6100 Paseo Del Norte NE, Albuquerque
(505) 346-0135

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Church of the Good Shepherd UCC Albuquerque, NM

Becca who was in the drive Thru on 10/18/22 is amazing and empathetic. It is rare to see people go out of their way to help someone out. Promote this one!

Ynette Colyer

Great service. Disappointed because seating area doesn't exist anymore.

Jacquie Kraus

You know it's just after Christmas holidays New Year's and you would almost expect our Starbucks baristas be a little burned out but they didn't show even a hint of that they almost seemed excited to be back at the bar helping us with our crazy orders which may include whip with chocolate drizzle and cinnamon sprinkles, she didn't even wince! Got to love that hospitality is what brings me back when I could just as easily Walk On By! Thank you thank you my dear barista for those unexpected small kindnesses so necessary after the Holiday adrenaline-infused Dreams and Drains...


Can’t stand the way these are listed as stsrbucks. They are inside stores. Don’t name something Starbucks when it’s inside a fricking store managed by store employees. Quality is bad, and its not a relaxing sit down like most of their stores. If you like hearing screaming a babies, carts slamming, and loud noises while drinking coffee made by people who don’t know how to make coffee, then you’ll love this place! For those that want to sit and relax or do some laptop work, skip it. Starbucks needs to name these different. Nothing like driving to a store only to find out it’s inside a grocery store. Pathetic.

Brandon Holt

Very friendly staff

N Stark

Excellent service and coffee!

Shannon D’Brock

I love that every SB I’ve been to? They are always super sweet and friendly! This location…not so much. 2 people helped and not a smileTo be seen, not a thank you or have a nice day from them, no response to our thank you. Too bad since it’s right on the way to my kids’ school.?

Maddie S

Trent was absolutely amazing and so kind! Very efficient and friendly! You guys are lucky to have him

Phillip Wetselline

Slow slow


Prices are a bit high, but the drinks are amazing.

Free Irish/Mexican American Girl

Best !

Strainetta Jackson

Very good thank you the great service. And for opening my gift card ?

Ketaki Chougule

Loved my caramel machiato

Compass Road Ministries Ministries

There was a young man that made my Mocha Frape this morning....he was awesome as well as the awesome lady with purple hair ?????

Harikrishna Patadiya

Liked the place. Drive through is really quick. I was impressed

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