly squeezed lemonade. A very pleasant server. Main area under renovation. Service only at drive through hut. Unique experience.

Allison Gentile

This is the best coffee I've ever had. The flavor and aroma are so rich, just what you always hope for when you get coffee. Normally I have to add sugar in order to enjoy coffee, but La Luz coffee doesn't need any sweetener at all. I usually order a latte, and the milk alone is enough to make this the smoothest drink with just a hint of sweetness. It has absolutely no bitter or acid-y flavor. So much better than Starbucks, and La Luz is consistent, while I've found Starbucks to be very up and down as far as flavor goes. The people who work here are great too, always friendly and ready to make a perfect cup for you.

Sydney Counce

I live in the neighborhood and have been coming to La Luz since they opened. I adore the staff, they are all so friendly and welcoming. The lattes are well crafted and my kids love the donuts. The apple fritter is enormous and totally scrumptious! Right now it’s a drive-thru only but I believe they are planning to open the indoor shop soon.

Jennifer Sandoval

Love this little corner in ABQ! My husband raves about the coffee and I LOVE the lemonade. We like to bring our flower truck here in the warmer months, but really its for selfish reasons so that we can get more than 1 cup of lemonade in the day ;)

C Winter

Love love love this little coffee stand. The girl working the drive thru is soooo sweet and adorable. Went twice in one week while visiting my daughter in ABQ. Both lattes were perfect. Tried the lavender latte and would definitely recommend it. Great donuts...tried the maple and the Boston cream.'ll love it.

katherine bluff

I am obsessed with this place! Whenever I am in Albuquerque I always make a point to stop here. The staff is super friendly, and Liz is a barista extraordinare! They always have some new fun drink for me to try, I will be back!

Virginia Varner

The latte was divine, the breakfast burrito delicious and the barista was absolutely delightful. Definitely going back!

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