Pizza Hut

2916 San Mateo Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 880-1300

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Emily Fontana

The only positive thing I can say about my most recent experience is that my order arrived fast. But from the beginning, I noticed that the pizza I usually order, stuffed crust, cost at least 5 dollars more than usual. I decided to order anyway (online) and specifically put a note requesting it not be overcooked. When I opened the pizza, the cheese was dark brown and crusty atop the entire pizza. Imagine all the commercials where a slice of pizza is being lifted from the pie and the cheese stretches.... yeah, the little cheese that was on it just crumbled. The stuffed crust was dry and either had less cheese inside or the cheese was so overcooked it melted out. The bottom of the pizza was like cardboard. I was so angry I called right away. I've had to do this a few other times in the past and they'd always credit me the price of the entire pizza, usually apologizing saying something or other about their oven cooking unevenly. While on the phone with the employee, she was rude and then offered a $10 credit. I told her that I wouldn't accept that and, especially now, that the price went up, I wanted a full-price credit. Obviously annoyed with me, she said ok and then hung up on me. In the past, when this pizza is done right, I really enjoy it. It's a shame that with a price increase comes poor quality, the poorest quality I've seen from them yet. I realize that this country is experiencing inflation, but big companies like Pizza Hut ought not cut corners or cheapen their product. I realize losing one customer (me) won't make or break them, but I suspect a lot of people would share the same sentiment around this.

Lena Torivio

The quality of the food has definitely gone down. The breadsticks we had were hard and barely had any seasoning on them. The pizza had very little sauce and toppings on it. The crust was also very hard and lacked any seasoning. The staff didn't come off as friendly or welcoming.

Meredith Mendoza

This Pizza Hut was great and the employee was very efficient and kind. Got my pizza super fast and it was great!

Francisco Mejia

Initially I ordered online everything was fine when I arrive to the store I was informed by an employee that the manager was not in and they were not serving any food and they didn't know when the manager was going to return so I paid for something and never received it so that's why they get one star

dawn gesiakowski

I stupidly didn't get the delivery girls name the other night, after what had been a very long ordeal, physically and mentally, this girls smile and bubbly personality made all the bad from the day, just disappear. Rarely see people smile anymore, and when this girl did, the world was bright and alright again!!

Elaina Gomez

Last time I came to this location, they took a really long time to get my order. The staff was not attentive and forgot half of it. I wasnt happy. The manager apologized and put a credit on my account. I thought he was just telling me what I wanted to hear. Sure enough, he really followed through. I decided to order again today and had such a better experience. The counter person displayed excellent customer skills, my order was ready right away, and the manager had given me the credit after all. I didnt like ordering through a call center. However, everything else went great with my order.

Daejah Hasslacher

Ordered online and the wait time was 10-20 minutes. I requested contactless pickup which is basically curbside, they bring it out to your car. I arrived 15 mins after ordering and called the store to let them know I was outside. 10 minutes pass and no one comes outside. I come inside and there are two workers and neither of them acknowledge my existence. When they finally do they say it’s gonna be another 10 minutes. Those 10 minutes pass and the male worker comes up to me and tells me they haven’t even started on my order. At this point it has been a total of 55 minutes and I still haven’t received my order.

Joseph Arnett

This Pizza Hut is not a dine in place but it's great for running in and getting the pizza and the things you want to eat in your vehicle or at your house. The timing was great and it did not take too long. Staff was nice.

Kenneth Decker

Ordered a big box with pepperoni lovers and super supreme for delivery 1 hour and a half got wrong order . I took the order back and was give pizza that was not cooked very well also getting high out back was more important than customer service. I took my order back next day hoping to get a better response from the manager no-good all she was able to do was store credit wow like I really want my food cooked buy them again so sad how this store has been down grade they need a health code enforcement vist.took pictures of her with pizza I returned to be continued when I get in touch with owner because I am feeling very ill ITS BEEN 2 WEEKS SINCE THE BAD EXPERIENCE MET WITH A DIFFERENT MANAGER IN WITCH HE MADE THE SITUATION END AS FOR HIS EFFORTS ? THANK YOU

Irene Larranaga

Had to wait over an hour and then when I went to order she had a loud voice and I asked her if they had any deals on pezza she was not happy with me and I left need more compassion for there cousumers not happy with the manegr of the night cu thank you for all of you help please let me know when you get a new Crew

Krys Yazzie

Very good thin crust here. Wings could be better.

Allison Jennings

The pizza was good, my only issue is I ordered online and did pickup but it still asked for a tip. Pizza hut should increase wages instead of asking more from their customers.

Mirna M.

Very rude employee named April. Wouldn't recommend. I placed order online and picked it up so I couldn't cancel.

Paul Perez

Have had pizza from an other Pizza Hut in the same local area and by far this locations quality of food and quality of customer service has been the best. It was a great experience for carryout!

Hubert Knifong

Pizza was maybe the worse pizza that I have ever had from Pizza Hut. The tomato sauce was not evenly spread over the pie; it was all at the edges. The dough was soft, spongy, and hard to eat. The crust did not seem to be cooked enough.

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