Philly Steaks

2520 Juan Tabo Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 582-2527

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kenneth gill

First time here, take out only, for covid. I ordered a steak with cheese wiz, chili cheese fries and a steak with provolone. Would be 5 stars, but the steak with cheese wiz there was hardly any cheese??? If you look at the pictures its covered. Maybe this was a one off occurrence. It was good enough to try again. Not cheap, but you can tell they use quality ingredients.

Phylisha K. Charley

Always a great place to eat! My family and I love to come here! Great atmosphere! Great food! Amazing staff!!! 10 Stars for us!!!

T Smith

Really enjoyed the philly cheesesteaks both chicken and beef! I'm saving the last star for when I go back for the Hoagie. I'll see if it meets to my 'Philly memories'. Real pleasant staff and even talked to an employee that loves to start his shift by eating a meal first!

Rhonda Thomas

I relocated here from Philly, and was craving a good cheesesteak. This place did not disappoint! The best cheesesteak outside Philadelphia! To be honest, I’ve had cheesesteaks in Philly during my lifetime that did not measure up to this place! Owner and employees were super nice and professional! I can’t wait to take my Philly visitors here when they come!

Bill G

Ordered carry out for the first time earlier this week and we were back again today for more great sandwiches and those awesome fries with the old bay seasoning. We’ve tried the cheesesteak, chicken steak sandwich and a hoagie. Everything was great. Really great bread for the sandwiches too! This is now one of our favorite places in ABQ for sandwiches and fries.

Valentin Molina

Overall excellent experience & food. Good customer service. Great philly steaks for a decent price. The cheese fries were also pretty good. Will visit again.

Daniel A.

Haven't had a philly this good in a while..pepper jack cheese and hot peppers...super friendly staff very good customer service...can't wait to visit again soon

Madison Kent

Delicious food and friendly service. Will definitely come here again and again ?

Juliet Rieger McMahon

Very good Philly cheesesteaks! Traditional Philly cheesesteaks are with whiz! The staff is phenomenal! Extremely professional and so very friendly! Loved it! We will be back again this week before we move.

Andrea C.

Sadly they have gone downhill. This place used to be steller. Now portions are less, the meat quality seems to have gone down and service is lacking. More than one occasion now I have had issues with my cheese. Either it was left out completely or was given on the side. For the price you pay, having to warm your own cheeze wiz and pour on the sandwich and fries seems kinda backwards...... Sandwich was definitely not as good as before. Hopefully in a post Covid world they can rebound, but the quality has been going down now for about 11 months. I keep giving them chances but I think they are about to join my ban list.....

Rhianna D.

Vegetarian friendly cheesesteaks?! Sign me up. My friend who LOVES Philadelphia told me this was the only cheesesteak place to go in town. I don't have much experience, but i was not let down! The bread was fresh and fillings delicious. The staff was super friendly and helpful since i had no idea what i was doing lol. Definitely coming back!

Jose Aragon

I tried this place for lunch today. It's the most authentic Philly cheese steak I've had west of the Mississippi. I would only change two things 1) more cheese. It was very lacking in my steak and the sandwich was dry as a result. I like it completely blended into the meat. And 2) add chipotle mayo as a condiment choice. Slathered on the steak and on the fries it's amazing. And my pups loved the grilled cheese sandwich!

Denise Elvrum

Hubby is a native Philadelphian, and this is the best Philly cheesesteak he's found outside of Philadelphia! Even the buns are excellent @

Amr Othman Agha

I am visiting from Chicago and I love Philly cheese steaks sandwiche. I am picky and I don't like fatty meat. I just finished my sandwich, This sandwich was great and the meat was well done. In addition to the sweet ladies over there were so friendly, keeping everything is clean and wearing masks to follow the rules.

Briana Cuestas

The food is delicious! The cashier and cook (I believe they are also the owners) are very welcoming and friendly.

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