Restoration Pizza

5161 Lang Ave NE suite a, Albuquerque
(505) 582-2720

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Molly C

This has become my favorite place to grab pizza. The road runner is hands down amazing. Usually has a pretty good beer selection but lacks cider options like most breweries do.Also if you’re a fan of Dions ranch this place is 100x better!

Cecilia Zepeda

A great find! They truly have fun with their pizza toppings and have a monthly special worth checking out! My favorite is the vegetarian! It's rare to find a restaurant who offers a veggie pizza with no olives. While I understand you can ask for no olives it was nice not to have to worry about it.

Crystal Edwards

I only had a small window to grab a bite while on a break and I went to check this spot out because it was close by. They don't have pizza by the slice like I was hoping for because it's usually quicker, but they did have personal pan pizzas so I ordered the veggie one and hoped I would have time to eat it lol. My waitress knew I was in a hurry so she was even cool enough to bring me out a to go box when my food arrived without me having to ask. I had just enough time to stuff one slice in my face and pack the rest up to go. The pizza was absolutely delicious and I managed to stuff a second piece in my mouth on my short drive back to work. I would highly recommend this spot! Tasty pizza and thoughtful staff.

JT Mitchell

I had the vegan cauliflower crust with vegetables and a pesto sauce on top. It wasn’t the best. It was as good as pizza crust, pesto, and vegetables could be I’m guessing. But with respect to what most people consider traditional pizza, I don’t know that I would consider it as such. The service and atmosphere was great though.

Lucy Tapia

Great service and amazing tasting food!

Ross Rader

Okay, the pizza is really good, for a conveyor belt oven. Their ingredients are so on point but I can't help but feel like they're doing the pizza an injustice by not using a nicer oven... if this pizza was wood fired it's be so much better! Don't get me wrong it's good, but the company totally went wrong with the oven.

Ash M

Really friendly staff and tasty food and beer. Was nice and clean and not very busy for a weekend afternoon.

Marilyn McCord

My son and I had never been there before. We each had their side salad and small pizza. I had basically a vegetarian pizza and had them add artichoke hearts. I had white sauce instead of red sauce. The pizza was very delicious with fresh vegetables on a tasty thin crust. My son said his pepperoni pizza was very good. Our side salads were very large with very fresh kinds of lettuce and different toppings. We both ended up taking pizza home. I've been looking for a good vegetarian pizza and now I've found it! Their unsweetened ice tea was quite tasty. Service was great and speedy.

Brittany Archuleta

Friendly staff, delicious salad and really really good pizza ? ?.

Jacqueline Feather

Great atmosphere. The pizza was amazing

Chris Nyman Weller

I love this place! They have super fabulous gluten-free crust (The “Bosque” is my Fav) and tasty local craft beer on top of that. (same owners as Bosque Brewery) Besides, you can’t beat the view from their ginormous patio…


Disappointed. First visit on Sunday 7/25/21 at 3:30pm. Ordered the Bosque pizza. There was an overabundance of cheese. Hardly any sauce or mushrooms. Had to ask for cups of red sauce. Not much flavor. Somebody doesn't know how to make pizza. Can't wait for my San Francisco trip where I can get real Italian food.

Jenna E.

I don't know how I haven't tried this place sooner but it's definitely now solidly on our rotation list. The pizza is on point (omg...the Roadrunner is my absolute FAVE) and the nachos are also freaking delicious. If they only did pickled red onions on the nachos instead of just fresh red onions it would totally take them to the next level, just my 2 cents. The space is big and airy with a great view of the mountain. Lots of Bosque Beers on tap with some stellar choices available (Summer in the Garden is phenomenal). Great service, very inclusive environment. I wish I had more to say but don't- if you haven't checked it out, just do it.

SoCal G.

I popped into Restoration Pizza yesterday in between doctor appointments. I tried their Restoration Salad. It was fantastic. They were very generous with all the ingredients, not just a bowl of lettuce with a sprinkle of ingredients. I will definitely be back and try their other items. Friendly and professional service was a pleasant plus.

Adam Romero

Great pizza and nachos! Had a great time. Excellent service!

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