Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown

2600 Louisiana Blvd NE, Albuquerque
(505) 881-0000

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David Hill

This is the last time I will stay at this hotel. I always stay here when passing through town. The bar tender, who was in a foul mood this evening, said I am not allowed to have more than two drinks with dinner, and I am staying at the hotel! She probably did not want to work her whole shift tonight, so the hotel patrons get shafted. I will not stay at a place that treats their guests as children. Out of the 123 nights, I have stayed in Marriott hotels so far this year (and counting). This is the first time I have been treated like this. I blame poor management on this. I'll stay down the road next time.

Service: 1

Whii Thou

Most excellent hotel. Upmost outstanding banquet services. Beautiful lobby area, friendly staff that are right there for you as you walk into the facility. Very professional & hospitable.

Service: 5

Leona Martinez

The one flaw that cost a star was the check in. We were told to check in at 3pm. When we arrived they stated the rooms were not ready. We were asked to wait in the lobby. After an hour we were told to return later, we had to leave. We returned at 7pm and were given different rooms that what was reserved, as those were the only rooms ready.Food & drinks: The bar in located at the front entrance. Very busy! Later in the evening we went down for a drink and were treated very rudely by the bartender. She said it was last call and we had to get our drinks and go to our room. The next day when I mentioned it to a manager, she said she was a bartender of 18 years and is that way no matter how many times people complain. Which seems to happen all the time.A bartender with that much time and experience should know how to treat customers. And a business like the hotel should not allow that behavior to their customers.

Service: 3

Dianne Wilkowski

This hotel used to be really great! It was close to my family and very nice to stay in. I just visited in October and the rooms were terrible. The television was way off to the side, which made it impossible to watch in bed. The lighting was so yellow, it was impossible to put your makeup on for those women who need good lighting. I couldn’t even put my makeup on by the window with a mirror because the TV was stuck close to the window. The refrigerator was also next to the window and was never cold. The one think I couldn’t handle was the lighting. You walk into the bathroom and you looked like a yellow alien in the mirror because of that terrible lighting. The rooms were so outdated, it looked like they were catering to the visitors that were attending the wedding receptions downstairs more than the people who slept there. They spared no cost to make themselves look good, including robots carrying around food. Maybe they should save a little money and update the bedrooms, especially including lighting that is more appealing.Rooms: TERRIBLE, especially the lighting!

Service: 3

Nick Engle

Rooms are dated and WiFi was iffy at times. Staff was great though. Be aware rooms in 2nd floor will hear all the bar noise. So if you need it quiet ask for a high floor.

Service: 5


Once again their shuttle driver cut me and other cars off, no use of turn signal and excessive speed. Is it normal for shuttle drive to be on his phone while driving? Is this the hotel standard to put others around them at risk on the roads?

Service: 1


Love to stay here. Every time, treated like family (the family that you like!)I do wish they had a hot tub, though. It's the only thing missing.

Service: 5

Louanne H.

Stayed here for a week with husband, sister, and oldest daughter. Attended the Society of AF Nurses Biennial Conference. It was wonderful! Rooms were great, restaurant, bar, and conference meals awesome. They were very accommodating of my dietary needs. Food was delicious. Damen Kompanowski, General Managers, and staff members: Tanya, Joy, Elizabegh (Elle), Angelica, and Tiran were awesome. I felt so special to the staff and treated like a queen. Will definitely stay here again!

Reida Gonzales

Great place to spend a weekend or on vacation, loved it,Staff were awesome, I definitely will stay there again, ☺️ loved it very clean everything was great buffet

Robert Bliss

Often stop here meeting friends on travel. Nice enough, front staff is flexible and attentive.

Service: 5

Christine Cox

We booked a 4 night stay and received Ambassador status recognition of an upgrade to a suite. Apparently some of the rooms in this hotel are upgraded so they had us in one of those rooms, but we preferred to have more space.The front desk was friendly upon arrival. They walked us to our room as there are two entrances and didn't want us to get confused.Pros:- If you are able to get into the lounge it has decent offerings for breakfast and in the evenings.- Nice views from the lounge- Lots of free parking- It's located near some restaurants/shopsCons:- One of the days we were there the lounge didn't have food because the staff member was late. Seems like management should be checking on the lounge- The rooms need a facelift - ours was full of carpet stains and mismatched old furniture.- They were very busy during my stay (rumor was that the president's Air Force one staff was staying). They had made a mistake on my bill - not sure how the mistake happened - but they kept assuring me that it would be fixed. I had paid with points and they charged me tax claiming that it was a new policy to charge tax with point stays (which is absolutely not true). I told them that I wanted it fixed while I was still there to save myself time of having to call to adjust the bill. Finally someone came out and did some simple adjustments on the computer and I left with a corrected bill. Reminder to ALWAYS look at your bill and know the policies when using reward stays.In general when returning to Albuquerque I'd probably look for a different place to stay as this one was very average and nothing memorable.Food & drinks: There was a Chili's next door and they are open late with very friendly service.Noteworthy details: Double check your bill before you leave!

Service: 3

Renae Hall

As i moved across the country, i booked a stay at this hotel. Nate Valdez is the director, who would not comp my room after I brought multiple issues to his attention. I listed them below:Had a terrible experience at check in — front desk was not attentive no did she explain all amenities. I asked if they had a room on the front side of the hotel and the only option was for me to downsize my room, ridiculous.Room was filthy and needs updating.Hair was everywhere in towels & in the shower, gross.Countertops were disgustingThe front desk agent only offered breakfast. I had to ask for Marriott points instead, but it wasn’t offered. Ultimately, he wasn’t trying to accommodate me as a guest. Wouldn’t stay here again.P.s. see picture and before you ask, NO it’s not my hair bc I have braids.Rooms: Needs updating ASAP!!! Rooms look like 2009

Service: 1

Fidel Cordova

Just stayed at this hotel on August 25th and August 26th, 2023. Discovered an unwarranted charge on my credit card that an "accountant" with the hotel attempted to "bulls*&t" her way out of explaining why this charge was on my statement, eventually after a while and me demanding why this charge was on statement and how she had yet to justify this charge, the "accountant" advised this is just how the hotel credit card system works (go figure). When I requested to be called back by the General Manager of the hotel, the "accountant" AGAIN looked for an excuse to keep me from speaking to a GM. In short, be very careful with this hotel, and ALWAYS check your statements after leaving this hotel!!!

Service: 1

Johnny McGahee

I recently stayed at the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown and found it to be a mixed experience. While the hotel has its merits, it's clear that a makeover is desperately needed. On the positive side, the water pressure in the showers was truly impressive, providing a refreshing and relaxing experience. The mattress was alright, though a bit too bouncy for my liking.One notable downside was the outdated popcorn ceiling that harkened back to the '80s. It gave the room a dated and less appealing ambiance. Despite this, I was pleasantly surprised by the Sheraton Club Level, which offered an awesome opportunity to enjoy breakfast and added a touch of luxury to my stay.In summary, the Sheraton Albuquerque Uptown has its strengths, but the need for a much-needed renovation is evident. The standout water pressure and the convenience of the Sheraton Club Level balanced out some of the drawbacks.

Service: 4

Grem AlmaJose

Rooms are dated. Carpet is gross, needs to be changed or at least washed. We booked 2 queen beds, but the beds are not even queen.. The location is great!

Service: 4

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