D.H. Lescombes Winery & Bistro

901 Rio Grande Blvd NW #B-100, Albuquerque
(505) 317-3998

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Tony Gordon

The chef is a culinary genius. The food he prepares has his own unique flair and everything was superb. Went back the next day to sample more.

Sue Burke

Cindy was an amazing server and the food was extraordinary. We’re doing a staycation and this was a perfect place to go for great food, ambience, cocktails and dessert. We will return to try more on their diverse menu. Glad to find such a gem near Old Town


Very convenient to Old Town and within walking distance of Hotel Chaco. Very friendly, good food and drink choices. Lovely setting.


Went on a semi busy Friday night. Sat quickly, and waited a bit for the server. Was offered a tasting of their new monthly pick… turned out to be a drop of warm white wine.. yuck. So we ordered a bottle of something else, with the request that the white be chilled…. After waiting 10 mins, we got our bottle of room temp white wine. A wine bar should know how to serve white wine. We sent the bottle back and ordered some cheese platter. 15 mins later, after our cheese, we got our wine…we ordered, asked for bread ( which we never got). Food was ok, nothing special. Between the warm wine and very slow service, just wasn’t worth the cost. I had such high hopes


Googled for a place to eat while in Albuquerque and this place came up. So glad we went. Beautifully decorated interior and really nice patio. We sat at the bar and was treated royally by the bartender, I wish I didn’t forget her name, she is an assertive the company. Gave us samples of wine and cocktails before we ordered. Had fun conversation when she wasn’t busy. I had halibut and my husband had pistachio pesto, both delicious. The food prices are very reasonable, you won’t be disappointed. The wines we tasted were very good as well, we bought several bottles to take home.


Our one night here before catching our flight home, we chose this restaurant and we were so glad we did. JV was our server and he was a joy! Pleasant, professional and knowledgeable of the food. My husband had shrimp cocktail and a salad with grilled chicken. I had pistachio pesto pasta. Best pasta I have had in a long time. We were both very impressed with our meals. We split the apple crisp for dessert. Oh my, it was so good. The atmosphere was nice but it was very noisy. That was the only thing negative. Wonderful meal!


This restaurant was a highlight of our trip to Albuquerque! My husband ordered the salmon and I had the Pot Roast. I have not had Pot Roast in ages and this was superb! We spoke to the owner and he said that he makes the pot roast, daily, cooks it for hours to achieve the delicious taste. For the wines, My husband had the Pinot Gris and I had the Merlot. Both wines were also great, that we came back a few days later and bought 4 bottles (2 of the Pinot Gris and 2 of the Merlot), to take back home to Indiana with us.

Luis Martinez

awesome food, great drinks. what else could you want?

Gordon V.

It was nice to try this winery & bistro out, but would probably not visit again. It was an awkward greeting and then we were seated in the middle of a room that was loud and echoed voices of everyone in it. There was confusion over who are server was, so it took some time getting our order in. Once we did get our food there was no check back and we had to flag our server down for the check. Food was good, prices were high, red wine was not the proper temperature.


Came with with friends who were traveling the Southwest. The meal was fantastic. Shared appetizers including Calamari, Baked Brie, Pot Stickers and Mussels. The Calamari was perfectly seasoned and cooked, the Baked Brie was decadent, Pot Stickers bursting with Flavor. The Mussels were good, did not mix with the other appetizers. Two friends raved of the French Onion Soup. For main courses the Chicken Parmesan was a five star, perfectly cooked, light and crispy. The Pistachio pesto with Shrimp was also a winner. The Spicy Seafood was rich and loaded with fish. Really good. Two Creme Brûlée’s topped off the beautiful evening.

Kim W.

If I could give this place negative stars, it would be -10. This place is a joke and not the funny, amusing kind. Also, the fact that the most current review on here is from a year ago is sus. Went to lunch on Friday with a friend. Had reservations, got seated right away. The waitress was nice and seemed on top of things. Ordered 3 apps. Creamy spinach dip, baked brie and the calamari. And for the entrées was the steakhouse salad. Lets start with the good.....the bread and butter was ok. The calamari was meh, a little on the salty side but it was editable. The brie was a greasy, unappealing mess. The little bit of honey on the side didnt have even a hint of lavender. The almonds were not toasted. And we almost broke a tooth with the crostini. And now for the "creamy" spinach dip. It was horrid! It was anything but a spinach dip. It should be called a veggie dip. There way too many different vegetables in it and hardly any spinach. But if you like carrots in your spinach dip then you'd probably love it. I have a strong suspicion its the premade crap from sysco or the like. We send it back. The waitress was very accommodating and took it with no questions asked....yet. We got our salads. The lettuce was fresh, I'll give them that. However the steak was not filet mignon and only about 3oz of it. Then theres the fact that it wasnt even seasoned....and the blue cheese vinaigrette was severely lacking. I wanted to get a side of ranch to add to it but the waitress disappeared Now the spinach dip. Waitress showed up after we had almost ate all of our salads and asked us what exactly we didnt like about the dip and told us we are the 3rd ones to send it back since they changed the recipe from the old one. ( if its not broke, dont fix it) After discussing for 5-10 mins, she goes back to the kitchen. Meanwhile we are sitting with our water glasses empty. She comes back out after 10 mins and tells us her manager will take if off the bill. And again wanted to talk about it. In total, we discussed that dang dip for about 20-25 mins! We finally got some water. We were done and waiting for our check, lo and behold the waitress was nowhere to be found. So we sit and sit and sit. Finally the other manager comes to talk about the dip and lets us know that the waitresses manager will have it taken off the bill. We told him we havent seen her in awhile and we want to leave. She finally comes out with the bill. I notice under the spinach dip it says "manager comp 100%" ok cool. But in the price column, it shows 0.00 and the price of the dip is still on. So I added everything up and it comes to the total shown. The dip was not compensated. You know, basic math. I bring it to her attention. She looks at it and says no, right here it says 100%. I said, its does, but it also has 0.00 in the price column and when all added up, its the price shown. There was no comp taken off. Because you know, maths. So she goes back to the kitchen. At this point we've been there for an hour and a half. She finally comes back and says oh my gosh, I wonder how many people have gotten something removed but it wasn't actually removed. She said the manager fixed it correctly this time. I checked it and it did show the "comp". I guarantee it wasnt an oversight on the managers part. They knew exactly what they were doing. Not a good way to conduct buisness and they completely lost mine. Avoid this place at all costs!!

Tracy V.

What a lovely meal and experience. We were delighted to enjoy superior wine, food, and service at dinner tonight. This is a special place that has high standards for all aspects of hospitality. Thank you for a great night.

Douglas C.

My friend took me here for light lunch. What a great place. The staff is very friendly and engaging. Enjoy my flight if house wines and we shared hatch Chile pasta... delicious. The Bellisimo Muscato and the Rose compliments the spice well. Enjoy

Emily Sandt

This place is confused about whether it's a restaurant or a winery. Our party of five was seated at a round 5 person table with no free space at it. We asked several times for more than one wine list for the table. When we did get our tastings, one was completely spilled on someone. I asked that we be moved to a table for at least 6 as there were tons of empty tables near us; they moved us to a rectangular 4 person table and pulled up a chair... Again we had no menus for food or wine as we were told leave everything at the old table. I felt like they had no clue how to service customers especially since we'd ordered several appetizers for the table and all had wine tastings. There was no room for anything, and we had to resort to pulling chairs from other tables to put our (returned to us after asking for them again, but still sticky from the wine) menus and dirty dishes.On a note other than the terrible service for this visit: the menu is very nut heavy. About a third of the dishes and/or wines contain some form of nuts making it hard for people with allergies to dine/drink at this "winery."If it wasn't for the shrimp appetizer, this review would be 0 stars. Not sure that 5 shrimp are worth going back again, but surely I'll never recommend visiting here to others.

Kimberly Markwardt

Amazing food, service, and wine. An absolute stop for any foodie or wine lover looking for a good meal and drink.

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