1420 Montaño Rd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 345-1814

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Craig Campbell

Personally, I thought it was horrible. I spent 10.00 on what I thought would at least be a pretty huge cheeseburger. Boy, was I wrong. I ended up with a Jr. cheeseburger. Not only that, but they didn't even put any lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, or onions on it. Definitely not a place I would recommend. I know one thing, I'll never buy anything from that place again.

Ton Jaure

Probably for the drive thru this place is fine. Walk-in was not a friendly experience. Bathrooms are code locked and we stood at the counter for a while, everyone saw us, no one came to help. If it wasn’t for the app to pay, we would have gone across the street to Wendy’s.

Jade Taylor

One of the worst mcdonalds you can go to but will work if you're desperate. The food always tastes like its old and the employees are very rude. Any of times I've come here my order has never been correct. I would highly recommend going to any other location. The next closest is on 12th/Indian School. They are way better than this place, best mcdonalds is on Carlisle by Walmart. Take the little bit of extra time and go to a different location. Dont waste your money here.

Amanda Cox

Great staff. They were very efficient and when my daughter dropped all her nuggets they gave her new ones.

Crystal Moody

The drive through times are always a lie. Change the times!!! They close at 11pm. Workers are always outside just smoking and chilling! This is so ridiculous! People are inside but won’t take me order either!

Ray Padilla

This McDonald's is close to were I work and after a few experiences here, this place can't seem to ever get it right. Every single time attempt to buy something there is a problem. Food is always missing, and I always have to go back for correction. Every.Single.Time. Just go to the McDonald's on 4th Street. They actually pay attention to what food is going to who.

Gia and Gumby Morgan

Good place to go. Fast service. Every now and than they get our order wrong but always enjoy the great customer service they provide.Food: 3/5

Bleik Monroy

Thank you for letting me charge my phone while enjoyed a delicious vanilla cone. Your place is clean and full of good hearted people. I will return again to your drive-thru because it was such a pleasant experience late at night. My mom was so happy to hear someone with great customer service. Thank you for making my parents smile. ?Food: 5/5


This location is very good. The food is served up quick. It's delicious. They always have gotten our order correct. Good service

adrian moya

These people late night always messing up had my mobile order in go pick it up from across town and they didn't want to make my food and being rude cuz I didn't go through GrubHub or Uber eats the worker just want to lose money for the store they should close if they don't want to make food when people order

Jhon Garza

Actually I didn't eat there . I had to hury and put my meds on ice . I ran in and explained my situation. The manager was a pleasant person to talk to I gave her money for the ice , she said , no no , come get what you need . Is there anything else I can do for you ? I'm telling you. You can find good people anywhere

Taanyka Terry

My food is never fresh when I come here it doesn't matter if I ask for fresh food wait the front of the restaurant my food is never fresh when I come here! I can literally sit in a line for 45 minutes and still have to get cold food that doesn't make sense to me


The drive through at this McDonald's is always busy, but it moves along very quickly! Great place to grab that quick bite to go

NerGotStyle 23

Great service, was very fast ordering and getting my food. One thing was my hash brown was not fully cooked but everything else was good.

Carlos Los

We was doin doordash and they should have a different line for people trying to pick up orders and get out of there right away instead of having to send a big long line for nothing when the food's already done and getting cold

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